1. B

    She honestly believes the US President is actually Jim Carrey wearing a mask

  2. Back&4th

    Huey P. Newton Eyes on the Prize II Interview (1989)

  3. A

    What Does The Coli Think Of This Morgan Freeman Interview?

  4. knnymac

    Kanye West is NOT live!

    Randomly saw this live interview on my way to work this morning.
  5. knnymac

    IMO, Kirk Burrrowes(former president of Bad Boy) just ethered Puff

    If I’m being honest, I never heard of dude before and thought Puff ran the label and did everything himself. :jbhmm:
  6. JadeB

    I interviewed an up-and-coming rapper in November. Here's the article.

    WITHOUT MY DAY ONES: MEET KB DEVAUGHN, SOUTH L.A.’S HIP HOP VANGUARD 01.11.2022 By [REDACTED] On Saturday, Nov. 28, 2021, I had a photoshoot and interview with up-and-coming melodic rapper KB Devaughn, 27. We went to three different places that impacted him and his career, those being his...
  7. R

    Talib Kweli interviews Isaiah Rashad

  8. jensyao

    That NSFW Jay-Z interview with Uncle Luke Who else did Uncle Luke have these types of interviews with? I was surprised nobody posted this shyt yet
  9. KingBeez

    1 Hour Long Uncut Interview with Michael Jordan from 2017 Finally Released

    I’m currently watching as I’m posting this, and it’s very interesting :ehh: surprised the channel took so long to drop it. Some topics talked about in the video: - How should NBA players handle recruits - Biggest regret in Life - The Last Dance - Challenges in making the hornets champions...
  10. JayStarwind

    Busta Rhymes on the 85 South Show

    Such an odd pairing but it's dope so far. Turned into an interview instead of their usual chill sessions. Spliff in the cut :whoo:
  11. TheGodling

    Alan Moore does rare interview at Deadline, shyts on everything & talks feature film debut The Show

    Alan Moore Rare Interview: “Superhero Movies Have Blighted Culture” – Deadline This whole interview is jokes. The man is the definition of bitter but it's goddamn hilarious. Some choice quotes from the longer brilliant thing. About superhero movies and its fans: Several years ago I said I...
  12. I'm Blackman

    Nas- Highsnobriety interview

    King's Not Dead - It's Still Nas Vs. The World | Highsnobiety KING’S NOT DEAD – IT’S STILL NAS VS. THE WORLD WORDS: ANA VELASCO PHOTOGRAPHY: ZHAMAK FULLAD This week’s FRONTPAGE is with the one and only Nas. We caught up with the living legend in LA to get the scoop on his newly announced...




  15. GPBear

    Damian Lillard vs Nardwuar

    Not sure whether to post this in here or The Booth :mjlol: Oakland-PDX represent :mjgrin:
  16. tuckgod

    (2000) Pre Roc-a-fella Peedi Crakk and Freeway (Ice City) interview + freestyle

    Freeway and Peedi would've made a dope group on a bigger level. Skip to freestlyle
  17. DatLBCGuy562

    Mike Tyson Interview Fu*kery Appreciation

    :russ: most quotable athlete EVER, by far. Boxing will never see anything like this man, in or out the ring. Those of us :flabbynsick: enough to see all 3 Mikes in their prime (Tyson, Jordan & Jackson) are truly blessed brehs. Black men are the most charismatic and blessed beings on this...
  18. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    What's your favorite Jay-Z interview ?

    This is up there for me
  19. Embrehyo

    The Real Pac. Listen.

  20. GPBear

    Madlib Meets Ethiopian Legend Ayaléw Mesfin

    :ohlawd: Interesting topics touched on. How their generation of hip-hop was more than just taking the sample, understanding the artist was also equally important. :leon: @Deltron @King Napz @Ace of the Metropolitan @stomachlines @Walt