1. Swiggy

    Drop a Movie From Your Childhood That Never Gets Talked About

    I remember for a 2 year stretch that this movie was in my VHS rotation. shyt wasn't even good in retrospect, but it was gully enough to hold my attention as a kid. Had a black kid I could relate to in it :win:
  2. IronFist

    The Official Kung Fu Movie Discussion & Recommendation Thread

    what is y'all favorite i have been wanting to make a post focusing on martial arts film for a minute. never got around to it until now if its okay can a brutha post download links in this thread (want to make sure it cool with the moderator) The Boxer Rebellion Download...
  3. T

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Jor-El teaser: The Man Of Steel (2013) - REAL Official Teaser / Trailer- By MSN (HD) - YouTube Jonathan Kent teaser: Man of Steel Teaser #1 Pa Kent HD - YouTube
  4. The_King_of_Everything


    No more speculation! :ahh: Today is the day brehs. :noah: I know some folks on here already saw it so we might as well start fresh. :shaq: If you saw the film and give a review put the spoilers in spoilers tags for the folks who didn't see it yet. :yes: I'll be posting mine...
  5. TheHomie

    Man with the Iron Fists - Written/Directed/Starring RZA

    :whoo: :krs: Trailer:
  6. Danie84

    Essential Coli-members what's the last thing you watched?

    Movie,TV-show, Documentary, Anime, you name it...
  7. Blankthawtz

    HEY...lets ruin our favorite tv show/movie with common logic *THE SEQUEL*

    Independence Day..... so these dudes upload a man made computer virus onto an alien space craft in which they admitted their technology was far superior and it actually worked flawlessly...:rudy:
  8. Danie84

    Movies that rip your soul apart

    I was numb for days after seeing this Saw this shyt in film class. After the bell rang, noone moved for a good three minutes :to:
  9. Silver Surfer

    Are you ready for Prometheus???!!???

  10. The_King_of_Everything


    Being that we our slowly migrating to a better forum I figured we keep the spoilers and speculation going.
  11. Rekkapryde

    AVENGERS (Post Discussion/Spoiler Thread)

    nikkaz that have seen it can discuss in here. :shaq:
  12. newarkhiphop

    Essential Official Netflix Thread

    Am a netflix fiend watching about 4-6 movies a week , some i recently saw this past weeknd Puncture: Young lady at a hospital gets stuck with a needle catches aid and dies, movie tells the story about two young hip lawyers who pick up her case, good fukin drama movie, with a semi :wtf: ending...