1. Low End Derrick

    RIP Amp Fiddler - P-Funk Keyboard Goat & Dilla’s Studio Mentor

    Amp Fiddler Has Died; Cause Of Death A singular figure in American music... https://www.clashmusic.com/news/amp-fiddler-has-died-cause-of-death/
  2. TheDarceKnight

    Boldy James talks about how the upcoming J Dilla project came about

    Boldy James: Well, shout out to Ma Dukes. She was fond of the work I did on this previous J Dilla project, that they had put out in Detroit. I have like a solo record, and one with Chuck Inglish on there. Everybody was feeling some type of way because I didn’t know Dilla personally and they all...
  3. boogers

    What is the best A Tribe Called Quest album?

    Apologies if the thread/poll has been done before... Mods feel free to delete if this question is played out! So, I'm doing a complete re-listen of ATCQ's discography today. I got inspired by the Phife Dawg Forever thread, so I thought I'd see what The Coli thinks their best album is. Midnight...
  4. TheHonorableOmarSharif

    how Dilla aint got a thread?

    what up doe? never met the brother...but he was my favorite producer. God bless him, he just had a birthday. Share your faves from the legend. Post your own.... I will always appreciate Dilla for this: ngl some of y'all fav verses on Dilla beats?
  5. TheDarceKnight

    Common talks about Dilla writing and rhyming on Thelonious

  6. Karank0

    Producer reacts to Dilla's Donuts

    This was very enjoyable, one of the better "reaction" channels out there
  7. Dontay Flaco

    Alchemist and DJ Premier talks about Dilla on IG live

  8. ProductoIlicito

    J Dilla - Productions 2006-2017 [Mixtape]

    Tracklist: 01. Moka Only - One Time 02. Moka Only - Franks And Beans 03. The Roots - Can't Stop This 04. A.G. - Hip Hop Quotable (feat. Aloe Blacc) 05. Ghostface Killah - Beauty Jackson 06. Ghostface Killah - Whip You With A Strap 07. Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold The Torch (feat. Q-Tip &...
  9. Dontay Flaco

    J Dilla Performing fukk The Police

    One of his last performances. :mjcry: @stomachlines
  10. GPBear

    Y'all Dilla Fans Ever Heard This Freestyle?

    Yo y'all dillaheads heard this shyt? :whoo: @King Napz @Ace of the Metropolitan @stomachlines @Stez @aloebeats @KingSol81 Edit: Linked the wrong video first time :dwillhuh: my B
  11. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    The saddest song in Hip-Hop

  12. GPBear

    Quasimoto and Fantastic Vol 2 18th Anniversary

    June 13, 2000 saw the release of two of underground hip-hop’s most highly revered classics: “The Unseen” by Quasimoto (Madlib) and “Fantastic Vol. 2” by Slum Village. Dillaheads and Madlib fans rejoice :blessed: @King Napz @DillaTUDE @Deltron @stomachlines @TEKBEATZ @Retired @Ukbrotha...
  13. Dontay Flaco

    Better Track?: Jay or Busta "Show Me What You Got"

    Who you got brehs? :hula: Just with the sample Johnny Pate sample. :whew: Dilla with the Stereolab joint, Busta was cruising. :ohlawd: @stomachlines @Otis Kane Jr. @BmoreGorilla @Esco @OGBobbyJohnson @iBrowse @NVious @Art Barr @hustlemania @smokeurobinson @FreshAIG @SirBiatch @L&HH...
  14. Dontay Flaco

    One gotta go

  15. brownsugah

    Who Used This Sample The Best?

    Choices: or
  16. Lootpack

    Albums Q-Tip's "The Renaissance" Appreciation Thread

    That silky, smooth production.....Q-Tip's best solo effort.:noah:The elements of Neo-Soul he implemented in this piece of work could make the Soulquarians shake. Man.....it kills me knowing this album hardly gets any love, his flows on this shyt is just next level. Have a teacher play "Dance...
  17. King Sun

    Just Discovering Slum Village And Jay Dee

    Could never get into this type of music in HS but this month was the first time I seen snow and my first 6 mos in the Midwest I figured I'd throw on Fantastic V 2 and wow:mjgrin:. Baatin and Jay Dee was in a zone on this. My favorite song off the album is climax :ahh:
  18. J

    Who Flipped it Better Vol 1. 9th Wonder vs J Dilla

    Think this could be a dope series if it works out. Im curious to see what the coli fam agrees on. Could be fun. So first up, J Dilla vs 9th Wonder taking on Billy Paul- Let The Dollars Circulate OG Dilla 9th I'll start by saying that both of these flips are incredibly dope hitting on...
  19. Dontay Flaco

    Who flipped the Juicy Fruit sample better?

  20. GPBear

    Today's My Birthday, Real Heads get in here

    Yo, I got nerve disorders, so I don't get out of my house much. Therefore, I'm on thecoli on my 23rd birthday. I welcome all brehs who appreciate old school hip-hop to use this thread to throw down some underground gems. Boom-bap, jazz beats, SP 1200s, you know the drill. Hope to put some...