1. Chris Cool

    Big Boi x Phantogram= Big Grams EP coming September 25 *first single added*

    Big Grams: 01 Run for Your Life 02 Lights On 03 Fell In The Sun 04 Put It On Her 05 Goldmine Junkie 06 Born To Shine [ft. Run the Jewels] 07 Drum Machine [ft. Skrillex] Big Boi and Phantogram Announce Big Grams EP, Featuring Run the Jewels and Skrillex
  2. M

    SMH...it is as if OutKast never existed in Atlanta

    The lyrics of these new age ATL rappers :scust:. All they rely on is beat and a catchy hook.. None come anywhere near Big Boy and Andre when it comes lyrics.
  3. FreshAIG

    Andre 3000 gets all the props that actually Big Boi deserves

    It's disgusting how Big Boi doesn't get the respect that Andre does, when he does everything people want from Andre He released two solo rap albums that are great, yet nikkas still sucking Andre dikk when he out here acting like a shook one too scared to drop a solo rap album because he knows...
  4. Mad Good Dro

    {Throwback} Outkast Ft Slimm Calhoun, C-Bone & T-Mo Goodie Of Goodie Mob - Gangsta shyt

  5. FreshAIG

    ATLiens vs. Hell on Earth

    Which album is better to you?
  6. Video: Lollapalooza 2014 (Nas, Outkast, Em, RHQ Performances)

    http://www.lollapalooza.com/ or watch the live stream on xbox live with the redbull app
  7. BlackMajik

    Official OutKast Coachella Thread

    Outkast full set: A$AP Ferg full set: Someone give me the hookup
  8. MINT

    BBC crowns Stankonia (Outkast) the greatest hip hop album of the 21th century

    Don't be mad because this is the truth :umad: