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  1. AMcV'88

    Jim Jones briefly speaks on Dame Dash's apology and Mel Murda/Mel Matrix situation.

    Jim Jones Doesn’t Acknowledge Dame Dash’s Apology Earlier this month, Dame Dash liberated himself by apologizing to several important people in his life. Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen, Steve Stoute, Funk Flex, and Jim Jones were just some of the names he mentioned in his apology videos on Instagram. “You...
  2. Dame glasses

    Dame glasses

  3. Dame


  4. B

    Funk Flex Says Aaliyah was Jay Girl First and Dame is a snake. Then argues with Nick Cannon

  5. O Fenômeno

    2018 the year of the GAY TROLL?

    @Killmonger been consistent all year but @cozy carl snuck up behind...but he doesn't really make threads. @Tony D'Amato switched from taxman and appeared to tone down his :wrist: I feel like I'm missing more posters...but it has been surge of :dame: gay shock posts. :jbhmm:
  6. reserved_one

    I got the bricks 4 da high and the purp by the pound....

    Im posted on the block til the sun goes down. Vintage Dame Dash shyt talking on the hook "I made my first million when I was a teenager!":damn: Jim Jones:wow: Classic trap music:wow:
  7. KingsOfKings

    Dame Dash addresses Lyor Cohen BFC Interview

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  8. Dame Hardy

    Dame Hardy

  9. B

    J Hood Goes Off On Dame Dash: Xxxtentacion Is Not The Tupac Of The New Generation You Buggin Dame.

    #iglivewithmreck Exclusive #mreck #mrecktv #guttamuzic
  10. Kairi Irving

    Old School Fighting Games Be Like

    LOADING... Stage 8 :Pause_Backwards: VS. :dame: Dame 7WINS
  11. Dame Damn

    Dame Damn

  12. Dame Dash lol

    Dame Dash lol

  13. Dame Bottle Remix

    Dame Bottle Remix

  14. B

    Cam'ron & Dame Dash Exposes Lyor Cohen, Finessing Mills From Defjam On Juelz Santana & Dipset Deals

  15. Blankthawtz

    Official Coli PAUSE Thread 2018

  16. LightSkinYeshua

    How should I tell my cousin...

    That i think his son got a little fruitiness to him. :lupe: I went over to my cousins house the other day to drink some beers and watch the Alabama game on some chill shyt. As soon as I walk into the house, his son strutted over to say hi. I thought it was kind of strange but I didnt make...
  17. Kairi Irving

    A :Dame: Smiley that can change the game forever

    @yardman or anyone who has expertise in smiley making I really want to see yall take :dame: And edit his jacket to look like a dark blue police uniform with a police hat also kind of like this top and this hat :dame: please and thank you. Pause :dame:
  18. Dame Hubie

    Dame Hubie

  19. Buckeye Dame

    Buckeye Dame

  20. Fade Runner 2049

    Cam'ron live on IG. Dame Dash vs. Sen city backyard boxing match

    Anybody watching this shyt? :mjlol: Dame disrespecting this nikka. Cam's IG is @mr_camron