1. Benjamin Sisko

    Which post-apocalyptic movie setting you do NOT want to live in?

    The Road :picard: I say that because it’s a semi-realistic movie and setting :sadcam:
  2. MushroomX

    Roland Emmerich's Moonfall (2022)

    :wow: It might be shyt, but when it comes to Disaster Films, Roland always goes ALL IN. :mjlol: fukking stealing Majora's Mask plotline though. Starring: Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Michael Peña.
  3. MushroomX

    The Murders in Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning, started over a Candy Bar

    I will keep this simple. Basically Jason in this film wasn't 'Jason'. It was some father out for revenge because his son couldn't stop pestering a dude with an axe, who had SERIOUS anger issues. :mjlol: :mjlit: But this fat b*stard had it coming.
  4. Luken

    Terminator II visually shytting on the movies of today appreciation

    James Cameron is the goat, no ifs, ands or butts. How does something made and filmed in the 80s look THIS good? :wow:
  5. MushroomX

    Be the Booker: Roman Reigns goes Hollywood, who is the Franchise now?

    So let's say 2022 comes, Roman vs. Rock happens at WrestleMania. Roman goes over Rock, 'ends his career' but then the following night drops the Title with an injury angle to film a movie that Roman gets tagged for. He gets interested, and thinks that perhaps he should try more films for a few...
  6. MushroomX

    AVATAR being re-released in China to reclaim all-time crown from Endgame; Needs $7.4M

    :russ: This petty shyt :dead:Addendum: I forgot that Disney owns this shyt now.
  7. MushroomX

    Slap Shot: Paul Newman and The Hanson Triplets wanting all the Smoke

    :mjgrin: Some Classic shyt. You got these guys who want to play for the 'purity' of the game, and then you have the Hansons, the devil spawn who just want to go out on the ice to kill people for fun. :dead: Especially that one triplet that gave that extra biscuit after he got thrown out.
  8. SuburbanPimp

    Name a better Year in Movies than 1999 (you can't)

    Had this debate with the family on Christmas. I think 1999 was the best year in movies hands down. So many unique, innovative and classic movies across all genres. Some of the great movies I didn't see at the time I came back years later and loved 2002 and 2007 get mentioned alot and had some...
  9. Days of Future Piff

    Who is the Coli's GOAT Star Wars character?

    I made a Strawpoll since the Coli's poll option is too limited (a lot of fan favorites would have been left out). I left Jar-Jar and all the sequel trilogy characters out of the character poll to save space. Here's the link one more time:
  10. Sex Luthor

    Are there any movies that you've seen that changed after seeing it in 4k?

    Last week I watched nightmare before Christmas in true 4k and it didn't hit the same. It felt different some how. I prefer it in HD or regular SD honestly. I'm watching 9 right now and its so much better in 4k. Almost like a completely different movie. Any movies changed for you after upgrading?
  11. T

    Historical African Events for TV or/and Video Games (or any other media)

    As the title suggests What historical African event would you like to see covered as a tv show, video game, comic book, movie etc?
  12. MushroomX

    Sir Ian Holm dead at 88

    Legendary Resume from the android Ash of ALIEN, to Bilbo Baggins of LOTR/Hobbit, plus Vito Cornelius of the 5th Element.
  13. Days of Future Piff

    What is the dopest John Wick kill?

    I nominate the pencil scene in Chapter 2... ( :picard: ) ...but that knife fight in 3 was no joke. All hail the GOAT action trilogy of the modern era :blessed:
  14. Westbama Heartthrob

    Bust a Nut In a Fight to the Death, Brehs

    Name a worse villain death than this :huhldup:Thumbnail says it all
  15. Pimpdaddy

    Is there an elegant way to make the "first move"?

    Basically I was in a long ass relationship since I was a teenager I smashed some cheap broads on the side here and there, but it was always clear that this will happen (and only this) So no long talking etc I'm in my mid 20s but I feel :flabbynsick: now because I'm going to "watch a movie" with...
  16. DrBanneker

    How AI is shaking up Hollywood

    I guess we can look at more playing out of genres into the ground that taking risks... From the Guardian Cinelytics claims its AI, used by Warner Bros, can forecast box office results with 85% accuracy. The film business used to run on hunches. Now, data analytics is far more effective than...
  17. Givethanks

    Download movies?

    Going to Cuba soon, and my girl's granny wants some movies. I need a link so I can download a few movies before I head out.:feedme:
  18. Rhapture

    Battle of the Smart Ass Daughters

    Dee Thomas from "what's happening" Darlene Connors from "Roseanne" Vanessa "Nessa" Thompkins from "the Bernie Mac show" Wednesday Addams Who had the smartest mouth?
  19. Antwon Mitchell

    What are your favorite top 5 (or 10) Wesley Snipes movies?

    Mines are... 1. White Men Can't Jump 2. New Jack City 3. Passengers 57 4. Jungle Fever 5. Demolition Man 6. Blade 7. Money Train 8. Blade II 9. Sugar Hill 10. Rising Sun (Very underrated)
  20. Nero Christ

    Best Actor in the Ensemble Cast: Ocean's 11

    Cont. on with the thread I made a couple weeks ago (last one is here and you can still vote), we have a new movie with a talented cast to vote on. This time around it's Ocean's 11. Now I'm not asking...