1. Hathaway

    When's The Last Time You Heard a Timeless Song?

    Timeless meaning a classic. Played for generations to come. Legendary. MJ, Prince, Marvin, Stevie, Luther, Whitney type shyt. Pac, Hov, BIG, Nas type shyt. Be honest. When is the last time you heard a song from any of these new nikkas and said "this song will be played for lifetimes"? My intent...
  2. JadeB

    No one told me how out of pocket this Sabrina Carpenter chick is đź’€ Talking about how much she needs BBC on live television

    Dropping a record with HBK (Doughboyz Cashout) & Jimmy Waters next Friday 5/17 *UPDATE* Song is now available for streaming (links in 1st post)

    Just trying to build anticipation. If y’all ain’t familiar here’s some content from the two featured artists and myself HBK Jimmy Waters Me (Do$ Du Muni) Appreciate all love. Peace. Nuthin’ less - Single (feat. HBK & Jimmy Waters) - Single by Do$ Du Muni
  4. Fill Collins

    Cleveland brehs, your uncles got down like THIS in the 80s?!

    Black death metal :wow: If Judas Priest was Harlem approved :blessed:
  5. RARI_Godwind

    Old Head Classic “Like Candy” about PAWGing? :Dahell:

    Been hearing this song all my life in car rides, Saturday mornings cleaning up, barbecues and I just had looked it up on my own to find the video :dahell: I mean you see it for yourself “CHOCOLATE! :krs: ” Adlib at 2:14 :mjpls: Larry Holmes Gardens brehs, can you confirm or deny this was...

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    OFFICIAL COLI ARTIST NETWORKING THREAD (drop all your social media, streaming & visual links here)
  8. JadeB

    I went to my first rock concert last night

    It was the band Narrow Head. They play shoegaze/grunge/post-hardcore/alt-metal. It was at this dive bar that was hella small, like I think the full capacity couldn't be more than 100 people and there were easily 200 in that bytch :skip: It was surprisingly (or not) diverse, I saw like a dozen...
  9. G

    COWBOY CARTER: Beyoncé Won

    Beyoncé Releases New Album Cowboy Carter: Listen Beyoncé’s country era is officially under way: Her new album, Cowboy Carter, is out now, and you can listen to it below. The mammoth, 27-track record features a cover of the Dolly Parton classic “Jolene” and the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” as well...
  10. Hathaway

    It's Astounding that Whitney, MJ & Prince were from the same Generation

    You could argue that those 3 are most talented individuals in modern music history including Stevie Wonder. Mj & Prince both born in 1958 and Whitney in 1963. All hit their musical primes in the 80s. Each one dominated the charts, albums sales, singles, live shows, tours. Icons. Each one had no...
  11. B

    Tiny Desk Premiere: Thee Sacred Souls Tiny Desk Premiere: Thee Sacred Souls JANUARY 26, 20245:00 AM ET Anamaria Artemisa Sayre Credit: Photo: Zayrha Rodriguez...
  12. NoirDynosaur

    Black Guitarists besides Jimi Hendrix!

    This list is a compilation of black guitarists/bassists besides Jimi Hendrix who contributed heavily to popular music!!! Wes Montgomery (Jazz - the inventor of Octaves!) Nile Rodgers et Bassist Bernard Edwards (Chic) (The architects of Disco Funk) James Jamerson (Bassist who created the...
  13. JadeB

    How come Taylor Swift doesn’t have the same mass appeal to the Black community that previous white singers had?

    This is interesting because even Paramore had a decent following in the Black community and they don't make "urban music". Yet you'll be hard pressed to see Black folks from all socioeconomic and national status that fukk with Taylor outside of a handful of songs . The only full Taylor albums...
  14. D

    Its Bigger Than Hip Hop (Black American Music History Docuseries)

    :whew: its really mindblowing seeing the genres of music presented in this family tree format. It puts into perspective how much music was born out of FBA culture :wow:
  15. JadeB

    Tijuana bans songs praising drug dealers and gang violence

    A typical song by Peso Pluma, one of Mexico’s most popular singers, might start with a guitar and a trumpet, sounding like something for the older crowd – but then come the lyrics telling of drug shipments, stacks of cash and diamond-encrusted pistols. Peso Pluma has produced some of the most...
  16. NoirDynosaur

    Wu Tang Clan & Nas - NY State of Mind Tour

    :ahh: Only person missing is ODB:wow:
  17. Kuma the Bear

    Jason Derulo is about to be MeToo'ed - is sued for sexual harassment

    Jason Derulo sued by singer alleging he demanded sex in exchange for a record deal
  18. S

    Video of female inmates having a shakedown

    I guess some people can have fun anywhere :ehh:
  19. Fill Collins

    Alan Erasmus: the Black co-founder of Factory Records (Joy Division/New Order, Durruti Column, and more post-punk bands)

    We're everywhere :manny: :umad: Factory Records was a very influential label from Manchester, if you're a fan of any 80's music, you've heard at least one band from that label Mr. Erasmus seems to be on some Al...
  20. H

    What happened to Gen z and the younger Gen in music? The majority of the top music acts in every genre are in their 30s or they are pushing 30

    Hip hop: Travis Scott 32, Drake 36, lil Durk 30, Gunna 30, Kendrick lamar 36, Lil Uzi 28, Nikki Minaj 50, Jcole 36, Kanye West 46, Tyler the Creator 32, Future 39, Metro boomin 29, Post Malone 29 R&B: Beyonce 41, Sza 33, Country: Morgan Wallen 30, Luke Combs 32, Pop: Taylor Swift 33, Selana...