1. Roland Coltrane

    Bar for Bar who's the better emcee? Jadakiss or Andre 3000

    so I was checking out this DJ Delz Jadakiss Jacking for Beats mixtape and that nikka is :whew: I'm a underground backpacker type nikka but I always fukked with Jada pretty tough :smugbiden: The Champ is Here 3 was :wow: this post was inspired by what Sway said at the beginning of this...
  2. I AM GDN

    Biggie and Drunk ass Diddy performing at Outkast's picnic in 94

    Super throwback of Biggie out in the ATL performing. Check out Puffy's drunk ass in the beginning while they are being interviewed by Chaka (DTP)....Dude has always acted strange when he was intoxicated...kind of suspect if you ask me. Enjoy and Dap up to show love brehs
  3. Bigblackted4

    Big Boi or 8 Ball

    Who is better? Speaking skill: lyrics, storytelling, Chrisma, flow, etc. 8 Ball Big Boi For me it’s 8ball, there is not to many southern rappers I think are better.
  4. BelieveBeOK

    Come listen to the cleanest trumpets you'll ever hear in your life

  5. Playaz Eyez

    Mystikal f/ Outkast - Neck Uv Da Woods

    That Damn Neck Uv Da Woods :wow::wow: Rap City '99
  6. Majestic


  7. HustlerOfVirginiA

    Andre 3000 - The Greatest Rapper Of All Time


    Georgia Tech is Now Offering a Course on Outkast and the Evolution of Trap Music

    Did you know that Georgia Tech now has a course on trap music and Outkast? Yes, that is right, Georgia Tech University is offering a course for its students this semester called “Exploring the Lyrics of Outkast and Trap Music to Explore Politics of Social Justice.” Atlanta hip hop scholar Dr...
  9. sparksparks

    Let's Settle it Once and for All: The Best Double Disc Album of All-Time

    What's the best? You can vote based on the music itself, the impact it had, consistency, classic tracks or just a combination of different things. I don't want ya'll to just vote something because you like one artist a lot or because you dislike another artist. Give some good reasoning behind...
  10. DANJ!

    "NEW" MIX: DJ DANJ with #TBT: NINESIXshyt... pt. 1!!

    self-explanatory, right?? 1- Killing Me Softly- The Fugees, 2- If I Ruled The World- Nas w/ Lauryn Hill, 3- How Do U Want It- 2Pac, 4- Hit 'Em Up- 2Pac, 5- Get Money (rmx)- B.I.G., 6- No Time-Lil' Kim, 7- No One Else (rmx)- Total w/ Foxy Brown & Lil' Kim, 8- Foxy's Bells- Foxy Brown, 9- Cold...
  11. Chris Cool

    "I just did a record for outkast" - Gucci Mane

  12. The Gimp

    Drake bringing Outkast on stage is a problem for the industry

    Basically he cosigned by legends in every major city NYC, LA, Miama, Chicago, Detroit, and soon ATL He might also bring out T.I. :yeshrug: Drake get love on every coast and he making Buddens and Meek irrelevant :francis:
  13. Chris Cool

    Outkast - Idlewild 10 Year anniversary appreciation thread

    I know the soundtrack is viewed as the redheaded stepchild of an otherwise flawless discography, but i fukk with it.:manny: I can understand people not liking dre's contributions, they were a little more tied into the the movie. Big boi's contributions were almost as good as any outkast...
  14. Inspect Her Deck

    Big Boi Appreciation Thread

    It's enough that Andre 3000 gets damn near all the credit for OutKast's success. I present to you the better half of OutKast, and one of the kings of the South! Damn near ran the show on Southernplayalistic and ATLiens. Released a superior album out of the double albums with Speakerboxxx...
  15. HustlerOfVirginiA

    DJ Drama - The Art of Storytellin' Pt. 4 (feat. Outkast & Marsha Ambrosius)

    From '07. Still don't understand why they chose that beat and hook :snoop: Dope verses tho
  16. avon barksdale

    who copy who? Outkast vs luniz

    looking at both videos 20 years later idk who copy who... :patrice:
  17. Inspect Her Deck

    Classics Discussion: OutKast

    Ok so some of y'all will be familiar with a project I'm deciding to run. I made this thread: The Official 'Classic Album' Discussion Thread, trying to reach a conclusion as to what defines a classic album. After much discussion, I am running with this definition personally, so take it as you...

    OutKast & Big Rube in "Phobia"

  19. mobbinfms

    Was 1996 the Peak of Rhyming? Free Daps & Reps

    I would never say that 96 was the greatest year in hip hop. For me that would be 95 (with 94 coming in second). I know others would point to 88. But this thread is just about the rhyme side of things. Check the resume: Nas - yeah, It Was Written wasn't as good as Illmatic, but Nas' pen...
  20. T

    Spottieottiedopaliscious trumpet vs T.R.O.Y. saxophone

    This isn't about lyrics, flow, or the rappers. This is only a battle of which instrument on which track hits you the most. Both of these are timeless tracks :banderas: :blessed: Thank God for hip hop