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  1. Tunechi

    Murda Mook & Loaded Lux Drive Around To Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings 3" Mixtape

    This is great to see! HipHopIsReal has captured footage of Murda Mook and Loaded Lux driving around in the car bumping Lil Wayne‘s music. The two Harlem rappers were listening to “Peggy Bundy” and “Lamar” off Weezy‘s No Ceilings 3 (Side A) mixtape and enjoying the bars. You can check out...
  2. B

    G.O.D - Loaded Lux Diss B Dot, Geechi, DNA, JC

    B Dot Response Chilla Jones Response
  3. Derek Lee


  4. ReasonableMatic

    Rewatch: Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips | Smack/URL #SM5

    >>> Vote who y'all have winning looking BACK at the battle <<< Comment who y'all had winning BACK THEN and who you have winning RIGHT NOW I personally had Lux winning back then, but lookin back at it its a lot clearer If you watch the battle and listen to all the shyt Lux was sayin. He...
  5. ReasonableMatic

    Rewatch: Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don #HighStakes | UDUBB

    It's been 3years already brehs :wow: We gotta salute Lux & Hollow for blessing us with a classic and one of the GOAT battles :salute: >>> Vote who you nikkas got winning right now looking back at the battle <<< It would be dope to leave a comment who you had winning back then and who you have...
  6. IronFist

    Loaded Lux - "Talk Dirty" [16orBetter]

  7. KingsOfKings

    Loaded Lux Answers If He’d Battle DNA, Talks Charlie Clips Battle

  8. B

    Murda Mook and Math Hoffa Debate Loaded Lux Vs. Charlie Clips Battle

  9. IronFist

    Loaded Lux Interview "Only For the Strong" Part 1

  10. IronFist

    Loaded Lux Talks Keith Murray VS Fredo Starr , Charlie Clips Battle, Aye Verb Or Daylyt Next

  11. B


    No editing, nothing. They don't give a fukk.
  12. FreshAIG

    SMACK/URL Summer Madness 5 - Loaded Lux Vs. Charlie Clips Live Update/Discussion Thread

    Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux Tay Roc vs. Calicoe Ms. Hustle vs. O'fficial Shotgun Suge vs. Big T T-Rex vs. T-Top John John Da Don vs. Mr. Wavy K-Shine & DNA vs. Steams & Chess URL has now officially announced the four battles that will be on the livestream: Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux T-Rex...
  13. moneyel

    Murda Mook: I Feel Sorry For The Next Person Who Battles Loaded Lux

  14. Perpetual Beast

    Who bodied Lux worse? Hollow or Mook?

    . . . ...... ................ Imo i think Hollow did.....Hollow was just talking that shyt more and left Lux with not a whole lot to say.....line for line tho, there were just way more quotables from Hollow.....but, Mook finished the job on a bigger stage and when it...
  15. Brooklynzson

    Total Slaughter Live Discussion Thread (8pm EST)

    Click Here to Place your Bets If you missed the show all the episodes here: Official Road To Total Slaughter TV series thread
  16. Mook


    3-0 shyt WAS CRAZY nikka I cant get this work I got a criminal record.. HOLLOW :whew: :whew:
  17. FreshAIG

    UW: Loaded Lux vs. Hollow Da Don "Road of the Warrior" 24/7