1. B

    An Instacart customer said she discovered the app's higher prices cost her nearly $100 after accidentally seeing the store's paper receipt An Instacart customer said she discovered the app's higher prices cost her nearly $100 after accidentally seeing the store's paper receipt Alex Bitter Aug 16, 2023, 11:52 AM EDT Instacart...
  2. T

    Anyone here been to Switzerland before? 🇨🇭 HElppp

    Not here for a long time and I’m lost 😭 I just ordered McDonalds bc I don’t know what to eat helppppp Any suggestions on food to try? Places to see? Things to do?
  3. Anerdyblackguy

    Futures voice: “It’s an evil world we live in”

    :hhh: FOH making 10 dollars for 70 hours of work. :hhh:
  4. Antwon Mitchell

    I gotta tip for y'all bruhs that's ever been FRIEND-ZONED...its pretty simple...come on in ;-)

    Basically...just shoot your shot to women that you know are feeling you :yeshrug: it'll save you the butterflies, cold sweats & embarrassment :yeshrug:. I've never been friend-zoned a day in my life, cause I got skills :sas1:.
  5. kwazzy100

    Any brehs/brehettes experience with psychedelics?

    By a strike of luck, I found someone on Instagram to sell me LSD.:mjgrin: I've never tried it before, so I'm not even sure what to expect. I'm not a stranger to psychs though, I do take shrooms and smoke weed, but I've noticed high THC strains make me tweak too much, so I go for CBD buds. I...
  6. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    On my first cruise. Advice, tips, etc

    I'm with the fam tho :skip: Were not together 24/7 of course but as a breh I'm dolo
  7. Kundai17


    So i'm gonna have the house to myself for 8 days in a couple weeks and I need some tips for how to effectively line up some action with girls I don't really talk to that often. I got a couple hoes that are DTF and lined up already but I'm just tryna maximise my potential in the 8 days. I'm...
  8. Black Cher

    Skincare/Beauty/Haircare Random Thoughts

    Feel free to discuss any tips/tricks or random thoughts :smile: I love the way Vitaman E oil feels on my skin and how it makes it look but I hate the smell :gag:
  9. old_timer

    Virtual tip jars (online)

    I realize it depends on you (your product) and the audience (your customers).. but what is the best way to collect tips from virtual strangers?? Pros/cons 1. Patreon - youtubers use this effectively ..benefit of recurring donations ..but they might expect some content in return 2. Paypal...
  10. SirReginald

    For Some Reason I've Been Wanting A Girlfriend For The Past Week

    Before I head out I just have one thing to say. I feel like I want a girl in my life now. Like, I'm ready for a partner. However, where do you find the good girls at? I work and am on my way on going back to college. Anyway, for my brehs who date what are some tips? How can you be a good...
  11. Jean Jacket

    Hood Survival Tip #7 How to deal with feral brolic dogs

    Basically how to SAFELY get away from King, Butch, Prince, Killer etc.... NO CLIFFS... Read this shyt... For your survival! Every neighborhood got one of these mufukkas.... Stay out too late/street lights on...gotta get to the crib asap to avoid that hot wheels track ass woopin... But you...
  12. L

    What are some good Tips on creating an interesting discussion?

    :patrice: im trying to get better at it. just discussions on anything. ive been working on a podcast for a while now.
  13. Behind-the-wheel

    IG Chick: Confused...but...intrigued...

    How is her mouth so...big!? I mean, it looks almost physically impossible that such a huge mouth is on such a small head... She just might have Julia Roberts beat! :merchant: But oh...the body is fire!!! Good lawd the body is FIRE!!! #TeamAllNatural Dee Lanee Dee...
  14. Sithlord Piff

    How many dudes actually met the Pops of a chick you were dating?

    How was that experience?:jbhmm: Did he do the standard *come to the door with a shotgun* routine:ufdup:..or was he on some cool non threatening Cliff Huxtable ype of vibe?:lupe: I never really had that experience...the chicks I've dealt with father's either passed, was doing a bid, lived out...
  15. Illuminatos

    Any Tips On Getting An Internship For The Summer?

    In my 4th year, majoring in Computer Science with a 2.40 GPA (:mjcry:). I obviously I have no shot at getting one at a big company like Apple/Microsoft so any tips/advice? :snoop:
  16. M

    Here are some cheering tips that always works for me..

    These are just the basics Always use a prepaid phone with alias name Never bring her to your house If getting a telly vet a motel and use cash Hi e your side piece your fake name Meet to smash on weekdays Add on
  17. 3Rivers

    William Regal's tips on becoming a Pro Wrestler/Sports Entertainer

    TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter
  18. Y

    Tips on increasing your focus, study habits etc

    This thread is totally about giving tips on sharpening the brain. Go
  19. Nate Dawg

    The Official 'Get your weight up/Make money' thread

    I wanted to start this thread as a means for Coli brethren to share tips and ideas for helping each other break out of the 9 to 5 and live the lives we dream of. Maybe you're looking to finally quit your job and start doing your own thing. Maybe you have a few side hustles that just work really...
  20. R

    Essential Official Beauty Thread

    Thread about make-up, hair, and skin care. Post tips, how to's, Youtube links, product suggestions, questions, etc... Men welcome to contribute and ask skin, hair...and make up questions :mjpls: There's an index of black owned hair care lines...