1. President Sakora

    We must be in the matrix cuz YSL Woody on a dating show post-trial

  2. FlareBaller5

    The "Punishing: Gray Raven" Thread (IOS and Android)

    Waddup brehs. This thread is primarily targeted toward all of y'all that play Genshin and understand those types of mechanics. Or people that are on the market for a fresh and new action RPG. I wanted to put y'all on to this new game that just dropped yesterday. Think Devil May Cry meets...
  3. PCHMalibu

    First 20 Ppl: 1 Free question psychic energy readings #juneteenth #fathersday

    Coli brehs, Did this before some years back, feeling led to do this again. I'll answer ONE question for the first 20 people. No questions about the dead (mediumship - you can pm to book something private) otherwise ask away. Be specific. I will skip any general energy reading questions...
  4. President Sakora

    Dictators Wildin' in Africa: says they'll only trade with themselves

  5. C

    Free PDFs for download (big library)

    Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books Z-Library. The world's largest ebook library. Free eBooks Download - No gimmicks or tricks. Pretty straightforward. Tons of PDFs available for download for you brothers who are interested in reading and expanding your minds...
  6. It is a mystery

    I guess I have to make it my job to get Reggie free huh

    This shyt ain't bucci cuzzo Free da guys :ufdup:
  7. JayStarwind

    Free from 106 & Park was fired because of her verse on "Wait (The Whisper Song)" Remix?

    Jay was about to get on the remix too. B High ATL didn't release the full Ying-Yang Twins interview yet but there are different clips on his channel.
  8. Splash

    Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Free exam voucher after training)

    Edit: Now full Due to Covid Microsoft are offering free Azure fundamentals sessions with a 100% exam discount after. Only 1 date left... Duno if they will release more just book it in. Event Registration
  9. TheGodling

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival on Youtube (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Venice) - starting May 29

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival is a 10-day digital festival, co-curated by 20 international film festivals from across the world to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts. Discover and watch films during this first ever 10-day global film festival co-curated by over 20 film festivals from...
  10. Arinam

    Student developers and Entreprenuers

    Make sure youre taking advantage of Githubs Student pack during all this freetime: GitHub Student Developer Pack Theres something for everyone in that list wether you're learning a language, preparing for an interview or running a startup/business. If you dont have an EDU email just signup...
  11. Macallik86

    PSA brehs: Check your local library to see if you get LinkedIn Learning for free

    We are all about getting to the bag professionally here. This is the easiest way to stack your skillset (and resume) for free. They have access to hundreds of courses that are all professionally done and have been taken by millions in the professional world. Whether you are brushing up on your...
  12. Carlton Banks

    200+ free online courses conducted by Microsoft!!!

    Microsoft • Free Online Courses and MOOCs | Class Central Just looking out for the brehs
  13. B

    Mixtapes & EPs B.Major megathread

    True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Co. Present B. Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol.2 (A Hip Hop Mix Tape) True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Present: B.Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol. 2 (A Hip Hip MixTape) *track list below If you like what you hear PLEASE take a quick minute and follow B.Major on his...
  14. T

    400 free Ivy League university courses you can take online in 2019

    This is my first post on The Coli. I'm surprised no one's post this before. The Coli is on top of everything. Below, is a link with free ivy league courses. The majority of the courses are free. There is no catch. You could pay to get graded, which I'm not interested in doing. Still, I'm...
  15. Pimpdaddy

    The free Udemy Courses Thread

    To avoid making a new thread everytime I find something, I'm starting this one and try to keep it updated. Please let me know if a Coupon Code is expired.
  16. Pimpdaddy

    [Udemy] C++ Programming A-Z: From Beginner to Advanced

    Another one for free Sorry for all these threads I'll make one where I can just update the OP in the new year Coupon Code: LEARNCP What you'll learn: The fundamentals of C++ Understand how C++ features help you write compact and efficient code...
  17. Pimpdaddy

    IT - eBooks for free (C++, Python, App & Web Development etc)

    Just came across this and thought some of yall might be interested This site is legit but you can use fake info if you want This one is for free for the next 15hrs: Free eBook from Packt: Vue.js 2 and Bootstrap 4 Web Development This one is seperate and normaly sold for 50$ Free Modern...
  18. Fade Runner 2049


    :snoop: that pathetic attempt at a witty title. Anyway, you brehs go ahead and download the Chik-fil-a app on your mobile device and enjoy a free 10 piece crispy or grilled chicken nugget :myman: Goes great with a shake, or if you really hungry cop that spicy chicken sandwich meal and get the...
  19. Jody Lo

    Music licensing guide & 2 free rap beats

    Ra808 brings us an article on music licensing (that I encourage all independent artists to read) on her website blog Everything a upcoming rapper need to know about music licensing: Tips for Rap Artists 2 free rap beats: Download 2 Rap beats FREE Now
  20. Pimpdaddy

    Get your free Udemy Courses

    Found this website and it's legit english Courses - Free Udemy Courses - DiscUdemy basically all y'all need to do is: > select a course you like > hit "Take Course" > click on that link you'll get straight to the official udemy website and get it for free