1. Take It In Blood

    Phanatik from 2x grammy nominated Christian Rap group "Da Cross Movement" throws religion in bushes

    Folks is waking up "I am denouncing the Christian faith that I have believed and defended for 30 years of my life" :wow: He goes into more detail here Phanatik - Wikipedia I'm thinking the more he went down the rabbit hole and learned more about the origin of religions and his...
  2. Conscious Pilot

    Which of the Following Fighters have the best argument that they were ducked by Saul Canelo Alvarez?

    Kind of Self Explanatory.. lets discuss who the current #1 P4P Fighter in the World is potentially ducking or ducked :duck: And if you havent already follow Ring Gang Radio on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, FaceBook, Google, Bing, TikTok.
  3. Jaxn tales

    Jaxn tales

  4. dametales


  5. Ahadi

    What’s the best/funniest Ducktales stories on thecoli?

    :duck: Copy & paste the story here.
  6. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Are we under Martial Law yet?

    Remember when brehs SWORE that shyt was imminent?
  7. ducktales


    realistic ducktales
  8. It is a mystery

    How did ducktales become synonymous for lies on thecoli?

    Whats the history ?
  9. Kidd Dibiase

    1 hour of "strange" Chris Benoit stories

  10. Ducktales


  11. Amestafuu (Emeritus)

    @no disrespect claims PRINCE and VANITY died of aids...

    So are we just making up news now? Prince was fukking Tevin Cambel and Gave Vanity aids? :stopitslime: Prince was abusing prescription pills and died of fentanyl laced drugs.. Prince had ‘exceedingly high’ level of fentanyl in body when he died Vanity died from Kidney failure from years of...
  12. Reality Check

    Something To Ducktale With....Vince Russo

    Guess he saw the popularity of the Conrad Thompson podcasts and wants in.
  13. El Bajo Negro

    Get bushed on Thanksgiving, brehs

    Long story short, today I found out ol' girl was cheating on me :snoop:, I packed up and bounced With the fam right now :blessed: ready to eat :banderas: Lots of hugs and the fam telling me she ain't shyt, family will always be there for me Getting tested tomorrow :sadcam: wish me luck I'm...
  14. Russ Duck Tales

    Russ Duck Tales

  15. Melania Trump ducktales

    Melania Trump ducktales

  16. NotAnFBIagent

    How many coli brehs y'all think are actually living that 6 cert 6 figure lifestyle

    Since that seems to be the norm around here :jbhmm:
  17. A

    Is Beyonce a gatdamn liar or are the rumors true

    Are we being played for profits and new tidal account memberships:jbhmm:
  18. Ducktales I'll Be Good

    Ducktales I'll Be Good

  19. ducktales cameo single

    ducktales cameo single

  20. D

    2Pacques' delusional ducktales about people biting him unappreciation thread

    The fukk was wrong this delusional napoleonic ass nikka? :mjlol: He said Biggie copied his style. :beli: Because of course he's the first rapper to ever talk about being a player and wearing expensive name brands. He got at Bone Thugs and Mobb Deep for calling themselves thugs. :beli...