1. Hi!

    Still :dead: at Em catching feelings over being booed at the 02 MTV awards

    this dude Moby had that wigger :umad: as fukk. Dude trying to be tough pushing away a puppet :mjlol: Xtina in that slut phase :noah: This dude Moby had Em making an ass out of himself infront of the whole world :wow:

    Young Zee - Dear Shady (song directed towards Eminem) [[video]]

    @hustlemania @TEKBEATZ @Art Barr @The HONORABLE SKJ @Billy Ocean @MightyHealthy @Brayden @Xenos @UghhFan @TAYLONDO SAMSWORTHY @Gentle Jones @Ill Clinton @Todd McPiff @stomachlines @NormanConnors @bigrodthe1 @MichaelStrathanGap @Heretic @Method Man @No_bammer_weed @FreshAIG @JordanWearinThe45...
  3. BComplexed1

    Looks Like J. Cole About To Be Added To Trick Trick's No Fly Zone List

    Coles manager: Trick Trick just put us on the No Fly Zone :mjcry: Cole: So that means no more tour stops in the D? :no: Manager: Nope :mjcry: Cole & Manager: *at the same time* "AH WELL!!"
  4. M

    rick rubin betrays hov, says eminem is the best ever.

    all that networking with white folk, and in the end, they always stick together. "Maybe the best rapper of any emcee. He may be the best," Rubin said referring to Eminem. "He's very hyper-critical of detail. And hears the music in a very deep way. And hears internal rhythms in tracks. And...
  5. thernbroom

    50 says em would eat any other rapper Jay & Nas included

  6. JordanWearinThe45

    Eminem Feat. Sia - Guts Over Fear (New Single)

    The singing part is dope :ld:
  7. Revolutionary

    Jay-Z Says Eminem Is The Most Overrated Rapper Ever

    I heard it on the radio 30 minutes ago and its starting to hit the web Jay-Z Says Eminem is The Most Overrated Rapper of All Time In a recent interview with Music One, Jay-Z was asked about the current state of music and how he felt about many of today’s most popular artist. When speaking...
  8. ⠀⠀⠀

    Video: Lollapalooza 2014 (Nas, Outkast, Em, RHQ Performances)

    http://www.lollapalooza.com/ or watch the live stream on xbox live with the redbull app
  9. BluntTrauma

    Busta Rhymes ft Eminem - Calm Down

    It's a little sped up
  10. Big Jo

    Official Road To Total Slaughter TV series thread

    Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Total Slaughter reality series debuts 6/19 at midnight on Fuse network DVR is set Gotta be the best mainstream look for battle rap culture yet. Let's discuss brehs
  11. ROFL_GUY

    -- EMINEM on Saturday Night Live Tonite -- 11/2

  12. S

    Eminem - MMLP2 Discussion Thread

    Stream http://www.playthishiphop.com/eminem-the-marshall-mathers-lp-2-album And you all said you wasn't gonna check for it :russ::ufdup: Updated link with ITunes tags
  13. Still FloW

    Eminem - ''Rap God'' [FULL SONG OUT NOW]

    The Innernets 'bout to crash... TDE cypher this week too... MAAAAN #TheShift FULL SONG -->
  14. Da King

    Eminem high as a muthafukka on ESPN, Previews "Berzerk" Music Video

  15. Chief Queef

    Eminem's Lead Single 'Berzerk' **CDQ**

    Who's ready to :eat:
  16. ROFL_GUY

    Kendricks Verse is a Publicity Stunt By AFtermath to Promtote EMINEM new album

    really is genius what they doin.. and the simplicity makes it that much better.. what a coincidence the NEXT 2 WEEKS... Kendrick will be on TOUR WITH EMINEM..X SLaughterhouse X Tyler...
  17. MouseTeeth

    U Think Eminem smashes hoez on the regular???

    Or he just a simp for Kim ? Real talk tho we know who every major rapper is wit but never see this guy w any bytches, I'd b fukkin ass left n right if I was him :manny: