1. Mufasa Ahadi

    Why do women need closure?

    What’s the point? Can’t you just leave things alone?
  2. Neuromancer

    Brehs in realtionships: What do you value most in a woman?

    I find myself valuing my girlfriend's tenderness and willingness to both admit that She's wrong and be able to actually explain something to me when She's correct and not be obnoxious about it. What about you all?
  3. ShaneTheRogue

    What's the perfect relationship for you?

    I'm curious about what y'all would choose it may help me make an important decision in my life. If you had the ability to have any type of romantic relationship how would it be? Imagine if you had total control to create the perfect scenario. Not the perfect scenario for everybody but for you...
  4. S

    Men can you explain why SOME men break up with a girl only to obsessively watch her stories etc.?

    ...You breakup with a girl, but you continue E-stalking her. Always the first person to see her Instagram story or Snapchat... What is that about? This is apparently a really common thing. I genuinely don't get it. Is it curiosity? Wanting to see if she gets a new man? Wanting to see if she...
  5. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Do you grant grace periods in relationships?

    If so, how long is your grace period? 3 weeks? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? What kind of slip ups would you allow in this grace period? Confrontations :Fingax2::Fofty: Cheating :mjcry::Molol::shaq: Poor communication :Nique::unimpressed: Financial incompatibility :feedme::usure: Doesn't...
  6. DatLBCGuy562

    Why/Why Not Are/Aren't Relationships For You?

    ...and when you decide? I decided about 10 years ago that I have no interest in being in a committed, romantic relationship ever again :yeshrug: Women are irrational and argumentative. Choosing the wrong one will literally ruin your life and steal your joy. As I age, I am a man who enjoys his...
  7. LightSkinYeshua

    If a female does not want to have kids, what is her worth?

    Do not get me wrong, im not an incel. However, females nowadays do not want to have kids. If they do not want to be nurturers as they were designed to be, why should men uphold the role as providers? Aren’t we providors for her AND THE CHILDREN we have together? Why do we need to provide for...
  8. CodeBlaMeVi

    How Many Of The Women You’ve Had Sex With...

    Would Admit to fukking You To Someone? In better words, would any of the women you’ve had sex look at you as a quality man they had sex with? A spin-off of @Born2BKing ’s AMA thread. Personally, I think majority like >70% of the women I’ve had sex with would claim/be okay with admitting they...
  9. Lamar Givens

    Evander “finesse” Kane, GMB militants will be proud...

    NHL’s Evander Kane’s Side Chick Suing Him For Not Paying The $3 Million He Promised Her For Her 3rd Abortion Obviously the side broad he’s messing with is dumb. Summer Jam screen or Steve McNair will be his ultimate fate soon :yeshrug:
  10. Jamesmac91

    Admitted to cheating on my GF, where do I go from here?

    We're broken up now. I feel sick to my stomach. This has been my girlfriend of 4 years and best friend of 9 years. I didn't get caught and I doubt I would have gotten caught, but I kept telling myself that I was a coward for not telling her. Thought I was doing the right thing but now I feel...
  11. kwazzy100

    TIL that being clingy to women for sex/a date can be okay :dehell:

    Yo, I maybe an inexperienced virgin, but the dating game fukking wack, Breh/brehettes. It's been last year December since we stopped seeing each other. I've kept thinking over and over what happened between us. After we split, she was quick to fukk other dudes I know and talk to. I've just...
  12. Sassy

    The moment you knew your relationship was over? (Second Coli edition)

    It’s been 3 years since the first thread. So, I know some of y’all been in and out of relationships. But don’t worry, I’m not here to judge.:manny: So, to kick this shyt off, I guess I’ll go...
  13. Vodun

    Women having sex with many men

    How do you guys feel about this? Me I believe it holds some truth because my wife when I started dating her. She was into cars and sports. But after years of being with me and me hitting it raw. Now she likes the things I like (video games cartoons shyt like that) I most def seen a change after...
  14. SirReginald

    Do You Believe That There's A Mate Out There For Everybody?

    I ask this because there's 7.3 billion people in the world (half women). I'm in a good mood and have a certain type of optimism that there's a mate for everyone. However, some of us search for love in the wrong places or don't look hard enough. Even though I'm not ready for a woman yet I do...
  15. 23 Savage

    Why women love jerks, and why you should be a nice guy anyway

    By Duana C. Welch, Ph.D., author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, available now Your thoughts?:jbhmm:
  16. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Just Friends?

    Do you believe that men and women can be genuinely just friends? I'm talking completely platonic. Lets say your girlfriend/boyfriend had a close friend who was the opposite sex, would you feel like there was another rooster in the hen house or another queen bee in the bee hive? They respect the...
  17. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Coli Consensus on Matchmaking?

    Have your folks, friends or other family members ever tried to hook you up with someone? I'm talking anything from blind dates to arranged marriages. If so, did they tell you about this person or did they just spring them on you? Did you go along with it or did you rebel? Would you go along...
  18. 23 Savage

    What's an ugly nikka to do?

    They say money helps but then girls won't like you for you:sadcam: They say marry another ugly/average girl but that's just gonna lead to depression :sadcam: You can't show off your personality/intellect if girls don't even attempt to talk to you :sadcam: They say go to the gym and get...
  19. Afro

    Sohh what does a positive relationship feel like?

    I'm curious to hear from people who are in one or have had one before :jbhmm: Either romantic or platonic :ld: Is it nice :krs:
  20. DrX

    Racial Economic Inequality/Moral decay has Stopped Black Men & Women from starting families together

    Because from a practical standpoint most logical people try to wait until they find someone that they're compatible with but more importantly when both parties are economically sufficient. Black people can't be economically sufficient in a system where we own and control nothing. And nobody is...