1. FluffyEyes

    Andre 3000 wife is stalking fans???

    So this is weird and I'm not sure that it's her doing it but a few 3Stack fans have been getting harassed in their emails and DMs after posting Andre. His wife is an Asian woman named April and the person goes out of their way to mention her and be racist as hell on top of it Some examples
  2. N*E*R*D

    5 MIC Rap Songs that will never be topped...best of the genre

    Ok, My Mind Playing Tricks On Me is classic thru and thru. A tale of basically having to watch your back in retaliation for what you did to someone. Easy topic and concept to follow for even the most casual rap fan. Which is why I think it's a perfect 10/10 record. Scarface is horrifyingly...
  3. Chris Cool

    You can now stay at The Dungeon, Big Boi lists it on Airbnb

    Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Cabins, Beach Houses, Unique Homes & Experiences :francis: Judging from the pictures, he made it to outkast centric imo.
  4. raidersreceiver

    Ascot to match the socks, what's in your Speakerboxxx?

    Similar vibe to "The way you move" I feel like this song is better tho. fukk happened to rap?
  5. Cadillac

    Anyone here listen to Spottieottiedopaliscious instrumental version more than the actual song?

    love this joint and alot of times when i listen to it, i dont even listen to the actual track i listen to the instrumental a dope song to listen to when you working:wow: way its created you would think Kast did this on purpose to make a song that you would just want to hear the production:jbhmm:
  6. Playaz Eyez

    OutKast Stands Up For The South After Being Boo'd At The 1995 Source Awards | Hip Hop Awards 2020

  7. Chris Cool

    Stankonia 20 years appreciation thread

    20 years. :flabbynsick: Goat kast song. :yeshrug: :bryan: Do you reallllaaayyy?!? :whew:
  8. Chris Cool

    Dre was like, “Nah, I’m going to do my shyt. Big, you do whatever you want to do.”

    Link for full interview with outkast dj, Cutmaster Swiff. Tour Tales | DJ Cutmaster Swiff talks pre-fame Outkast, Prince giving Andre show advice, and the duo’s legacy
  9. Playaz Eyez

    Slick Rick Shows Off His Insane Jewelry

  10. FAH1223

    RO-NA! (Outkast Hey Ya! Parody)

  11. I'm Blackman

    Wu Tang VS Outkast Versus

    Who yall got? I love the Wu.. I'm a BIG fan. Legendary in every sense of the word. But Kast Goat group to me, so nothing else to be said. :yeshrug: Who yall got?
  12. ProductoIlicito

    André 3000 - Guest Appearances [Mixtape]

    Tracklist: 01. Thought Process (feat. Goodie Mob) 02. Dez Only 1 (feat. Witchdoctor) 03. SmokeFest 1999 (feat. Phil The Agony, Tash Big Boi & B-Real) 04. Sole Sunday (feat. Goodie Mob) 05. It's OK (feat. Slimm Calhoun) 06. Nectarine (feat. Cherokee) 07. Boogie Man (feat. Big Gipp) 08...
  13. Tunechi

    Young Thug listening and rapping along to Lil Wayne's verse off Outkast's "Hollywood Divorce"

    Young Thug recently shared a video of himself listening and rapping along to Lil Wayne‘s classic verse on OutKast’s “Hollywood Divorce” single. With a snippet of an unreleased collaboration from the two surfacing online a few days ago, do you think that they could be putting their past beef...
  14. AlbertPullhoez

    Who had the best verse on Git Up, Git Out?

    Always wondered this. Used to think Andre just ran away with it when I was younger but I dont know now:jbhmm: Cee-Lo set it off with one of the best opening verses ever :wow: Gipp came thru with that gangsta shyt plus some social commentary for you to think about :obama: Andre ran laps on...
  15. djfilthyrich

    Outkast's "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik' turns 25 today

    This album was a game-changer IMO. The south was getting overlooked (for the most part) by everybody, until this album turned everybody's heads. Organized Noize killed it on the production. Should've been 5 mics....this is a straight classic with no weak tracks. Y'all agree? I also...
  16. N*E*R*D

    Best Hip Hop Album from 1998

    I think Juvenile 400 Degreez still sounds the best out of all the albums that came out that year. :ohlawd:
  17. 19-

    Happy 20th Birthday to two of my favorite Hip Hop albums

    :ahh: its stupid how good the 90s were :mindblown: two classics like this on the SAME DAMN DAY :wtf:
  18. RolandColtrane

    Bar for Bar who's the better emcee? Jadakiss or Andre 3000

    so I was checking out this DJ Delz Jadakiss Jacking for Beats mixtape and that nikka is :whew: I'm a underground backpacker type nikka but I always fukked with Jada pretty tough :smugbiden: The Champ is Here 3 was :wow: this post was inspired by what Sway said at the beginning of this...
  19. I AM GDN

    Biggie and Drunk ass Diddy performing at Outkast's picnic in 94

    Super throwback of Biggie out in the ATL performing. Check out Puffy's drunk ass in the beginning while they are being interviewed by Chaka (DTP)....Dude has always acted strange when he was intoxicated...kind of suspect if you ask me. Enjoy and Dap up to show love brehs