harvey weinstein

  1. Alix217

    Harvey Weinstein to be charged with indecent assault in UK

    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-61736763 Harvey Weinstein to be charged with indecent assault in UK Published41 minutes ago Share IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein will be charged with two counts of indecent assault against a woman in London in the summer of 1996...
  2. Anerdyblackguy

    Sexual Harassment charges against Harvey Weinstein dropped

  3. JadeB

    How come the #MeToo movement took off with Weinstein and not Cosby?

    Bill Cosby's sexual harrasment/rape controversy preceded Weinstein by three years. But, it was all said and done and moved on quickly. But, Weinstein was the one that blew up. I don't think it's race-related because it would be the other way around i.e. Bill Cosby would be the one the...
  4. ORDER_66

    Today on Cacs gon cac...more sexual allegations. Co-Ceo Primary Wave...David Guillod

    Primary Wave Co-CEO David Guillod Resigns in Wake of Sexual Assault Claims Primary Wave Entertainment co-CEO David Guillod has resigned from the company following sexual assault allegations. "Primary Wave Entertainment and David Guillod have agreed to part ways effective immediately, David...
  5. The Amerikkkan Idol

    REAL TALK: I've Been Watching This Harvey Weinstein shyt & I Think This Needs To Be Said

    Look, I don't advocate putting your hands on a woman or holding her down and forcing her to perform ANY sexual actions she don't want to do, but . . . . . Begging for p*ssy aint a crime y'all?:yeshrug: Like, are we really gonna sit here and act like 99% of us wouldn't be here if our fathers...
  6. NotAnFBIagent

    Would u trade sexual favors to get ahead

    In light of recent headlines the question i pose to you How many of you would give up your p*ssy/boy p*ssy in order to get that dream job/fame/fortune u seek
  7. The Amerikkkan Idol

    How Long Before Vince McMahon/WWE Gets Weinstein'd?

    Like seriously? You already know some of those Playboy bunnies/fitness models from like 10 years ago have been salivating watching all the attention these Weinstein broads have been getting for "standing up to Harvey" years after the fact. So, who do you think will be the first "brave" diva to...
  8. Drew Wonder

    Remember when Corey Feldman tried to warn people about Hollywood?

    Dude was a has-been actor so no one took what he had to say seriously at the time. Fukk Barbara Walters btw :pacspit: