1. The Wolf Among You

    Grade your NFL team’s 2020 Draft

    Justin Herbert - C One of the worst picks we’ve had in a long time. I don’t see what the Chargers see in this guy, I am not confident that he is our star QB. Kenneth Murray - A A great football player, that can come in and make an immediate impact. I hear he’s a great leader and all around good...
  2. FAH1223

    Brian Gutekunst is the most clueless GM in the NFL

    13-3 record, a game away from the Super Bowl... Look at this draft :snoop: Drafting like you were 1-15 :damn: I'm heated :mjcry:
  3. B1G_controversy

    The Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    All predictions, opinions, hot takes, and commentary welcome This is history baby...we'll look back on this thread years from now and either :mjlol: :wow: :mjcry:
  4. P

    You're an NFL GM on the Clock. Would you risk it all on Tua?

    You are an NFL General manager and your job depends on this draft. Are you mortgaging the future on Tua? Or is Tua too much of an injury risk to bet the future on? You would either have to trade up in the first round to get him, or draft him within the top 5 picks. The risk here is that another...
  5. P

    Belichick Vs Brady

    Who do you feel is more responsible for the Patriots dynasty? Do you think this level of success will ever happen again?
  6. P

    "No Refunds" on any sport event tickets leaves fans furious

    Because many of the leagues are postponing instead of canceling games, fans can't get a refund on tickets even if the tickets are for games that should have happened already. Instead most leagues are continuing to say that the games are "Postponed" until a later date. Even if the games are...
  7. CarltonJunior

    XFL QB PJ Walker signs with Carolina Panthers

    Report: XFL's PJ Walker, Panthers Agree to Contract Amid Cam Newton Trade Rumors This is good for the XFL if he can make it past cut day. A lot of players gonna be lining up to join and bet on themselves
  8. dezert_storm

    If every NFL team played a season with their all-time best roster, who would win the SB?

    If all 32 NFL teams played one season with rosters comprised of their all-time best players (including those who played for different teams and best coach in team history) who would win? Imagine that all-time 49ers team :wow: Montana, Lott, Rice, Vernon Davis, Craig/Gore, TO :whoo: or Pats...
  9. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne and NFL player Le'Veon Bell are up to something...

    Last week, Lil Wayne was spotted chopping it up with American football running back Le’Veon Bell. Weezy invited the NFL athlete to his private indoor TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami and also to his private recording studio. You can view some more photos of Tunechi and the New York Jets player...
  10. 315

    NFL Free Agency News & Rumors

    Legal tampering begins in 2 weeks
  11. Aje

    New Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys for 2020

    They need to go back to that creamsicle (pause). The Tampa Bay Bucs ‘heard you’: New uniforms are on the way
  12. BiggWebb79

    NFL creates HBCU combine - HBCU Game Day

    HBCU TO PRO NFL creates HBCU combine The combine will provide an evaluation opportunity and exposure for Draft-eligible HBCU athletes The NFL will conduct its Combine Series, featuring the Regional Combine Invitational (RCI) and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Combine...
  13. Tunechi

    Here is why Lil Wayne says Thank You to a furniture creator

    A furniture maker from Milwaukee by the name of Gib Fortune has paid tribute to Lil Wayne by creating him a custom-made Green Bay Packers couch. The green and gold sofa, which includes colorful lighting and space for champagne, took Gib a total of two days to build. His dream is to see Weezy...
  14. ISO

    NFL Pro Bowlers "One Gotta Go" | Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake, Kendrick picked most

    When the critical acclaim don’t match the love :wow: When ya accolades see thru :damn:“one-gotta-go”-kendrick-vs-drake-vs-j-cole-kendrick-picked-unanimously.726361/
  15. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    NFL to Air Video Featuring Family of Botham Jean During Super Bowl

    The NFL has announced it plans to air a public service announcement featuring the family of Botham Jean during next month’s Super Bowl. The video highlights racial injustices and societal shortfalls that the family of Jean, who was murdered by former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, said...
  16. B

    Watched a backup TE play in a men’s basketball league last night lol y’all can’t check NBA players.

    Tyler Conklin a second year TE for the Minnesota Vikings I guess is back home here in Michigan for his off season. The league is in New Baltimore,MI about 10 minutes away from where he grew up. Our game ended we won 81-68 so I’m changing and I notice for the next teams about to play it’s a big...
  17. portcityplaya

    The Official:All Things 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    NFL Draft order 2020 Since the Senior Bowl started today in the GOAT city where Legends are born and raised figured I'd go head and get it poppin :blessed: Our hopes and dreams can live here :blessed: The seniorbowl is especially interesting this year cause you got some pretty good QBs...
  18. intruder

    NFL going extra fancy for the 2020 draft

    shyt will be on water according to Bleacher Reports... So let's place bets on which team's pick will somehow end up in the water :clap: Edit:
  19. Anerdyblackguy

    According to ESPN Christian Mccaffrey 2019 season was the best RB season this decade.

    :unimpressed: I’m pretty confident Adrian Peterson won the MVP while rushing for 2000 yards.