ghostface killah


    Agree Or Disagree: Ghostface Killah Is Top Ten Of All Time?

    Ghostface Killah Has a somewhat lengthy discography as well as memorable features such as the Cormega collaboration from Legal Hustle. As well as others, however when the discussion comes up about him being in the Top 10 do you agree or disagree Explain why?
  2. TheSickness

    Ghostface Killah feat. Lord Superb, Trife da God - The Juks - Appreciation Thread

    some 2001 piff classic ghostface rhymes GOAT alchemist beat trife killed it :banderas: anyone else remembers this?
  3. IronFist

    Rewind That : Ghostface Killah Performing Nutmeg live @BET with Cappadonna & U-God

  4. Hammer

    The Faster Blade

    fukkING VINTAGE PRIME CLASSIC RAEKWON! :ohlawd: you can't listen to this and tell me this isn't dope Ironman is a classic album.