1. ProducerHK

    Cam'Ron - Killa Season era Type Beat - "You Love" prod. by TheHitKingz

    Check out this new beat made by "Ron Davinci" from my production crew TheHitKingz. I mixed and mastered the instrumental, he made the beat. Let me get some feedback/criticism (good or bad) on this beat. (this version has protection tags on it to prevent people from rapping on it without paying...
  2. Cassidy umad

    Cassidy umad

    s/o to the Gods @Judo & @premiumforce
  3. Playaz Eyez

    I'm Sure We All Know How Dope Diplomatic Immunity Was, But....

    ......was anybody feeling Diplomatic Immunity 2???? I remember the first one hitting and so many people were ":blessed::whew:" at the production and style, but I don't remember people feeling part 2 much, if at all. I had only heard 3 songs from it back then, and felt let down and didn't bother...
  4. B

    JR Writer: Cam'ron's Arrogance & Ego Messed Up Business With Jay Z

  5. Playaz Eyez

    Remember When Brian Pumper Dug Juelz Santana's Grave??

  6. PIFF101

    Killa Cam "Get 'Em Girls" Appreciation Thread :umad:

    Dipset PIFF! You had Dame :dame: Kanye Kareem Biggs as guest appearances but no Jay-Z
  7. B

    Cam'ron Says His Girl Ju Ju Gave Him The Pu**y On The First Night.

    She Bad Tho ,But I think She Got Some Work Done On Her Body
  8. AMcV'88

    Uncle Murda - Cam'ron Voice

    :ohhh::russ: said it dropped but i can't find a link to the full joint yet.
  9. B

    Cam'ron:Nas 'Illmatic To Stillmatic & You Still A F**git'

    Back When Cam Responded To Nas Diss Click Here To Subscribe mrecktv
  10. M

    AUDIO: Cam'ron Talks Beef With Taxstone, Dropping Vado, Reebok Partnership & More

    Nah, I don't know when tha rest of this interview drops :manny:
  11. Mac Casper

    Nardwuar interviews Cam'ron

  12. B

    Would You Wipe Your Azz With Cam'ron Toilet Tissue? Pause! But (literally)

    Cam'ron: I Got Jerked On My First Deal I Sold 50 Percent Of My Publishing For 50K | Forbez DVD At 12:38 Mark
  13. B

    Would Wipe Your Azz With Cam'ron Toilet Tissue? Pause! But (literally)

    Cam'ron: I Got Jerked On My First Deal I Sold 50 Percent Of My Publishing For 50K | Forbez DVD At 12:38 Mark
  14. Mr Rager

    Late Pass: Put me on Cam'ron brehs

    To be honest, all I really know about Cam'ron is Killa Season, Hey Ma, and :umad: lol But I was listening to DMX today and forgot he was on the Grand Champ album Cam did his thing :whew:, I want to hear some more of his good shyt...what ya'll got?
  15. B

    Cam'ron diss to Jay-z was funny as hell.

    You talking bout you a '80s baby You 37 years old, you was born in 1968and I open the Daily News How's the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans? Open toe sandals with chancletas with jeans on :lolbron: I should've kissed you on the cheek, you a pretty ho :huhldup: Is that how New York...
  16. IronFist

    Cam’ron – Somebody Gotta Die Tonight (prod. By Green Lantern) [Remastered]

    Backstory #TbtRemastered in June of ’05, the homie Duke The God hit me up to produce this joint for his Dipset compilation album he was releasing..He sent me this acapella of an unreleased Cam and Freaky Zeekey song, and I listened to it for a few days before starting the production process..(I...
  17. Nba Jam Remix

    Nba Jam Remix

  18. IronFist

    Watch the First Episode of Cam’ron’s Giles Investigation Series

    The first episode of Cam’ron’s new web series Giles Investigation that was announced a couple of months ago, is here for our viewing pleasure. In this series, Cam’ron will reconnect and trace some of the people he came across when he used to sell drugs in New York City back in the day. The...
  19. R.O. Double

    Did We Ever Find Out Who The Old White Guy Was Standing Next To Cam'Ron In The Santana's Town Video?

    I remember someone back on :hamster: saying that he was a secret investor for the whole Diplomat movement.:francis:(sounds like bullshyt) I also remember hearing that he was a fashion designer who inspired Cam to wear pink.:ehh: (sounds plausible) Til this day, we never got an answer. Also...
  20. DANJ!

    NEW MIX by DJ DANJ!! It ain't #TBT... but it's #FBF... with the #ROC

    Takeover- Hov/ Just Fire- Killa, Beans, & Bleek/ 1 For Peedi Crakk- Peedi/ Who Want What- Beans & Bleek/ Never Take Me Alive- Young Chris & Hov/ 2 Words- Free/ Crew Love- Bleek & Beans/ It's On- Beans & Hov/ 1-900-HUSTLER- Hov/ The Doe- D.I.D.R./ 1-2 Y'all- Bleek & Hov/ Got To Have It- Peedi &...