1. V

    Top 15 Certs

    15 Top Paying IT Certifications In 2016: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Leads At $125K See title.
  2. V

    Does anybody have Amazon Web Services Certs

    Do you think that would something worthwhile to pursue?
  3. R

    STEM Classes and Chasing STEM Certs starts when you're a kid

    @theworldismine13 We had this discussion in another thread approx a month ago. where someone went in on how you can't just pop up and become a coder over night.well not become a very very good one that can possibly get that gig at google(in the mean time... before we start our own businesses...
  4. The BasedFather

    Antz is possibly one of the greatest movies of all time

    This movie is everything @DrX talks about :wow: So candid and raw. Tells you not to be a sheep and not to follow what society tells you to do. Be your own person and venture out on your own and find happiness :ohhh: Surprised they were able to release it :ehh: Y'all should rewatch it for...
  5. Drip Bayless

    Brehs how do I learn how to code?

    Tryna expand my legal hustle game brehs. What is the best language to use? I've fukked around with python before but shyt started confusing the hell out of me at some point along the way. Eventually I would like to develop a few apps and try my hand at web programming. Btw is this something I...
  6. T

    Coli Scholars, help my homie out. MPA or Masters in Cyber Security?

    I am posting this shyt in TLR, since this is where all the traffic is. My homie is going for his Master's degree, and can't decide which to get.
  7. Scientific Playa

    Swizz Beatz working on those management certs @Harvard Business School

    Breh is winning in life Swizz Beatz accepted into Harvard Business School program :salute: Swizz says he plans to live on campus during the nine week program. Instagram Kasseem Dean, better known as Swizz Beatz, the multitalented record producer/songwriter and husband...
  8. F

    IT Certifications and Careers (Official Discussion Thread)

    I aint gonna lie, i'm just in it for the check. I'm pretty smart, so I know I could easily do it so what's the best route to get started? I need to be making 100k in the next few years. School me!