1. Playaz Eyez

    Casey Veggies & Dylvinci - Nostalgia

    Will be the first full length Veggies album I listen to, mostly cause it’s produced by one of my favorite rising producers right now. @ineedsleep212 @Jparker @LevelUp @mrken12 @ThisWorldAintRight @El Jefe @((ReFleXioN)) EteRNaL @THEREALBRAND @Tetris v2.0 @FunkyFresh @Steezy @Ethnic...
  2. humminbird

    What moment in your past has you like...

    for the people who don't get it @Fall From Grace
  3. Westbama Heartthrob

    Post Your Top 5 Albums that Dropped When You Were in High School

    As always, I cant decide the exact order :jbhmm: But I know I would choose
  4. 85 East

    80's, 90's, and early 2000's Nostalgia

    I'm currently working on my 80sFavoriteBabies podcast. Basically going to be a nostalgia podcast, talking about the shyt we grew up on, classic pop culture moments, and moments in history that got us here. I'm thinking my first episode will be on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It set the bar...
  5. Roland Coltrane

    Xmas Day Colorism Cage Match Battle Royale i.e. Paper Bag Slam-Vanessa Williams vs Vanity

    1st off, Merry Christmas :salute: @Kang The Conqueror has some consistently entertaining Babe Battle posts and this is one that I've been thinking about a couple weeks I'm thinking this should be a good one :mjgrin: I lowkey can't choose :ehh: so without further ado, who you got? Vanity or...
  6. Roland Coltrane


    Mods delete
  7. KingBeez

    Do Kids Still Sell Candy/Food in School? Did you?

    Growing up I wanted to have some pocket change, so my mom used to hit the .99 cent store and fill a separate bag full of now and laters, gatorades, gum, and chips to take to school and sell to kids as a way to make money. There used to be serious competition in the schoolyard because more...
  8. M

    The Nostalgia Thread (Post songs that make you reminisce on the old days)

    :wow: this shyt right here I remember watching this in my granny crib on 106 & Park when it was a New Joint. RIP granny :mjcry:
  9. JadeB

    Y'all remember Adult Swim?

    Tik tok has a dope new trend based on old adult swim bumpers and I fukks with it totally A couple repeats btw
  10. B

    I ain’t even gonna front...

    I ain’t even gonna lie Since you walked up in the club, I’ve been giving you the eye. We can dance if you want, get to craccin if you like. Must be a full moon, feels like one of those niiiights. :wow: Brandy was ready to throw the p*ssy on him and she blamed a full moon. Lucky man. :wow...
  11. Ezekiel 25:17

    This game single handedly had me borrowing pencils all school year

    When moms buy you that 30 pack:mjgrin: When you come in the next week with nothing but a nub you found on the floor :mjcry:
  12. You_Ugly_on_Skype

    R&B Windows XP Startup Sound

    This is smooth brehs. :whew: Thought y’all may appreciate this
  13. GilSho

    Ratings are way better with Superteams but the NBA is more entertaining without them

    From the Showtime Lakers & Bird/McHale/Parish Celtics almost singlehandedly saving the NBA to the 90s Bulls taking the sport global. Shaq & Kobe Lakers carrying the League post-MJ to the Heatles/Warriors exploding the sports popularity. The NBA has historically NEEDED Superteams & the ratings...
  14. Kairi Irving

    As a kid I thought every woman had this condition

    I also remember this movie being a lot scarier back in '07 :mjlol:
  15. 2CT

    TSC's BWIW Tourney Grand Finale: Kayla Braxton vs. Naomi vs. Layla El

    after over half a year of fukkery in determining the best from 64 of the baddest wrestling chicks, it's now time for the grand finale championship matchup :blessed: props again to all the prediction contest winners @JQ Legend @Tj Bronson @Tres Leches :salute: props to Kayla and Layla for...
  16. Jean Jacket

    Singles Diamonds - Herb Alpert ft. Janet Jackson

  17. m0rninggl0ry

    Which of these 8 R&B tracks released in ‘01 takes the cake?

    credit: @Everydaythrowback 1. Ginuwine- Differences 2. Usher- U Remind Me 3. 112- It’s Over Now 4. Janet Jackson- All for U 5. Case- Missing U 6. Aaliyah- More than a woman 7. Jon B - Don’t Talk 8. MJB- Family Affair It’s a hard one folks :patrice: But I’m choosing 6:hubie: Reminds...
  18. F

    Im watching Goosebumps on Netflix. This shyt is crazy

    I loved this as a kid the books and the show. Me and my siblings would run during the end credits to see who gets hit by the green slime first The haunted mask :mjlit: stay out the basement,:picard: Slappy :dame: the werewolf one where a kid actually got ate:gladbron: But this show is outta...
  19. BelieveBeOK

    90's brehs, if this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you a straight up demon

    Not a 90's breh (born in 92 but grew up in the 2000's) but this shyt got me damn near choking This nostalgia trip got me thinking of the shyt I'll be reminiscing on when I'm an old breh :to: Come on you demons, show yourselves :damn:
  20. R

    List your favorite songs

    I rediscovered Marvin Gaye through American Dreamin by hov. That sample (Soon I'll Be Loving You Again, dope song) made me checkout the album. I Want You may be most favorite non hip hop album ever. shyt is amazing, sounds so timeless. I like the remix more but the video too legendary brehs...