tik tok

  1. JadeB

    Your boyfriend owns a restaurant and he making you pay for dinner there?!

    https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLMb8hH9/ She makes 38k a year, raising three kids and has pay for her own dinner there :picard:
  2. JadeB

    I just downloaded Tik Tok and I have no idea how it works

    It's confusing to me and all I'm getting is a bunch of random videos that don't match my interest. Am I finally :flabbynsick:?
  3. TEH

    Should he let his first biological son back into his life?

    Watch the entire TikTok to answer.
  4. NoirDynosaur

    NPC Tik Tok Streamer mad her OnlyFans got leaked

    nikkaz is trapping through the bandwidth haha :pachaha:
  5. DapMeUp!

    So no thread on Miguel-Sure Thing going Number One on the pop chart 12 years later? :mindblown:

    https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/miguel-sure-thing-number-one-pop-airplay-chart-1235332707/ :dahell: Tiktok is getting out of hand brehs...
  6. NoirDynosaur

    Instagram’s REPLACEMENT???

    TikTok owner’s Lemon8 has vaulted into one of America’s most popular apps It’s like Instagram meets Pinterest but with a connection to TikTok. Exhausted yet? Here’s what to know Political pressure continues to mount on TikTok, the super popular video app owned by China’s ByteDance. In the...
  7. B

    This is the real reason why the US wants to ban TikTok. A thread of videos that young people are watching and sharing by the millions

    https://archive.is/UL4XG If you quote this post, spoiler the tweet you aren't commenting on.
  8. NoirDynosaur


    TikTok hit with £12.7 million fine for giving underage children access and 'misusing' data TikTok hit with £12.7 million fine for giving underage children access and ‘misusing’ data TikTok has 28 days to submit arguments in an appeal against the amount of the fine. The UK’s data watchdog fined...
  9. Sensitive Christian Grey

    Fine black woman gets caught on imaginary date

  10. NoirDynosaur

    Tik Tok bootleg chef gets banned for grilling steak on plane💀

  11. TEH

    This Tik Tok account (Corey Bradford) explains Black History using witty skits. umm and yeah PAWGS

    He also deals with general American History and World History.
  12. CopiousX

    Go drive a motorcycle over water brehs...

    I seriously thought tiktok foolishness was an american problem. We are in a global clout epidemic:snoop: How did he think this would end?:dahell:
  13. RichRistretto

    Corn Fed Pawg Trend-Hips Carrying More ass Than a Ford-F150

    :mjgrin: Lainey Wilson is an American country music singer-songwriter causing a thick trend amongst country cacs on TikTok. This shyt has me dead. Country cacs are trying to be on the ass wave now.:deadrose: :whew:
  14. JadeB

    Thick Tik Tok girl from Mexico :francis:

    :francis: I need help. I need to stop looking at these types of insta pages
  15. Sensitive Christian Grey

    Tik Tok Tv coming soon to a channel near you

    Streaming age bout to be a Golden Age :blessed: lettuce:eat:
  16. Playaz Eyez

    “Record labels driving artists to make Tik Tok songs”

    :hhh: :mjlol:
  17. TreySav

    Is Food Tok getting too outta pocket?

    These food vids use to be mad tame Chopping up the onionussy like that :damn:
  18. JadeB

    PAWG 's new boyfriend moves in and instantly asks to be added to the title of the house

    ‘Move on from him’: Woman says boyfriend recently moved in and asked to be added to the title of her house in viral TikTok (updated)'He's making husband requests on a boyfriend's salary.' Published Feb 11, 2022 Updated Feb 13, 2022, 3:51 pm CST A realtor on TikTok sparked a debate on one of...
  19. saturn7

    Q Anon follower arrested with guns, body armor, hit list with Obama, Clinton Fauci

    Man arrested with AR-15 rifle and hitlist mentioning Obama, Clinton, and Fauci Man arrested with AR-15 rifle and hitlist mentioning Obama, Clinton, and Faucia A California man, Kuachua Xiong, was arrested in Iowa after posting several Tiktok videos that were concerning. When he was arrested...
  20. Creasy

    Cacette Makes tik tok shytting on BM, Debate Ensues

    here her response to the “backlash”