1. DrexlersFade

    Nikkas know the Lyrical Molesting is taking place???

    That is all and oh yeah B.I.G.:dame: :pacspit:
  2. Aje

    Biggie & Timbaland?

    Did Biggie (or Puff) ever talk about possibly working with Timbaland? That Ginuwine album dropped in Fall '96, so Big was still around. He obviously had to be familiar with Tim's work - even if it was just "Pony". I wonder if Big would've f*cked with Tim's beats. How Big would've sounded on a...
  3. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Puffy has gotten away with too much slick shyt on TV.

    what kinda challenge is this?!! Gucci wtf by YBG posted Nov 13, 2018 at 12:53 PM Mj dammit lol by YBG posted Nov 8, 2020 at 9:51 AM
  4. Mtt

    the infamous Bad Boys mix tape when Puffy adlibs dissing PAC

    hey, i loved bad boys and death row music. i personally dont care about all the silliness foolery that hurt the hip hop world its was sad really. but one thing for sure. hate it or not puffy worked the media to his favor. you see the bullying strong arm tactics suge did got him black balled...
  5. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane Pays Homage To Andre Harrell

    Bruse Wane Pays Homage To His Home Town Native Andre Harrell After ... Bruse Wane took time out to pay homage to Andre Harell on his last installment of "Bruse Wane" Live. Andre Harrelle and Wane hail from the same home town The 'Bronxdale" Houses located in the Soundview section of The Bronx...
  6. Take that wow dance

    Take that wow dance

  7. Dog Based Gremlin

    "The Purge on USA" Season 2 TSC Thread (Tuesdays 9pm)

  8. Aje

    You See How They F'ed Up "Machine Gun Funk" on Remastered RTD?!

    The hook sounds like sh*t and boring - and the WORST thing: the remastered version is the only streaming version of the album on Apple Music. Thank GOD I still have the MP3s of the OG in the cloud. :smh: Remastered Version OG I guess it was some sampling issues?
  9. The Gimp

    What happened to dude that elbowed Suge at the source awards?

    I’m not up on west coast hip hop like that so I’m not sure who this dude was. He a artist on death row or just a groupie? This nicca Suge a bozo. Stuttering on stage cuz he know what he bout to say gon anger the gawd Puffy and get the shooters after him. Then he so anxious to get off stage...
  10. John Hull

    This Papoose Hardest Track To Me

    Whole album was flames but I like this song, btw who he gettin at on here? :ohhh:...:mjlit:
  11. luckyse7enz

    Quoting hip-hop lyrics in your daily life...

    So, I work in education and am currently doing summer school. I've got about 60 students or so. I do a LOT of grading on the daily, but it's been pretty easy because these kids handle their business. Pretty often, I'll find myself with scores in the 90's.... I noticed today that every time I...
  12. King Karim

    Puff Daddy finally admits that Biggie wrote a response diss to Tupac bc of Hit em Up

    good candid piece by Puff
  13. King Static X

    Biggie & Puff at Howard University Homecoming 1995

    Rest in Power to the one and only!
  14. thephatmack

    Who is the LUCKIEST Successful rapper ever?

    Everybody has an ounce of luck, because even the talent needs to be spotted and have a bit of social media / marketing savy.. However who is really lucky!!!?? (And these guys are multi millionaires / billionaires) Here is my list: 1, 50 cent. Yes he was doing ok and wasn't a bad rapper, he...
  15. willnubu

    Late 90's Bad Boys Type Beat FL Studio 1

    Just keeping it simple, but still trying to be creative with limitations. This is my version of what that Bad Boys records sound was in the Late 90's. I made it in FL Studio 1 (fruity loops). Constructive feedback is appreciated.
  16. King Karim

    Who killed Tupac?

    iknow this question is cliche' but since tupac is such a trending topic now and we got a whole new generation of fans and opinions.......I think this is a fair question now
  17. Murkman

    Red and Blue Pill Discuss A Segment Of How Puff Wasn't Able To End Lil' Kim's Career

    You know, certain things in this industry of Hip-Hop are almost esoteric when you ask yourself oblivious shyt like: ":jbhmm: If all these artists been screwed over by (so-and-so record label exec) one-by-one on the same roster, how did they ("X" = exception to the rule) avoid the same fate...
  18. R.O. Double

    Puffy Really Had Dudes Singing To Eachother? :mjlol:

    I never watched this season of Making The Band. nikkas was doing R&B battles on that shyt on there. :gucci: nikkas was looking suspect in this hilarious ass video. :russ: :hhh:
  19. Aje

    When Pharoahe Monch Writes for Puff = Dope

    Puffy definitely memorized that reference track. Sounds exactly like Monch on both these tracks. Havoc killed this beat, btw
  20. M

    Puffy Addresses The Notorious B.I.G.'s Daughter Blasting Him On Twitter

    ***Starts at 6:33