1. President Sakora

    Black Real Estate Developers -"our money is not as impactful w/ politicians'

    watch the whole thing. -Economic parity -Economic representation -black agenda -vote based on policy not political party only way is economic freedom and that requires demanding it from your politicians. sometimes you gotta do business with your historical enemy to get ahead. stop allowing...
  2. B

    Is it forbidden in the wrestling industry to use the words "Real" & "Fake"?

    You hardly ever hear it. In podcasts, in YouTube interviews, a lot of wrestling dorks on the internet, & I take it it's like that backstage too. So let's say if Angelo Dawkins gets into it with somebody does he have to say "I'm a shoot nıgga fam, keep that work shıt from round me."? Or do...
  3. President Sakora

    Attraction, Aligned goals & common interests, Sexual Compatability

    Without these three factors in common, your relationship CANNOT last. Scratch that, will not last. Discuss.
  4. Rhapscallion Démone

    50 Cent's pettiness knows no bounds lol

    Someone posted a clip of JaRule performing at a house party and he in the comments trolling lol
  5. Ahadi

    16 Women Compete for 6 Men

    Damn even the Asian got picked over breh
  6. Rhapscallion Démone

    Tahiry said she tired of the fakeness

    And feelings were caught
  7. Balla

    Tat my name on you girl so I know it's real

    Starts at 7:55 Girl got his youtube name tatted on her after 3 weeks.
  8. Jody Lo

    Albums Bars!!!!

    Substance 2: Bars For Spotify Jody Lo brings us the long awaited Substance 2 today so I guess it's tme to see if this album can stand as strong as the singles did. The intro; Bars was an extremely impressive one, slow flow lyrical. 9 songs on this album...
  9. Drizzy Convict

    The Game with the greatest quote EVER

    The Game was asked about Rich the kid situation and 21 savage pulling out the strap at the party and he basically said, there are two options in the hood, you either have a gun or you don't. If you have one, you can survive, if you don't have one, you can die. The worst thing you get if you have...
  10. Bart simpson

    Human or sex doll guess which one...

    Which one is a sex doll and which one is real... Technology is scary :francis:
  11. LightSkinYeshua

    Post some new R&B... none of that R&B rap shyt tho

    Just discovered this nikka. He dope warning: NSFW- Cacs but that shyt bumps
  12. Bart simpson

    BK vs McDonald's

    It's getting real in these streets :mjlol:X:mjcry:
  13. Sindicated

    To all the Swirlers,LSAers and Black Male haters.

    Why do you come here to be around the same people you claim to hate, you do realize theres 100s of cac male dominated forums where you should have no issue finding a white man why dont you create an account there, and leave us ashy, problematic kneegroes alone.
  14. CodeBlaMeVi

    Two Chicks Want To Get Married After Getting Pregnant By Married Man

    Just watch the video. I am lost for words that this is real.
  15. JerseyBoy23

    Do These First 2 Rounds Prove That LeBron Is The Real MVP?

    I know this a recency effect but seeing the Spurs blowout the Rockets without Kawhi, Russ going out in the first round and Harden disappearing in an elimination game has led me to one conclusion. The real MVP is LeBron. Now I know the votes are already in so it's a moot point but do you think...
  16. M

    Triple OG! Real Black man Stops a Fight Between Brehs, While Everyone else Just Records & instigates

    :mjcry:he aint never lied about how people supposed to be your friends laughing an d joking and hyping beef just for they entertainment :stopitslime:- and all them lil thots standing around aint worth impressing at all-:hhh: #Realest nikka of the Year award goes to: Ahki in tha video dropping...
  17. J.E.T.S

    That moment in life when you realized that "shyt just got real."...

    I was eating my side piece kat out in the car. I accidentally dailed wifey while leaning over. I kept hearing what I thought was yelling nearby outside... :snoop:
  18. #1 pick

    I heard of a lot of African Hip Hop but Zimbabwe might be the best at

    Yep, this includes Nigeria, South Africa, etc. @3Rivers @Supercoolmayo Gif :.42 :dead: @King Booker @Northern Son @3rdWorld @Clean Cut
  19. Londilon

    Michael Jackson was a real one

  20. M

    CLASSIC MOMENT: The Real World Seattle- The Slap Heard ROund Tha World

    :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: BONUS: Video of CT (from the Challenge) giving Steven a hard time YEARS LATER at some MTV function with other casts Looking bacc I feel bad for Steven because he was CLEARLY gay- :francis: but was on TV about 10-15 years too early b4 it became "the norm" Nowadays he...