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  1. DrexlersFade

    LL wasn't lying when he said he was gonna do it to these meatballs and absolutely one responded:ohhhwebe:Edit:He about to do it to you MEATBALLS !!!!!

    He dropped this joint :ohhh: His last song It's one GOAT nikkas want the title that's mine One GOAT fukk every rapper who came behind(WHAT) Any rapper got a problem wit dat line go ahead Call my name out let's get it in one time:whoa: Time bomb ticking they got me grief stricken Cause these...
  2. RasNas

    Spice 1 goes off on DJ Akademiks for disrespecting Og's

    Now Spice 1 jumpin in on the discussion too
  3. Mike the Executioner

    The last season of In the House was bizarre.

    Looking back, it's strange the way the show went out and there's no explanation for it yet. Kim Wayans left, Maia Campbell left, Alfonso Ribeiro was shooting scenes without LL because he didn't like working with him. And it was only six episodes, which they released over a week in the dead of...
  4. shutterguy

    Longshot, need some LL Cool J info - Walking with a Panther

    His 3rd album, Walking with a Panther, was initially released un-censored/PA version. Sony decided for some reason to stop pressing that version and put out a clean version STILL with the PA label on the front. I am trying to find what Catalog # the un-censored version was.... L.L. Cool J* -...
  5. BiggWebb79

    Jay-Z, LL Cool J, & Tina Turner among others selected to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

  6. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane Live Ep22, LL Disses Kanye, Tekashi 6ix 9ine, Trumps Covid 19

    Bruse Wane - Live Episode 22: Trump Gets Covid 19, Eminem and Lord Jamar, Nicki Minaj, Tekashi 6ix9ine overdose ?, Master P keeps going, Jay-z & Meek Mill Alliance, The Debate Joe Biden, Is Trump's covid diagnosis real ? LL Cool J Disses Kanye West. HipHopHeadsWorldWide
  7. Aje

    A Year From Today Will Be...

  8. Da Rhythm Rebel

    BET Rap City Christmas Show (1989) featuring Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, MC Lyte & More

    Rap City Christmas show hosted by Chris Thomas. Crazy this was 30 years ago! :ahh: Run DMC & Jam Master Jay LL Cool J & 3rd Bass De La Soul Fat Boys, Chuck Chillout & Cool Chip Finale featuring all the groups singing Jingle Bells w/ Buffy doing the beat box
  9. Antwon Mitchell

    LL Cool J's Phenomenon album hit it's 22nd anniversary today

    This album imo was his fall off point but he still delivered some cuts worth revisiting once in awhile . Any favorites from the album?
  10. Playaz Eyez

    LL Cool J's hardest songs since his peak

    This was around the time when LL was kickin' it with G-Unit. Was also his last album on Def Jam. I don't remember much about that album, but these two songs were definitely the highlights. Dame Grease and Cue Beats gave him some heat.
  11. 2001

    Dr. Dre Interview With LL Cool J

  12. Da Rhythm Rebel

    Crazy LL Cool J Interview w/ Marley Marl From 1989 (Walking With A Panther album release)

    LL was very 'animated' during this interview but classic stuff nevertheless. Same weekend or days before he dropped "Walking With a Panther" and they play various cuts during the interview. He doesn't even seem too sure if his album was out or not :mjlol: Marley also got him answering...
  13. M

    Jay z vs ll cool j is the match who would show me who is my goat.whats yours?.

    Salute to biggie and PAC but when they died I was a kid so I like them but it's just not the same feeling Hov and ll are my all time greats and in a rap battle with both on they prime I could see who my goat is What about y'all?!
  14. M

    Ll cool j "mr smith" vs jay z "reasonable doubt" wich album is better in your opinion?

    I fukks with hov but I think ll album is clearly better is crazy how much love the reasonable doubt get Mr smith is crazy it got the hits: "hey lova" "doin it" "loungin" "I shot ya" And then got great underrated gems like :"hip hop" "no airplay" and my favorite :blessed:
  15. Da Rhythm Rebel

    BET Rap City 1989 Christmas Show feat. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Fat Boys, De La Soul & others (Videos)

    couple of video excerpts: Run DMC & Jam Master Jay :mjlol: at the end of this clip LL Cool J & 3rd Bass De La Soul Fat Boys & Chuck Chillout & Cool Chip
  16. SirReginald

    Ice Cube And LL Cool J Secure Billion Dollar Investments To Buy Sports TV Stations!

  17. B

    (Wee-Bey) Hassan Johnson Talks LL Cool J Breaking His Jaw, In Too Deep (Exclusive)

    Wee-Bey aka Hassan Johnson Talks LL Cool J Breaking his Jaw In Too Deep Film. Hassan Johnson Interview With M.Reck Short Clip From #iglivewithmreck Ep. 2 Follow @mreckgm On Instagram Push Notifications
  18. B

    The original G.O.A.T. shıtting in the booth on Rap City appreciation thread

    Before he went full fledge sex symbol he shut the booth down on what I think is one of the slept-on Rap City freestyles.
  19. John Hull

    To Da Break Of Dawn Is The Most Underrated Diss Record

    Cool J was in his bag on this one... styled on Kool Moe D, MC Hammer and Ice T at the same dam time! Just listen to it again and peep how many times this one record been sampled. Real heads recognize how many times L's vocals from this one diss been flipped by other rappers...
  20. Aphrodite

    Rate This Guy: Day 145 - LL Cool J

    Yesterday's guy for Day 144, Michael Jai White, impressed the ladies with his body and potential in the sack. None were too crazy over his face. He scored a 7.8235 which tied him in with The Rock on the Top Tier. Rules 1. The Coli will be rating 365 guys in this project. 2. You simply rate...