1. Sex Luthor

    If this was a perfect world and some one asked you this what would you say?

    Say you found the perfect partner and they lived by YOUR idea of what a man and a woman is supposed to do in a relationship. In your world what is the role of the man and what is the woman responsible for? If somebody asked you to describe your perfect gender roles in a relationship how would...
  2. DatLBCGuy562

    Old Man Tyrese Trying To Shame His Early Twenties IG “Girlfriend” Into Being A Wife While She Yearns For Her Natural Habitat….

    …the streets :mjgrin: Why can’t dudes just age gracefully out chea? I’m around Tyrese’s age and I already know. Dating any woman under the age of 30 is gonna be nothing but headache and frustration. This dude hasn’t learned this by now?:what: We all love the feeling of some pristine, tight...
  3. Pdiddy

    I was on pineapple dating show tonight

  4. D'Angelo Barksdale

    Here's a little update on me and my girlfriend (former best friend) since y'all keep asking...

    YES. WE HAD SEX. RAW and emotionally INTENSE SEX. We both looked each other in the eyes as we climaxed at the same time. Her eyes were a bit watery with happy tears slowly running down her face while I was just gazed at how beautiful she looked, we then kissed and cuddled afterwards. It Was...
  5. Pdiddy

    I Pulled Five Women In a Row-- Quick Breakdown of How

    It is what it is :yeshrug: You can too.
  6. Pdiddy

    Pimp of the Year: Showing Coli Dorks How to Meet Women

    No offense to the real ones :mjlit:
  7. Pdiddy

    I'm Live

  8. Pdiddy

    Going Live @ 7pm est

    inviting all real g's...:ufdup:no fukkboys
  9. Bossyyyyy

    p*ssy Not Everything

    It’s more to life
  10. Sex Luthor

    How would you handle this situation? (Dating situation)

    Say you and a girl you're attracted to are hitting it off and everything is going good. Y'all are dating so you're talking almost every day and going out once a week. She's feeling you just as much as you're feeling her. Y'all are talking one day and she brings up religion. What she believes in...
  11. Mufasa Ahadi

    How many brehs “settled” for their girlfriend / wife? Do you regret it?

    :jbhmm: Add the age that you “settled” & if you made good money or not.
  12. Pdiddy

    Perky Tidday Chick Giving Me the Digits

  13. Pdiddy

    Pulling Chick with Big Tiddays-:)

  14. DatLBCGuy562

    Are Mexican Men The Biggest Group Of Simps Around?

    This is just pathetic :russ:
  15. DatLBCGuy562

    Tik Tok Simp Murders Cheating Wife And Her Lover In San Diego Highrise

    You’re a social media “influencer”. Young with money, hundreds of women willing to take her place. Now, because you’re an overly emotional fakkit who couldn’t keep the shyt playa, divorce her ass and partake in all of the p*ssy at your disposal, you’ll be riding a cock carousel and giving up...
  16. Pdiddy

    Cold Approach Gone Wrong "You're Slipping On Your Pimpin"

    Called out for weak game. She got me, but I vow to become a champion. :mjlol:
  17. Neuromancer

    Spin: why don't women (and men) who want commitment deal those who also want it?

    Spin of this thread. Why don't the young men (and women) who aren't having sex seeking each other out? I'm on dating sites and women on them are always saying no hookups, I'm tried of playing games ect. So why not go after men who are also relationship minded, who want a woman in their life...
  18. Rell Lauren

    Ethically non monogamous relationships and why are men falling for it?

    I created this topic because I recently began using the apps just to see what's up locally. In the handful of days I've been using it, I've seen the term ENM pop up more than I would have liked. Upon research it means ethically non monogamous. What it basically means is that the woman can see...
  19. Bossyyyyy

    So Yall Really not gon get Married?

    Or is #GMB just a Coli saying? :jbhmm: Personally I wanna get married. I want to have kids, I really enjoy my girl, and also think being old and alone just seems wack, whether you got $$ or not. Told my girl me n her gon get married under God, not the government. It was funny after I said...
  20. Neuromancer

    If you don't want to pay for dates....

    Shouldn't you just find a woman who will ask you out so she has to pay? :jbhmm: