1. Ahadi

    Culture VS Salary

    You have a choice between two companies. Both have a 6 figure base. One has a better culture, more laid back, cool co-workers, 10K less. One has a so-so culture, unsure about the co-workers, 10K more. Which one are you taking?
  2. Bossyyyyy

    Any Firefighters here on the coli?

    Been speaking to local firefighters in my area, but I would like to get more first hand information if possible, particularly from those who look like me. just something ive been considering
  3. Ruck

    I quit my job 2 weeks ago. Got offered 2 positions but...

    Don't know what to do. Both are state jobs in completely different sectors. One job is straight up office desk in which I never had. Another is similar to what I use to do but I dont necessarily work directly with people - but definitely more responsibility (nice pay upgrade). Im leaning...
  4. G

    What happenned to the robots?

    Remember the past few years how business leaders were saying they were going to replace people with automation if they got a $15 minimum wage? :patrice: Now the same people are complaining that people don't want to work. Wouldn't this be the perfect time to replace people with automation? What...
  5. Jean Jacket

    Three 6 - Pu$$y got U Hooked - Ft- Remy Ma

  6. Ahadi

    What's the best verbiage to email a company for job openings?

    Whats the most effective way to send an inquiry letter to ask about available jobs?
  7. M

    Can you describe what you actually do in your job?

    I recently met an Asian dude and he was telling me about this group chat he's in with other Asians Basically they share what the daily routine in they jobs look like so the unemployed, students or people without diplomas can see and practice He told me examples of people without diplomas who...
  8. RennisDeynolds

    how much vacation time y'all get for Christmas and New Years?

    I only get Christmas day and New Years day off :mjcry:, I get half days on Christmas eve and New Years eve :mjcry: How many of y'all mfs got the whole 2 weeks off :sadcam:
  9. Neuromancer

    Any morticians on here?

    Is it a fun job? Do you get paid well? What attracted you to it? It must be really stable.
  10. Ahadi

    For those of you who work 9-5.....

    If you make less than 100K do you leave work right at 5pm? Or do you stay later hoping it will make you look better in front of your supervisors / Directors If you make more than 100K do you leave work right at 5pm? Or do you stay a bit later? (Due to projects, title, or staying later might...
  11. BaileyPark31

    What is the best place to work just for the discount?

    A friend of mine works per diem for Marriott. She works maybe 2 days a month. So she earns a few bucks and gets a big discount on hotel rooms. Any ideas, Coli Fam ? Lemme know.
  12. Bart simpson

    Reggie when you quit FOOD LYIN you could work these jobs!

    @#PanAfricana Breh this could be you! You work at Pizza Hut (Btw Evil Reggie , pictured here, gotta a job) And get that dream PAWG You could be a chef A racecar driver Feel free to add on.... :mjgrin: Edit: man I see you. . . Got you on the promotional poster
  13. The Gimp

    What do I do about stressful job brehs?

    Can’t do this anymore. Co workers making fun of me treating me like shyt. Worried about making a single mistake at work. Everyone talking about my fukk ups. Can’t do it this ain’t healthy
  14. Crude Abolitionist

    #PanAfricana aka Ibuccimane aja JJG Claims he has a REAL JOB BLOGGING...

    Freeway Ricky: "I Was Oblivious On The Contra War. Found Out After My ARREST." Peep post #19 where he claims to be a paid blogger :mjlol: Is it true or is he just lying again? :ohhh:
  15. S

    Jobs with guaranteed customers?

    Aside from being a mortician, fast food restaurant owner, or a drug dealer, what jobs will get you steady clientele no matter the economic forecast?
  16. Balla

    How many of you enjoy your job?

    Might sound childish, but if I could find a career that I don't mind too much getting up everyday and it pays all the bills, it'll put me at ease, but it seems all jobs are stressful af, and people hate them.
  17. Neuromancer

    What is your job title?

    Mine is Proxy Training Associate. I disseminate materials from Mutal/Hedge/Etf's and make them more digestible for reps to relay to Share/stockholders. @MJ Simpson @Barnett114 @Killmonger
  18. T


    FORT WORTH, Texas - Are you the ultimate dog lover? If so, this job may be perfect for you. Mutts Canine Cantina, a pup-friendly restaurant and dog park in Dallas and Fort Worth, has announced details for their first-ever "Puptern." The eatery is opening its second location in Fort Worth and...
  19. Neuromancer

    Are you good at your job?

    People say I'm a better trainer than my supervisor. I might be but I'm also lazier than he is. @MJ Simpson @Barnett114 @The Wave :mjgrin: