1. Rell Lauren

    Ethically non monogamous relationships and why are men falling for it?

    I created this topic because I recently began using the apps just to see what's up locally. In the handful of days I've been using it, I've seen the term ENM pop up more than I would have liked. Upon research it means ethically non monogamous. What it basically means is that the woman can see...
  2. Bossyyyyy

    So Yall Really not gon get Married?

    Or is #GMB just a Coli saying? :jbhmm: Personally I wanna get married. I want to have kids, I really enjoy my girl, and also think being old and alone just seems wack, whether you got $$ or not. Told my girl me n her gon get married under God, not the government. It was funny after I said...
  3. Neuromancer

    If you don't want to pay for dates....

    Shouldn't you just find a woman who will ask you out so she has to pay? :jbhmm:
  4. kwazzy100

    I don't see the problem with cutting off from people. Others seem to disagree with me.

    In situations where you don't think a certain person(s), whether it's a ex, a "friend", or someone you associate with during a weekly basis, treats you in a way you want to be treated, I don't see a problem having little to no contact at all. However, I would say I haven't always thought like...
  5. Bossyyyyy

    Playing Madden or UFC for Bread

    Taking bets $50 and up. I’m on PS4 Let’s get right
  6. Neuromancer

    The joys of dating an up front woman.

    No having to read any signals No having to guess at what she means. The open communication. It's a dream fellas. Holla if ya here me. WOOOOOO :blessed:
  7. DatLBCGuy562

    Are You Slower To Cut Off A Woman If She's A Certafiable Dime?

    Or do you have a one size fits all mentality? As far as me, anyone can get it :ufdup: Don't matter how you look. If you have a fukked up attitude, ask me for money too soon or too often once we're exclusive, have a sneaky aura, shut down when you're upset, rude to staff or customer service...
  8. Mr anansi

    Attraction, Aligned goals & common interests, Sexual Compatability

    Without these three factors in common, your relationship CANNOT last. Scratch that, will not last. Discuss.
  9. Bossyyyyy

    Trust in relationships in 2020

    To y’all in relationships, do you find it to be possible? What did it take to get to that point? personally i can only genuinely trust a few people, but for whatever reason my significant other is not fully one of them. it’s not because of anything she did or anything like that but I just can’t...
  10. Bossyyyyy

    All women are cheaters?

    Do you believe all women cheat? If so, what led you into this belief? Have you been cheated on personally? women, do you feel this way about men?
  11. Bossyyyyy

    What y’all do to keep from busting fast ?

    What do y’all do? Strategies? Techniques? After Covid season up you know the shorties gon be on the prowl, this May be advice you need as well.
  12. Bossino

    HONEST QUESTION: Are You Comfortable With Getting Old & Dying Alone?

    I'm curious, it's probably been asked before and I realized midway through high school, I'm fine without a SO or children and if I can't get it on my terms it's simply not happening. Given the discourse on dating/relationships on this site, I wanna see where people stand as well as their...
  13. Mufasa Ahadi

    Question for brehs who are pawging or with non-black significant other

    Just want to know how you’re feeling during these times with all of the mayhem and craziness going on in the world. Do you resent your partner? Do you ever feel like breaking up? Or frustrated with them? Or are you able to separate this from them (They could be foreign, but not American) This...
  14. Bossyyyyy

    Paying Bills in a Relationship... thoughts?

    How do a lot of you in relationships manage bills especially when you live together? The replies here kinda surprised me. There were even people saying that if they pay half, they shouldn’t be surprised if they’re sharing their woman (lol). Personally, I think splitting everything down the...
  15. Homey the clown

    Coli brehs are ya'll still kissing your girl with this Cov 19 virus out ?

    And if you are is it a quick peak on the lips, a kiss on the check or is it all out tonsil hockey ? Just wondering because kissing is big part of a normal relationship between a Male and a female. It's strange how this virus has taken away some of the things we take for granted away. I can't...
  16. Bossyyyyy

    What Would You Do? #GMB

  17. Mr. Goodbar

    Bruhs who got a woman in their was it when she asked you to come watch her lingerie shop?

    To clarify, my girl wants me to come with her Saturday to watch her pick out sexy lingerie outfits so I can be the judge and tell :shaq: :wow:
  18. Mr. Goodbar

    Is it my responsibility to intrude/call the police if I hear my neighbors arguing and fighting?

    My next-door neighbors (an interracial lesbian couple) occasionally be having argumentive fights that sometimes carry out into the street. Last week the white chick was crying on the porch with her personal belongings thrown to the curb, talking to her fam about being smacked in the face over a...
  19. Neuromancer

    Do you think men will start looking at women for their resources

    Instead of for their looks in the near future? You know start looking at them the way they do us? Does she have a good job Is she in debt? What kind of car does she drive? What sort of connections does she have? How much does she make? Can she pay the bills? I mean in larger quantities? Not...
  20. JadeB

    Have a date with a girl who is looking for a FWB can I beat out competition?

    So, I was on reddit and I saw this post of a girl whose desiring a FWB situation. I DM'd her and now I have a date on Friday with her. The only problem is, that 4 or 5 guys or girls (she's bi) already commented on her page. How can I beat out the competition I'm facing?Any advice? Btw, I know...