1. dontreadthis

    UT Legend Cedric Benson has passed away at 36 (motorcycle incident)

    damn :mjcry:
  2. shagnificent belafonte

    Checkmate...Jay z takes same deal....

    .....that he told Jermaine Dupri to turn down....smh But wait it gets worse: Social justice reform wasnt even a part of the original deal, that was Jermaine Dupri's idea.... So neither Jay z or the nfl created this part of the partnership:hhh: Bad camel! :scusthov: BAD!!!!:huhldup:
  3. Optimus Prime

    The NFL and Roc Nation have agreed to a long-term partnership

    NEW YORK -- In a major boost to the NFL's efforts around social justice, Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by iconic rapper, businessman and activist Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, has agreed to lead the league's endeavors in music and entertainment. As part of the surprising long-term...
  4. Sex Luthor

    I never knew Michael Irvin almost caught a body. Jerry Jones saved him

    The year was 1998. The Dallas Cowboys were in training camp at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, Everett McIver, apparently, was caped up and sitting in the barber’s chair, a haircut in progress. In came Michael Irvin, who was none too happy he’d have to wait to have his lines...
  5. NoHateLeftBehind

    what if we settled beefs in the Coliseum by Madden and NBA2k? and FIFA 4 you offbrand soccer nikkas

    I don't know if this idea has been floated before but I think it would be dope, and fun, if posters who hate each other could settle their scores on the sticks? for example, say @CSquare43 and @G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman have beef with @DonKnock and @GoddamnyamanProf (In the interest of...
  6. Ruck

    Which Dynasty do you hate the most?

    All sports. Whether it be professional or amateur/college. Was it envy? Rivalry? Or because motherfukkers was just too good and you just cant stand it! For me, it still the yankees of the 90s with a close second of bama now. And if anybody vote bulls of the 90s i will not hesitate to neg your...
  7. Codeine Bryant

    Seahawks Suspect Russell Wilson Wants Out

    Report: Seahawks suspect Wilson wants to play elsewhere Russell Wilson Wants To Leave Seahawks? Dak for Russ. Do it, Jerry :mjcry:
  8. douche

    Haloti Ngata Retires With Stunning Announcement From The Top Of Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Go big or go home? In this case, he did both. Haloti Ngata left the Lions and went to the Eagles for a season and is now calling his career quits in one of the coolest ways to ever do so -- He announced it while on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ngata captioned his Instagram post, "Just a man standing...
  9. ¯

    NFL Offseason Thread 2019

    New League Year and Free Agency starts next Monday but so far some movement has been made: Flacco to Denver :scust: Foles to Jax :ohhh: Le'Veon looking like he's heading to Jetlife :ehh: AB possibly getting traded sometime this month. (I think to either 9ers or Raiders) :manny: ain't shyt...
  10. KillerB88


  11. Listen

    Reason why Underdogs rarely win in the NBA

    I just came across this Vox video from a year or so back explaining the difference in “luck vs skill” in the 5 major sports. This is pretty dope. Funny how the playoffs change the data and make MLB the most random fueled sport by shrinking the games compared to the regular season.
  12. FAH1223

    Who plays in Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020?

    My best bet Patriots are winning the AFC until Brady/Belli are broken up so you can't bet against them. In the NFC? I think the BEARS got next. Quite frankly, it was a fluke they didn't win a playoff game and they could have messed around for the #1 seed.
  13. Randoug

    NBA clearly has the better Product...WOAT Superbowl

    Look at this trash ass game we just watched brehs. CTE brehs love clowning NBA fans because of Golden State's reign but Patriots have been to the Superbowl 9 times! This is ridiculous