police brutality

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    Man on motorbike dies after NYPD officer throws picnic cooler at him, knocking him to the ground, New York AG says

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-motorbike-dies-nypd-officer-throws-cooler-ag-says-rcna101750 Man on motorbike dies after NYPD officer throws picnic cooler at him, knocking him to the ground, New York AG says By Mark Morales and Zoe Sottile, CNN Published 2:24 PM EDT, Fri August 25...
  2. Ziggiy

    Police in Kenosha at it again…Attack and Assault Black Man In Applebees As He’s Holding Newborn Baby

  3. Westbama Heartthrob

    Man, fukk these South Mississippi Cops

  4. NoirDynosaur


    On this day in 1958, Jeremiah Reeves, was executed via electric chair by the state of Alabama after police tortured him into giving a false confession as a 16-year-old child.
  5. DrBanneker

    James Baldwin on Black cops

    With all the think pieces and sometimes duplicitous rhetoric around the fact that Tyre Nichol's police killers were Black, it is interesting to see what James Baldwin had to say on this almost 40 years ago. The book, The Evidence of Things Not Seen actually got re-released this year (see link on...
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    Cop arrests black couple after mistakenly accusing them of fighting

  7. Alix217

    Cop Headshots Man Carrying an Axe

    SMH, isn't there an alternative to just headshotting someone?
  8. Hathaway

    KKKops Jump Inmate While He's in his Cell

    Developing story as of now. I'm so sick of these mfs man.
  9. TreySav

    Texas police officer who shot and wounded a 17-year-old sitting in his car eating a hamburger has been fired

    These cops, brehs :francis: :picard:
  10. DatLBCGuy562

    LA Breh Goes Heads Up With Two Pigs 🐽…..

  11. Sleepy Floyd

    Colorado police officers leave squad car parked on train tracks WITH SUSPECT STILL IN THE BACK SEAT.

    This is truly demonic. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/video-train-hits-police-car-woman-handcuffed-back-seat-fort-lupton-colorado/#app :mjtf: "Suspended with pay" They edited the video before posting it. They tried to kill her.
  12. Franklin Clinton

    Breh shot to death by police in Streatham, London

    Chris Kaba: Man shot dead by police in Streatham named :francis:
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    Alternatives to Police and Prisons: Activists Share How to Better Address Violence

    https://www.teenvogue.com/story/alternatives-to-police-prisons "Punitive systems only create more cycles of trauma and violence.” BY TEEN VOGUE STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY BY NYIA SISSAC AUGUST 18, 2022 The backlash against criminal justice reform is in full swing. The progressive district attorney...
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    He reported his supervisor choking a handcuffed man. Then he was fired.

    https://www.wbtv.com/2022/08/08/he-reported-his-supervisor-choking-handcuffed-man-then-he-was-fired/ WBTV Investigates: Lincoln Co. deputy speaks out about excessive force as DA stalls SBI investigation By Nick Ochsner Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 4:05 PM EDT|Updated: 16 hours ago LINCOLNTON...
  15. Alix217

    Inbred Kansas Pig Cop Shoots Fellow Cop by Accident THEN EXECUTES a Suspect

    Kansas City Police officer shoots fellow cop when intending to shoot the suspect named Malcolm Johnson. She then incorrectly thinks the gunshot came from the suspect shooting and proceeds to shoot him twice killing him. KCPD tried to cover this up until video show was released.
  16. C

    Joe Biden Says It's Time to Fund the Police; Stop the Defunding Talk

    “We should all agree the answer is to not defund the police, it’s to fund the police!” :skip: Watch this reel by msnbc on Instagram
  17. Theraflu

    Group Of Black Girls Accused Of Stealing & Laughed At By Police At Camelback Ski Resort, PA (PHOTOS)

    The video is about 6 minutes so I’ll give cliffs: Went on a girls trip to Poconos ski resort in PA. When activities were completed, and they sat down to eat, a cop and the manager of the ski gear shop accused them of stealing. Initially thought it was a joke until it got serious. The store...
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    Jail Time For An “Imaginary Crime”: It’s Almost Impossible To Overdose Just By Touching Fentanyl,

    Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands Jail Time For An “Imaginary Crime”: It’s Almost Impossible To Overdose Just By Touching Fentanyl, But People Are Being Locked Up For It Anyway Lindsey Ellefson Wed, January 5, 2022, 10:25 AM·15 min read Every year, police officers claim to have...
  19. CrownHeights

    Cop Savagely Stomps breh in the face for "resisting"

    Two different angles of the same moment, captured by IMPD body cameras during an arrest last month on Monument Circle have led to one officer facing felony charges. According to court documents, Sgt. Eric Huxley, who has spent 14 years with IMPD and is assigned to the downtown district, has...
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    Yet Another Instance of Police Brutality...