1. FAH1223

    Damian Lillard trade saga shows true power and influence of NBA insider culture

    An excerpt: No matter your NBA allegiance or your views on player empowerment, the situation highlighted just how fundamentally unique the NBA transaction game has become. And that while Silver may decry the state of affairs when stars like Lillard make things ugly with their teams despite...
  2. FAH1223

    Will the NBA embrace streaming for $100 Billion?

  3. Anerdyblackguy

    No Lebron James No problem? NBA playoff ratings sees its highest viewership in a decade

    :lupe: Crazy part is the amount of people who have traditional tv dropped by 23 percent over the decade and yet the NBA increased its ratings. :lupe: And the crazier part is the NBA fan base are the most cord-cutting friendly yet putting these numbers
  4. FAH1223

    U.S. Soccer moves to WarnerMedia's Turner Sports with games on TNT, TBS, and HBO Max through 2030

  5. FAH1223

    Ro Parrish (NBA TV) UnAppreciation Thread

    This nikka rapping too much :snoop: Just do the highlights :damn:
  6. Anerdyblackguy

    NBA is seeking $75B for next TV package: Framework of deals with Disney (ABC/ESPN) and Amazon reached. Comcast (NBC) pushing out WBD (TNT)?

    NBA looks to quadruple annual price in media rights talks - CNBC Mar. 22, 2021 1:45 PM ETAT&T Inc. (T)By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor3 Comments Now that the long-running NFL media rights negotiations have come to a close(and analysts have picked the details clean for information), time to turn...
  7. FAH1223

    NBC Universal merging with Warner Media?

  8. The Prince of All Saiyans

    AEW: Lightning already being discussed over at TNT

  9. ORDER_66

    Bushwick Trailer....2017 Dave Bautista, Britney Snow. :ROFL::heh:

    :laff::laff::laff: I'm from nyc and I find this comical...:heh: Why the white girl gotta be the hero???:heh:
  10. C

    Will -Season One

    The show about Will Shakespear. This post may be edited for more info on production in the future (or not).
  11. tuckgod

    "Well, 1st of all, you're not a good fighter..."

    Chuck is a fool. :russ: Shaq sat there like :demonic: Exchange starts at 12:22, but the whole segment is lit
  12. Sccit


  13. Big Daddy

    Recruit the wrong n!gga to join yo wack ass group brehs

    First off: fukk #TCC and the click you claim :pacspit: and fukk EVERY n!gga in it except @Gucci Balboa, @TwelveGod , and @Nelomaxwell :salute: So I got an invite last night or this morning who knows, from some 2015 ass n!gga called @M.I.C. to join a "social group". Turns out this sh!t ain't...
  14. Kane

    Bulls at Spurs on TNT

  15. Beerus

    Yall #TNT nikkas want to rumble? Shuttaman is here

    you bytch ass nikkas aint got shyt on me :pacspit: Motherfukk each one of yall nikkas(cept for my #LWO nikkas) I aint scared bytch look whats in my cup you hoeass nikkas fukk these natives n their island I POUR ALL THAT shyt FROM MY CUP ON EM :wow:
  16. Nintendough

    Fukk a #TNT and all these other lil geek squads made by off-brand posters

    Just heard these cats names be mentioned 5 minutes ago and I already don't respect yall. Come out and play
  17. Easy-E

    Official NBA On TNT Thread '13 - '14

  18. Easy-E

    Official NBA on TNT Thread

    Why not? :popcorn: Inside the NBA in about 30 minutes Hope they continue to go in, on Chuck