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  1. Reality Check

    Wizards and Capitals NOT moving to Virginia

    Looks like that move to Alexandria isn't happening. Ted Leonsis is all of a sudden fawning about Capital One Arena on Twitter. Announcement on them staying in DC is coming tonight.
  2. FAH1223

    Brad Beal returns to DC: Official Suns @ Bullets Thread (3:30 PM EST on NBA TV)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 9-39! At game 50, we are mere hours away from the NBA Trade Deadline. Multiple players are for sale. But nothing has happened yet. Bradley Beal will step onto Capital One Arena for the first time as a visitor on Sunday afternoon. And he will no doubt get a nice...
  3. FAH1223

    Wes Unseld Jr. out as Wizards head coach and moves into front office; Brian Keefe named interim HC

  4. FAH1223

    Wizards waive Ryan Rollins because he was shoplifting on his $1.7M salary

  5. FAH1223

    Dray's Not Invited to THIS Poole Party: Official Bullets @ Warriors Thread (NBA on ESPN)

    THE Washington Bullets are 5-22! Leading by as many as 18, they held onto a 1-point win in Rip City last night. Bilal Coulibaly successfully defended Jerami Grant's attempt at a game winner, Kuz was scorching, Gafford was collecting STOCKS (blocks and steals), and Deni was boarding. Tonight...
  6. FAH1223

    Who’s the Worst Basketball Team in the World? - Official Bullets @ Pistons Thread (NBA League Pass)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 2-14! 9 STRAIGHT losses! But the streak is in danger on Monday night. The Bullets play the 2-14 Pistons who have been a bit of a disappointment. They’ve got another 11+ game losing streak ongoing! Year 4 under Troy Weaver and Year 1 with Monty Williams is already...
  7. FAH1223

    Hop on the Bullet(s) Train to the Lottery! Official Washington Wizards 2023-26 Rebuild Thread 🧙🏾

    So, we have a re-shuffle, re-tool, re-build... whatever you want to call it as Michael Winger and Will Dawkins say. A new era in DC with a new front office with guys from better team building situations than the disaster of Ernie Grunfeld/Tommy Sheppard of the last two decades. Bradley Beal is...
  8. FAH1223

    Wizards hire Clippers GM Michael Winger as President; Winger hires OKC VP Will Dawkins & former ATL Hawks GM Travis Schlenk to lead new front office

  9. FAH1223

    Does Bob Myers leave the Warriors?

  10. FAH1223

    Masai Ujiri “frustrated” with Toronto Raptors situation

  11. FAH1223

    Wizards fire GM Tommy Sheppard, Alhamdullilah! Free daps and reps for all!

  12. FAH1223

    44th Straight Summer of Basketball Purgatory: Official Washington Wizards 2023 Offseason Thread

    So, is safe. His contract runs at the same time as the architect's. Ted Leonsis has resigned himself to employing both Tommy and Wes for a full 4-year term. Tommy has been the top executive for 4 years already. Is Wes a good coach? The blown leads, the robotic rotations at times lead me to...
  13. FAH1223

    Documentary on Michael Jordan’s years as Washington Wizards executive and second comeback in the works

    :mjlol: Michael Leahy's book had Wilbon furious. Where Kwame at? :mjgrin:
  14. FAH1223

    Shams: Kyle Kuzma could command $20M-$25M per year contract; Update: Stays in DC for 4 years $90M

  15. FAH1223

    "Grab The Strap Cause When The Bullets Start Zingin', Kristaps Will Pop, Pop, Pop!": Official Wizards 2022-2023 Season Thread

    Kudos to @Knicksman20 for the title A new season. Wes is on year 2 as HC. He has a couple of his Nuggets guys in the building. Porzingis is healthy as of this writing. As is Beal. The starting SF spot is wide open. Who takes it? Deni, Rui, Corey? I've got this team winning 38 games...
  16. FAH1223

    Comcast sells NBC Sports Washington to Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports

    Comcast isn’t selling NBC Sports affiliates in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, California and Bay Area.
  17. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal gets a No-Trade Clause (NTC) on his 5-year $250M contract; Only player in the NBA with a NTC

  18. FAH1223

    "We Need Big Guards & Wings Who Defend Like Dogs" - Official Washington Wizards 2022 Offseason Thread

    That quote is from Bradley Beal's appearance on NBC Sports Washington last month when the Bullets lost to the Rockets by 18 after holding a 23 point lead. With the season over, I can point to the following Ls which were terrible and a sign of Wes Unseld Jr's head coaching inexperience and Tommy...
  19. FAH1223

    Wizards and Nationals debut Cherry Blossom Uniforms

  20. FAH1223

    KCP and Montrezl Harrell get into fight & have to be separated

    What's Shams agenda here? :jbhmm: Who is leaking this information to Shams? Is it Beal's camp? Is it someone in the front office? Most front office news comes from Woj regarding the Bullets. So I'm thinking it's a player. Trade deadline gonna have stories like this pop up now :ufdup: