1. JadeB

    Mariah Carey may drop her secret 1995 grunge album soon

    Mariah Carey says we should finally hear her secret 1995 grunge album :whoo:
  2. TreySav

    Using Artificial Intelligence To See How Some Celebrities Would Look Today If They Were Alive

    Michael Jackson This is if he never had plastic surgery Jimi Hendrix John Lennon Bruce Lee Heath Ledger Freddie Mercury They got Freddie looking like Tom Selleck 2Pac Link: “As If Nothing...
  3. Hathaway

    The Decline in Musical Lyricism is Depressing - A Coli Dissertation

  4. Warren Peace

    Post your favorite songs. Good vibes this Sunday morning.

  5. NoirDynosaur

    Congolese Rumba - One of the greatest music from the continent

    One of the most influential genres of African music and dance, Congolese rumba. For your entertainment
  6. It is a mystery

    What's the best song ever?

    Any genre, any era. Straight up best song ever made Whats the coli's consensus? :lupe:
  7. Apprentice

    Tyler, The Creator Speaks On State of Music Discourse

    He speakin facts :hubie: Young nikkas and old nikkas alike I ain’t tryna hear shyt, everything trash
  8. Uchiha God

    Piano brehs drop an impromptu public duet

    I know TLR is largely fukkery, but sometimes we need some moments of brehs just showcasing their talents: :obama::wow:
  9. Mandarin Duck

    Can You Give an Example of Some shyt you did/tried Soley because Hip-Hop Made it Popular?

    First I'd say Rapping in itself. It made me want to explore making my own hip-hop and that's been very therapeutic. Hip-hop has helped me put my thoughts into words and it's helped me better understand myself as a person more through writing lyrics. I'd also say lean if I'm being honest. I...
  10. JadeB

    Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is superior to 95% of the rap albums made in the 90s

    I just completed listening to the album for the ninth time and I am convinced that it shyts on most rap albums released throughout the entire 1990s. The 90s were seen as a golden age for hip hop and rightfully so, but the levels of lyrical depth and production is almost completely unmatched. I...
  11. TheEmpress


    BRUSE WANE PARADIGM SHIFT - OFFICIAL VIDEO By unspoken Truth Bruse Wane goes full on BatMan in the visuals to the official video to his song Paradigm shift. Shot by "Turtle Gang Films".The visuals to the hard hitting single abounds with flashes of Gotham's favorite caped crusader, as Bruse...
  12. JadeB

    Meet the Black woman who created grunge

    Half a decade before Nirvana released their first album, Tina Bell and her band Bam Bam pioneered the combination of punk and heavy rock that would come to define grunge music. Before grunge even had a name or a set of superstars, a 26-year-old Black woman named Tina Bell was giving it a...
  13. Apprentice

    TheColi Summer Playlist

    Summer right around the corner, wanted to make a playlist with posters songs of the summer Peep the poll and let me know which platform would be better to put the playlist together the only rule really is don’t post multiple songs, lots of nikkas on here so just keep it to 1 song also don’t...
  14. JadeB

    Coi Leray auditioned for Euphoria

    COI LERAY REVEALS SHE AUDITIONED FOR HBO'S 'EUPHORIA': 'I WANNA TRY AGAIN' Coi Leray’s debut album may be just around the corner, but she’s also been attempting to kickstart an acting career. During a Twitter Q&A with fans on Wednesday (April 6), the New Jersey rapper revealed she auditioned...
  15. Embrehyo

    Yo...The floorboards in the Club is bending and jumping..WTF

  16. BaileyPark31

    250 Rappers That Died In 2021

    RIP Not all are American. About 10 are women
  17. BaileyPark31

    Stem Player Is Poopity Scoop According To Music Critics

    Kanye West’s Music Player Asks You to Pay $200 to Make His Music Worse Donda 2, only available on the rapper’s Stem Player, is the most bizarre release from a major artist in memory. BY JACK HAMILTON MARCH 02, 20226:10 PM The Stem Player in its tiny, mostly useless glory. Jack Hamilton/Slate...
  18. kinkihairchik

    Songs with amAzing production

    List a song or two of songs with masterpiece beats.:dame: I’ll start with Travis Scott -outside Rich boy- boy looka here Busta rhymes - put ya hands where my eyes can see
  19. TheEmpress


    [NEW] BRUSE WANE NIGHTMARE'S 2 DREAMS FREESTYLE " OFFICIAL VIDEO" Bruse Wane drops a newly polished freestyle over Styles P & Havoc's Night Mares 2 Dreams. In the "official video" for the freestyle Wane goes to work over the melodic and mesmerizing Havoc produced beat. According to Bruse he...