ghostface killah

  1. Darkstarz Records

    Never Bite the Hand - Caper feat Ghostface Killah , Nero the King & Tone Spliff

    (New) Never Bite the Hand - Caper feat =AZVPhlCMWsBiq5CxbdwJDqnwCXZH4WCEuIkfoGiVGFFip9IcnlwnhPqMJdDq1nDpe-9ezmcj5udvjkcsJ8rh61uxQ_UA3fpd1XDfJroQwpM0qYlVAGIQLFeb4bjyzsaP2Yd14srDwYf-MP9rRIO330KI&__tn__=-]K-R']Ghostface Killah, Nero the King &...
  2. Gizza

    Ghostface Killah freestylin at 53 yrs old still sharp like a Ginsu

    What more can I say? :wow:
  3. AMcV'88

    the Ghostface song they made with AI

    :mjlol: good tweet
  4. DrexlersFade

    This Bar None is the Hardest Record Out Right Now NEMS, Ghostface Killah & Scram Jones - DON'T EVER DISRESPECT ME [Official Video]

    Don’t know this Nems kid but he came correct on this joint and this is Vintage Ghost he absolutely bodied this shyt :blessed: @Mowgli @Gil Scott-Heroin @BucciMane listen very closely to this record especially @Mowgli that first verse describes you too a tee :mjlol:
  5. Billy Ocean

    Ghostface on Nems "Outside" podcast

    Didn't realize how big a Wu fan Nems is :obama:
  6. Whips-n-Chains

    Which version of "Ghost Deini" is better? Album Version vs. Alternate Version (Ruthless b*stards Piano Loop Beat)

    or Both are serious heat...but the Album version (US Album at least) is such an incredible beat, it has to get my vote. US album version might be my fav song off SC, and I don't think all the samples have even been discovered yet. Where tf did those chimes come from? :banderas: Just...
  7. Billy Ocean

    Needle Drop's Anthony Fantano's Ghostface Killah interview

  8. ShaDynasty

    Singles Jenevieve ft. Ghostface Killah - Medallion (Remix)

    If you haven't heard of Jenevieve, do yourself a favor and check her album out. Dope Pop R&B album. Original track:
  9. AMcV'88

    Ghostface is on the remix to that Silk Sonic (Anderson Paak x Bruno Mars) song.

    Ghostface blessed those two cornballs with a verse.
  10. R

    Tha fukk was Ghostface thinkin when he made dis?

    So I’m listening to Tidal’s Wu Tang station and this ghostface song randomly comes on. This shyt is awful:scust::francis::mjlol: I actually remember when this album came out...I didn’t even bother to check it out because I heard it was a R&B album and that’s not what I wanted to hear so I...
  11. djfilthyrich

    Remastered '95 Raekwon & Ghostface freestyle

    I remastered this '95 Rae + Ghost freestyle from Joe Clair's radio show (Vocal extraction + re-sync over CDQ instrumental) I'll be adding this to Side A or B of the Raekwon OB4CL Tribute If you missed it, here's Side A of the Purple Mixtape celebrating 25 years of OB4CL 25 Years ago...
  12. Ruck

    Albums 25 Anniversary - Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

    Acknowledge and pay homage.
  13. TheGodling

    GZA shares pictures of the Wu-Tang Clan under lockdown :dead:

    This collage is jokes, brehs.:russ:
  14. T.H.E. Goat

    The Beats That DOOM Gave To Ghostface For Fishscale

    Still some of DOOM’s best beats in my opinion:banderas:
  15. djfilthyrich

    Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele 20th Anniv Mixtape

    20th Anniversary Tribute mixtape of Ghostface's 'Supreme Clientele', featuring: OG Samples + Flips Blends Rarities + B-sides At the time, I didn't think Ghost would be able to top 'Ironman', especially during the year 2000 when a lot of the albums coming out were watered-down trash. Not...
  16. Zero

    Sometimes I feeeeeeel.... a motherless child :mjcry: (Uh-oh :lupe:) WAAAAAAAAAAAAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA (Let's get it on fella :dame:) (The wallabee champ comes back! Ironman strikes back! :birdman:) (Lex Diamonds, Tony Starks... :wow:) Sometimes I feeeeeeel.... :to: (Raid your whole empire! :ufdup:) I...
  17. Westbama Heartthrob

    Albums Can Anybody Hook A Breh Up With Some GFK?

    I'm looking for Ironman, Supreme Clientele, and Fishscale if anybody's got em. Kinda too :lupe: to download stuff elsewhere. And if anyone's got the OG Bulletproof Wallets, send that my way.
  18. T.H.E. Goat

    Ghostface Killah “Cobra Clutch” Appreciation Thread

    Classic Ghostface/Rza:whew: Edit: Mathematics on the boards:ohlawd:
  19. ProductoIlicito

    Wu-Tang Clan - Guest Appearances (Collection)

    New editions of these mixtapes: New collaborations The "Reunited" bootleg includes collaborations of 3 or more members of the Clan in other albums The GZA bootleg was renamed and a new cover was added. Collaborations on albums by other Wu-Tang members were omitted. The tags were corrected and...
  20. G-Eye

    Wu-Tang Live At Glastonbury 2019 (Full Show Audio Download)

    Download Here... Wu-Tang - Live At Glastonbury (114.67MB) - @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @phonthought3000 @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades...