mary j blige

  1. AMcV'88

    Vado has a new situation.. is now Mary J Blige's sugar baby

    theres a video of Mary introducing him as a friend and her artist. edit- actually, she said "my heart" thats his sugar momma :manny:
  2. FluffyEyes

    Chaka Khan speaks on Mary J Blige "fukking up" her cover of 'Sweet Thing'

    I'm sorry I cackled at this but I love both versions :lolbron: Chaka said Mary was flat the whole song and asked Mary what time of day she recorded it :dead: Edit: She also said Mariah being ahead of her on the best vocalist list was "payola" :damn:
  3. FluffyEyes

    Happy Anniversary to Mary J Blige's 2nd best album!!!!!

    A certified classic turns 28 years old today. An album handed down from mother to daughter :wow:
  4. FluffyEyes

    Black Music Month Challenge Day 11: What's a Song That Feels Like Summer to You???

    June is known as Black Music Month and I thought it would be fun to make a thread each day using this template to discuss different Black music related to the questions here. Yesterday's thread is here if you want to participate: Black Music Month Challenge Day 10: What's a music video you...
  5. Ziggiy

    A Little BM/BW Positivity. Mary J Blige Graces Time Magazine. Nas Writes Her Profile

    Mary J Blige recently scored a spot on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list, gracing their cover. Nas wrote her profile feature.
  6. kinkihairchik

    Michael Jordan feeling up Mary j

  7. Dog Based Gremlin

    Pick 5 Random Numbers to Create Halftime Show Playlist

    5 songs you randomly selected to hear performed for the Halftime show Happy Superbowl Weekend :salute:
  8. Rhapture

    H&M tried to sell us jeans through Shakespeare, Dreamgirls, Mary J Blige and police brutality

    Ol boy probably could've survived being shot if She called 911 instead of sangin in his face. Then again she got shot too :mjcry:
  9. Sinister

    Mary J Blige appreciation thread

    I love me some Mary J Blige. She has such a powerful voice. I love the content she has too. This is the booth and it's supposed to be hip hop oriented. I know I LOVE songs like "don't mind" "everything" or "your child" but for the purposes of this board I will stick to her features or songs...
  10. Rhapture

    With this Popeyes vs Chic Fil A thing, Do we as a people owe Mary J Blige an apology?

    I think we all need to take a moment and address the elephant in the room which is black folk making a whole movement over Chicken sammiches in a matter of days. At least Mary was getting paid for her promotion but she was called all kinds of c00ns and buffoons for doing what most celebrities...
  11. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 13 - Toni Braxton

    Mary J. Blige scored a 7.10/10 on Day 12 of RTS. I'm kind of surprised as I thought she'd rank lower. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. LeaderBoard...
  12. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 12 - Mary J. Blige

    For Day 11 of RTS, Pop princess, Ariana Grande, scored a very modest 6.20/10. The Leaderboard: We got another Queen today...
  13. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Mary J Blige's ICONIC 2019 BET Awards performance :wow:

    The VIBE y' just had to be there :wow: :mjcry:
  14. Mary J In Gif

    Mary J In Gif

  15. Jimi Swagger

    When you date down this is what happens | Jill Scott Divorce

    Cliffs: Discusses Jill Scott first having a child by her employee and her current divorce to a man with 5 children from previous relationships - the husband was happy with the arrangement until things went sour and now he's complaining because she's not taking care of him and 5 children...
  16. ORDER_66

    Dat new Mary j Blige single?!? Holy shyt!!!:damn:

    This chick talking about there's a special place in hell for you for the fukking hook....:damn: shots right to kendu's dome piece... Mary j singing with a vengence talking bout you gonna pay for what you did to me.... I'm listening to the radio like....:dahell::wtf: this bytch singing Death...
  17. SheWantTheD

    Dimepiece Starshell AKA Mary J Blige's Former Protege Aging Badly At 28

    This is the same woman who was Mary J Blige's protege and husband's sidechick. She's only 28 and is aging badly. Them cac genes :huhldup: I don't know how old she is in the pics below. Why she looking 32-35 in a lotta these pics? That body still right tho.. straight prototype...
  18. m0rninggl0ry

    The greatest sidechick anthem

    Happy New Year! I guess my first thread in 2017 will be about paramours:yeshrug: SWV- You're The One Xscape- My Little Secret Shirley Murdock and or Kelly Price- As We Lay Mary J. Blige ft. Lil Kim- I can love you Aaliyah- If Your Girl Only Knew Whitney Houston- Saving All My...
  19. Wiles

    Mary jedi blige :o

  20. H

    90s Style Mary J Blige R&B Type Beat - I Deserve You (prod. by TheHitKingz)

    We decided to go for a 90s style on this one. Let me know what you guys think