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  1. Lootpack

    Official 2024 Golden Globes Thread -- Tonight @ 8pm EST | CBS
  2. Sex Luthor

    Today is the 29th anniversary of the GOAT tv show.

    What's some of your favorite moments? Pam and martin roasting each other will never be beat. Hands down the funniest tv enemies
  3. Mike the Executioner

    Reboots need to die out in the 2020s.

    In the last week, I've heard about a Ren & Stimpy reboot, an Animaniacs reboot, a Who's the Boss? reboot, and a Fresh Prince reboot. Not to mention all the other reboots and revivals that are on the way.:scust: It's getting out of hand. A couple years ago, when reboots and revivals were first...
  4. T

    Historical African Events for TV or/and Video Games (or any other media)

    As the title suggests What historical African event would you like to see covered as a tv show, video game, comic book, movie etc?
  5. Rhapture

    Battle of the Smart Ass Daughters

    Dee Thomas from "what's happening" Darlene Connors from "Roseanne" Vanessa "Nessa" Thompkins from "the Bernie Mac show" Wednesday Addams Who had the smartest mouth?
  6. Nero Christ

    The Film Room's Top TV Show of the Decade (Nominations end 12/31)

    A spin off from the Movie thread, TFR will decide the best TV show that aired during the 2010s. Now the rules are simple: 1. The show must have either aired after the year 2010 or most of it aired during this decade 2. The show can have already finished or still running 3. No trolling (try to...
  7. Mike the Executioner

    TV shows that fell off, then made a comeback

    I'm just thinking about how most of the time, when a show's peaked and it starts having more bad episodes, it just gets worse from there and the quality never goes back to what it used to be. At that point, everyone's just waiting for the show to end. :mjcry: But are there any shows that fell...
  8. Rhapture

    Korgoth of Barbaria and other shows that should've been a hit

    I never understood why this show wasnt bigger. When Scrotus talked all that shyt just to get his whole front side ripped off and set ablaze :russ: @5:53 What are some shows that you think should have been more successful?
  9. L

    Which mid-90s after school martial arts show was the most epic?

    Beetleborgs Masked Rider Power Rangers VR Troopers
  10. S

    Anybody subscribed to

    Article on the platform - Actual website - Welcome! I'm gonna give this a shot. Nubian TV on the web. Netlfix for Nubians. They can get my $50/yr. It's less than...
  11. Archangel

    If You Could create a black TV show what would it be?

    Since we as a people are typically depicted in lowly roles, what would be your premise for a tv show? I'd make one centered around ancient African kingdoms and depict the migration into europe where they helped civilize the Europeans and almost single handedly ushered in the Italian renaissance.
  12. True Blue Moon

    G! True Hollywood Stories -- A Tale of L's and Triumphs [UPDATE: Uncle Jr from Jamie Foxx played me]

    What's good brehs. I started a 5-Day story series on Instagram recently trying to get my content up. It's called G! True Hollywood Stories. I'm going to be breaking down L's I've taken :wow: pivotal moments in my life :blessed: and maybe some heart break :to: Life is crazy and this is a fun...
  13. BushidoBrown

    People Are Canceling Their Netflix Accounts Because of 'Dear White People'

    :mjgrin: too long to post, this just the intro :banderas: CACs :umad:
  14. SheWantTheD

    Do TV Shows Still Have The Bad Boy Trope In Them?

    I remember back in high school me and my bro would watch tv shows that had the bad boy trope in it. The bad boy is misunderstood, deep down he's a good person but he's misguided, etc. Dude always had a leather jacket, sometimes a motorcycle, etc. Excuse the fact that these guys are all...
  15. postnutclarity

    If you could replace a key actor in ANY movie/show of your choice, who would you choose?

    And why? I was chilling with a friend of mine and we started rapping about our favorite movies. Once I brought up Training Day, my friend mentioned that Sam Jackson would've played Alonzo much better than Denzel. My first instinct was to immediately reject the idea. Then I started thinking...
  16. BlackAchilles

    "The Mick", new Fox comedy starring Kaitlin Olsen

    I'll definitely check it out. I say Kait's the funniest woman on TV, she captures the depravity of the "basic white bytch" hilariously well.
  17. Ruck

    OLED TV Owners Thread (OLED Gang): Purchases, Recommendations and Updates

    Former owner of the LG B6 65'. Destroyed from an earthquake :mjcry: Currently own LG CX 65' :blessed: And the Sony A90K 42' as a PC monitor :banderas:
  18. DemureNatural

    La Esclava Blanca | The White Slave

    Am I the only person (binge) watching this??? :popcorn:
  19. FrederickDouglas

    What do you think are some of the best releases musically cinematically and video games?

    1. The Godfather 2. What's Going On 3. GTA San Andreas Didn't put it in the title, but if you think any books stand out as the peak of literacy, feel free to share. TV shows may be included as well
  20. pickles

    Marcella Season 1 on Netflix

    London detective investigating a serial killer in London Pure piff. :ohlawd: On Netflix right now. I would say this show was better than Undercover, and I really liked Undercover. Y'all better get up on this. @Ciggavelli @satam55 I demand this thread be stickied. :birdman: This show...