1. Doctor Doom

    Square up with brehs, cacettes

    Boy looked grown, but prolly only 15 :mjlol: He broke her off a piece and she got greedy and wanted more :dead: :feedme:
  2. Holdino

    Everybody has a "Fantastic" at their job

    Someone that has no idea wtf they are doing but are in a high ass position of the company lol At work just heated at that high level incompetence but they why they chip me up fukk it..
  3. Ricky Fontaine

    Cacs Won't Let You Sit Together at Work?

    For mostly my office/desk jockey brehs, when I go to work I see cacs who are best friends get assigned to cubicles/offices next to each other and they always getting up walking back m forth and talking to each other. But every time a few new black folk get hired, they make sure to assign us...
  4. SirReginald

    Cops Were ALMOST Called On A Co-Worker Today At The Job

    So, I thought I was working until 3 P.M. However, they let us off at 10 A.M. (change of plans). All of a sudden, the Black breh goes off on the White supervisor. He called him all sorts of MF's and told him to suck a d-ck. I was literally shocked and a little shook up. Because I'm always...
  5. Berniewood Hogan

    Sandow really was in developmental for a long time, brother

    Collar and elbow tie up, quick heat, high spot, go home.:ohhh: Even a fast soft handshake right at the start.:mjpls:
  6. Dre Space Age

    Chronological List Places You've Played Nintendo Switch

    It doesn't have to look like my list, but list only new places and not repeat instances, unless it's a new location. The Day I Bought The Switch Handheld at Wal-Mart Handheld in my car Handheld at Whataburger Handheld at kitchen dinner table Handheld on the toilet TV in my room Handheld in bed...
  7. Rusty$hackleford

    Having No EyeCandy at Work Unappreciation

    :dahell:Gotdamn, nice to have a fine lil distraction to converse with/ rest my eyes on from time to time. I work in an office so no interacting with customers, vendors, nothing. 60 people in here for fukksakes, accounting dept overwhelmingly women. :shaq2: Who's doing the hiring around here? I...
  8. BushidoBrown

    All yall rich coli nikkas step in

    To my coli 1 percenters: if you're gettin 6 figures or more, what is your career or what do you do to generate income? whats your education level? How many certs do you got outside of a diploma? If u close to 6 figures but not quite there, whats your next move to get over the hill? Speak on it...
  9. onthereal

    White woman at my job sends passively racist email and doesn't know it

    I work in the marketing department where six out of 20 employees are black. Our job is to review content and help people with issues, etc. Ol girl calls me over and says read this so I do: First reaction is :francis: so then I look at what she's talking about. really bytch?:hhh: We...
  10. HearNoEvil

    The Workplace Can Be Divided Into The Sociopaths, The Clueless, and The Losers

    The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office” Where you at in the food chain the Coli?
  11. Berniewood Hogan

    Shoot thread: How long has wrestling been a work???

    READ THIS, BROTHER! Journal of Manly Arts Money reasons to fix outcomes...:ohhh: Brehs had gimmicks...:ohhh: :ohhh:Working? :ohhh:Vanilla midget jabrones...? GIMMICK MATCH?????:ohhh: :ohhh:Worked the crowd and built to a rematch??????? Indy neck bump?????!!!!!!:ohhh: :ohhh:Mystery...
  12. wire28

    John Wall receives that work at practice vs undrafted rookie

    john wall stans get in here and explain this :dame: anyone know who this player 2 ass nikka is that is giving your boy that work:dame: the end when he took off his shirt :pachaha:
  13. GPBear

    Was Spiderman vs. Bonesaw a Shoot, Brehs?

    :jbhmm: I don't know what wrestling company spends thousands of dollars on ring girls, extra microphones, a giant steel cage with machinery in place to latch it together -- and not any money for one of the jobber's costumes. Let alone how much it would cost to have Bruce Campbell be your ring...
  14. GreenGhxst

    Racist Obama Halloween Figure I found at work, CACOWEEN

    Just walked into work about an hour ago, and I found this. What do y'all think about this?
  15. Archangel

    Started singing Negro spirituals at work today. White boys got uncomfortable

    So I work at this factory called Master Brand cabinets in Talladega. It's a heavy labor job and I'm just here until school starts back up for spring semester. I work with these two other white guys in my section loading cabinets, wrapping em up and preparing them for shipping. I felt an old...
  16. Mr Rager

    Brehs convince me not to fukk up my life over this young tenderoni

    This lil demon that works with me is basically asking me to sleep with her. But a) I'm engaged and b) I'm worried that with the wrong words this girl can get me fired or worse...and this isn't just a job its my fukking career. I don't fukk with random women like that in the first place but this...
  17. SheWantTheD

    How Many Hours Are You Doing Actual Work At Your Job?

    Especially with people that have desk jobs and don't have someone supervising them 24/7, seems like people legit only work 2-4 hours a day and spend the rest of that time bullshytting around looking like their working when they aren't.
  18. SirReginald

    What Was One Job That You HATED The Most?

    I hated my first job because the co-worker were bigoted and gave me and other Black folk a hard time. Also, I used to get harassed everyday by the manager short White guy :snoop: Then, one day he yelled at me in front of everyone and I quit that day :mjcry:
  19. Afro

    Do you think during sex?

    :jbhmm: Dude asked me for advice recently and he was wondering if it was weird. I'm like If your brain is active, your doing it wrong. :comeon: "But I'm tryin to like, you know pay attention and shyt. Making sure shes enjoying it":jawalrus: Tell me you don't ask her "Is it ok?" while goin...