1. Henny and_ HotWings

    IT/cyber security/coding brehs….. I need serious help…. PLEASE

    I am interested in hopping into IT…. Cyber security to be specific since it seems to pay more…. But I am SO LOST on what route to go….. I know I’m not interested in hardware like that. There are soooo many ways to get in….. should I get certs? A degree? If I should get certs, which ones...
  2. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Microsoft Excel certification, $1000 value on sale for $34 via TMZ???

    Feast brehs :eat: only 4 days left The 33 Hour Path to Excel Wizardry & Your Next Climb Up the Career Ladder
  3. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    So I finished my first week in IT today...

    Nothing crazy cuz I don't have any certs, just fukking with tablets, changing passwords in Active Directory type shyt and shootin dice :unimpressed: Two thoughts though... One, I don't think this shyt is for me. I been talking with those (brehs in particular) doing more advanced shyt and I'm...
  4. Mr Rager

    If you're not using Udemy to earn certs/learn skills...you LAWST

    Brehs. A company wanted to charge me $150+ to take a Sec+ prep course. I hopped on Udemy and took what was likely the exact same course for $15. I'm fully prepared to get this cert. I also bought a gaming code dev course for $15 and am currently developing my first game. Its rudimentary...but...
  5. DeuceZ

    FRM (Financial Risk Manager) - help a breh out

    Brehs anyone know about this certification? It seems in line with my goals but not sure how marketable it is compared to say a CFA :patrice: Any thoughts? :feedme:
  6. Balla

    What Can I Do In 2 Years?

    I have 2 years left of college and I'm not getting a stem degree. I just plan on finishing it because I already put a lot of time into it. My plan is to get certs while I finish these 2 years and plan to get experience as well for IT. What can I do in these 2 years? How many certs can I get...
  7. Balla

    Path to the Certs

    What are the 6 certs I keep hearing about? :jbhmm: I want to start on that path.
  8. Germms

    Anyone take the CASP CAS-002 Exam?

    I have a lil goal I set aside for myself this year. I already have net +, a+, sec+ so I am trying to just climb the ladder I guess. I have been juggling between which cert to go for first between the CISSP and the CASP and I decided which I should do. BUT anyway does anyone have any advice...
  9. RARI_Godwind

    Which clique got these Coli streets on lock Brehs?

    Who really runs the Coli :jbhmm: Is it the nerds with they constant anime threads and references? :ohhh: Is it the woke militants who live completely separate from cacs, support only black business, and post about how the government is out to get us? :wtb: Is it the c00n5 with their incessant...
  10. Razor Reader

    Doing. A "deep analysis project" will take you to that next level...

    When I talked about creating a reading schedule for 2018 I mentioned doing an "analysis project" or "deep analysis project" at the end of the original post. The concept itself is real simple; it's an exercise in autodidactic self study. You can use this to learn anything you want. Be it a new...
  11. Hijo de luna

    Brehs that make over $75k, how do you stay humble?

    100k up north 125k in the bay And do you feel obligated to help your struggling ass family? :jbhmm:
  12. Afro

    Inspirational Black IT Folks

    Podcasts Archives - Blacks In Technology :banderas:
  13. beaniemac

    I got an announcement. I'm leaving Chicago to move down south to Texas UPDATE: might be moving back

    Sorry if this is a long read, but I gotta share this. I haven't been posting much on here lately because of what's been going on in my life the last 2 months or so. Bare with me, I am really having a lot of anxiety about this, but here's what happened (yes, I know its a long read) Back in...
  14. Afro

    Going for an interview with Compucom, Need Advice

    Spoke with a recruiter today about this place. I work a few miles away from them and they pay more money :blessed:. It's for a Desktop Support Analyst role so it's more of what I'm doing now, but more responsibility. Would be a first time working for a vendor. It's onsite with a manufacturing...
  15. Ruck

    Need guidance brehz - Bout to get my Associates of Arts and transferring to a Bachelors

    Bout to be done with my generals and prereqs of math. I basically can choose any major for my bachelors but I am torn on which to choose. I know id rather get a bs vs a ba, but im really interested in bba logistics. i currently work as a mental health specialist iii and i just cleared over 62...
  16. BushidoBrown

    All yall rich coli nikkas step in

    To my coli 1 percenters: if you're gettin 6 figures or more, what is your career or what do you do to generate income? whats your education level? How many certs do you got outside of a diploma? If u close to 6 figures but not quite there, whats your next move to get over the hill? Speak on it...
  17. RARI_Godwind

    Brehs, How does identity theft work?

    Some suspicious people might have pilfered my info so I've been talkin to my boy about it. He told me I should be good cuz I'm alive and using my ss number and usually identity thieves go after people who died. :dahell: I said "So if you use somebody's ss and then someone tells you you died 8...
  18. Afro

    A sincere thank you to The Coli **Free Daps and Reps**

    I been meaning to make this thread for about a week now :wow: It's a long one so :yeshrug: When I came to this board I was a shell of man brehs, Grew up anger, bitter, and resentful of everything and everyone. I was angry 24/7 and it was always focused on myself. I hated everything about me...
  19. Guile

    How many brehettes can actually obtain a 6 cert, 6 foot, 6 series type of dude.

    I mean, us coli brehs are just a bunch of dusty nikkas supposedly (:mjpls:) but how many brettas are attracting the elusive 6 figure man? Let's discuss and do some real soul searching. :jawalrus:
  20. N

    So someone tell me how The Coli supposed to be the internet hub for black men wit IT certs

    But the board itself cant even run properly :mjlol: