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  1. Inspect Her Deck

    Classics Discussion: Raekwon & Ghostface Killah

    Ok so some of y'all will be familiar with a project I'm deciding to run. I made this thread: The Official 'Classic Album' Discussion Thread, trying to reach a conclusion as to what defines a classic album. After much discussion, I am running with this definition personally, so take it as you...
  2. Inspect Her Deck

    Does anyone have the OG Pretty Toney Album?

    So I've seen The Coli work its magic a couple of times to get OG versions put together of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II and Bulletproof Wallets. The Pretty Toney Album was another that suffered the wrath of uncleared samples, and thus the retail is a little different from what was the intended...
  3. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest – Disco AirLines

    Listen here----> Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest – Disco AirLines | Nah Right @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Method Man @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @JaneG33 @stomachlines @shopant @treezee @Yoda...
  4. Farrinto

    Ghostface Killah KILLS Martin Shkreli (Verbally, Politically, & Emotionally)

  5. M

    Did Ghostface Just Show Us the Doom Vs Ghost lp Cover Art?

    :ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh: There is a lot of artwork from this awaited collaboration over the years from fans, it could be fan art, but it does say L.A. Is this at Stones Throw? :youngsabo:
  6. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah & RZA (Bobby Digital) - 1998 Radio Cypher Part 1

    @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Method Man @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @JaneG33 @stomachlines @shopant @treezee @Yoda @Illeye buckmatic @Deltron @JordanWearinThe45 @Art Barr @Piff Perkins @atlbound...
  7. IronFist

    [New Music] Ghostface Killah, Boldy James & eXquire – Same Damn Thang

    @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Method Man @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @JaneG33 @stomachlines @shopant @treezee @Yoda @Illeye buckmatic @Deltron @JordanWearinThe45 @Art Barr @Piff Perkins @atlbound...
  8. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah Provides MF DOOM Joint Album Update

    According to Ghostface Killah, MF DOOM wants to release their joint album in February. While speaking with, Wu-Tang Clan spitter Ghostface Killah rattled down the list of projects he’s currently working on, or is hoping to release in the near future. Among those projects is a...
  9. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah & Ultimate Breaks & Beats Mixtape Stream – Skillz Beats

    French producer Skillz Beats reworks a selection of Ghostface favourites with the help of some classic breakbeats. @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Method Man @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @JaneG33 @stomachlines...
  10. Earnings


    October 31 2015 by Toshytaka Kondo Initially conceptualized as a Roc-A-Fella compilation album, The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, was released as JAY Z’s fifth solo album on October 31, 2000. The album was a warning shot to everyone that Roc-A-Fella Records boasted the strongest rap crew in the...
  11. IronFist

    1200 Techniques ft. Ghostface Killah – Flow Is Trouble (Video)

  12. KRiLL (+)

    Ghostface Killah son out here living that flexible nikka lifestyle

    :mjlol: :damn: :dead:
  13. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah - FLOW 93-5 Interview (Claims Supreme Clientele 2 Been Done for 4 years)

    couple of months old just came across it though
  14. IronFist

    [Throwback] Ghostface Killah - All That I Got Is You

  15. Wallychamp

    Popa Wu Tells What Happened When He Confronted Action Bronson-Media Blew Situation Out of Proportion

    According to Popa Wu, everyone was in the parking lot reminiscing over rapper, Sean Price, when Bronson was brought over to him. He then went on to briefly chastise the Queens emcee, a "natural conversation" he says the media turned into something it shouldn't have. Going on to state he "just...
  16. Oztradamus

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... 20th year Anniversary Appreciation Thread (Aug 1st, 1995 - Aug 1st, 2015)

    I still have my original first pressing of "The Purple Tape" that I purchased on the release date, 20 years ago. Signed by Rae and Ghost... and the 2012 re-release of course. The G.O.A.T Hip-Hop album without a doubt. RZA Chef Ghost and Nas nikkaz is the prophet
  17. KingsOfKings

    Ghostface Killah - The Purple Tape Mixtape

    The Purple (86.27MB) -
  18. KingsOfKings

    9th Prince pissed at Raekwon & Ghostface

  19. Yoda

    Ghostface Killah "FISHSCALE" vs "MORE FISH"

    Im a go wit MORE FISH. Shyt is oh my goodness dope. but some days ill ride wit fishscale tho.