1. B

    The rise and fall of And1

  2. King Static X

    What was your favorite era of Toonami?

    The Moltar Era (1997-1999) TOM 1.0 Era (1999-2000) TOM 2.0 Era (2000-2004) Tom 3.0 Era (2004-2007) Tom 4.0 Era (2007-2008) Toonami was the GOAT! :wow:
  3. Axolotl

    Do yall remeber your first paycheck? How much was it?

    Summer of 2016:obama: Spent the the first check on a cheap rusty dirt bike:wow:
  4. Member Berries

    Member Berries

  5. scarlxrd

    You remember when cac's lost their mind when GTA: San Andreas was announced?

    I remember. :kobe2: Spin off was needed due to this dumbass post: You sure? :sayword: LINK 2004 CJ character reveal: New GTA:SA Screens :tms_3: :evans: :shrugs: Gangsta culture is boring but she wants a Hell's Angels game? meth cooking sidequests? :tms_5: Anyway, never forget people...
  6. M

    Is it just me or do some beats/instrumentals make you feel extremely nostalgic?

    I don't know why but these beats (and others that I'm forgetting) make me get mad sentimental for whatever reaon:ohhh:
  7. mannyrs13

    Official Black TV Show Tiers Thread

    So I got inspired by one of the brehs in the thread yesterday on parenthood vs hughleys to make a tier thread on black tv shows. It was a post by some breh with nets in his name, sorry I can't recall you and too lazy to go look. Anyways thought it'd be cool to create a thread where everyone can...
  8. yardman

    What's your favorite fashion era in rap?

    I liked seeing everybody wearing Rocawear. Went to school dances in Junior High rocking that shyt. I remember when almost every nikka had on a G-Unit wife beater with the striped straps. Don't get it twisted you could get flamed the fukk up if you rocked 50's G-Unit sneakers. :mjlol:
  9. MoonGoddess


    What are your most profound memories? Things that have shaped your way of thinking, the way you act? Things that made you who you are today? Also do you suffer from nostalgia like I do? :jbhmm:
  10. Kairi Irving

    Habbo Hotel:mjlaugh:

    Anybody remember Habbo hotel? Back in 09 I was a Crip on there we had wars with blood sets, Grove St Families, the 3rd Streets. :mjlol: It got so big once where we all went to an open public room called Club Chromide and the Bloods teamed up with Grove St Gang and the Saints allied with Crips...
  11. B

    Singles So Much In Love>>I Swear

    Even though it wasn't an original song by All-4-One(The Tymes did the original version in 1962), it's the first All-4-One track that I've ever heard, and it just sparks nostalgia in me. First heard it when I was 4, and I still think it's one of the GOAT acapella quartet tracks.
  12. BlackMajik

    Man this song really takes me back to the early 2000s

    Thanks to that early 2000s clothes thread I got bit by the nostalgia bug. Man Ja Rule was on the top of the world back then and this song just reminds me of the summers of the Early 2000s The Jerseys:myman: My baby Ashanti singing the hook :ohlawd: Bobby and Whitney just chillin' on the...
  13. Nymbus

    These old Cartoon Network bumpers

    Just hit me with a wave of nostalgia:banderas::noah: Like those brain tingles you supposed to get from asmr videos "who you callin freak,FREAK:pacspit:" :pachaha: Nick and Disney were harder to find:jbhmm:
  14. ORDER_66

    One has to go and never exist.... :mjcry: Now Choose!!! POLL ADDED

    @MartyMcFly @Ironman What to choose brehs??? :mjcry:
  15. Pinyapplesuckas

    All my 90's kids lets celebrate our flabbynsickness

    :flabbynsick: It feels like it was just yesterday some of this shyt :mjcry: So many toys i had :blessed: So many that i never got :upsetfavre:
  16. OVORay78

    Funny High School Stories??

    Anybody got some funny ass stories from High School?
  17. Trill McClay

    Majora's Mask Short

    Link to Article: That nostalgia.
  18. BlackAchilles

    Gaston from Beauty and the Beast's swag ...

    ... Was on a hunnid thousand trillion: Picture one of these pencil-necked geek millennials having the whole local pub ready to sing their praises :wow:
  19. SirReginald

    VOTING POLL: Would Yall Want To See Sega Back In The CONSOLE Game? (Why Or WHY NOT?)

    I know it almost put them out put that time period was piff :banderas: Mainly it's nostalga, but I would love to see shyt like this again. However, I know they are caking more now by doing multi party platforms, then just being exclusive. Plus, I heard rumors years ago that they planned to...
  20. Govana

    What are the most nostalgic/heartfelt lyrics to you?

    What are the lyrics that have you thinking like:ohhh: Because they speak to your soul. The type of lyrics that will have you reminiscing on life, or even thinking on the future. :ahh: For me it's a line from Damian Marley........... All of his verses on this are :banderas: But lets focus on...