1. JadeB

    Employers Actively Avoid Hiring Gen Z

    Employers Avoid Hiring Gen Z While Generation Z might be entering the workforce en masse, hiring managers are not so eager to welcome the younger generation into their companies. Forty percent of hiring managers had an age bias against Gen Z candidates, and many employers are worried about...
  2. JadeB

    AITA for not buying a birthday gift for my coworker?

    I started working as a tutor at an elementary school a couple months ago. I work a total of 50 hours a week (I help run the after-school program) and I get paid minimum wage:francis:. My workplace have a "birthday buddies" thing where we're matched with other tutors in my company and we have to...
  3. B

    64% of workers have passed off generative AI work as their own 64% of workers have passed off generative AI work as their own Generative AI technologies are being used in the workplace without training, guidance, or approval by businesses. Written by Vala Afshar...
  4. JP_614

    Co workers passing away and dying how do you deal with it?

    Fellas and ladies how you deal with a co worker passing someone you use to work with who cared and put in good work. He leaves behind a wife and kids. He worked hard to man always traveling to different sites to help out. Now that he’s gone makes me wonder was it worth it. Not shocked but...
  5. Hathaway

    Finally Got Promoted at My Job. Daps & Reps

    Been here for 14 months. In that span I've received 2 small raises: once after my 6 month evaluation and again after my 12 month evaluation. I was then promoted to Back of House Trainer which made me the highest paid non management employee. I had capped out at my current level financially...
  6. Windows 91

    PAWG Product Manager at Facebook showcases average day in her 6-figure tech job

    They saying this why Facebook stock is down 70% YTD :mjlol:
  7. Hathaway

    My Wife Has to Work 6 Days This Week because of Privileged Cac Girl

    Listen man, my wife is a manager of a restaurant here and one of her shift managers got into a car accident earlier this week. She was not paying attention and hit a guy at a stop light. Totaled her car. Edit- She lied. Car wasn't totaled at all. She missed her shift Friday and my wife...
  8. Hathaway

    So I Think My Coworker Wants Me To fukk His PAWG Daughter....(Pics added on pg 4.)

    So a while ago I posted this thread. These Cacs Keep Tryna Invite Me Over For Dinner I had 3 white men in management invite me over their house for dinner on seperate occasions. I dodged 2 of them enough for them to get the picture that I wasn't interested but the last one is very persistent...
  9. Hathaway

    In the last 365 days, I've only missed two weeks of work...

    :francis: And in the last 7 months, I've called out only twice.. I can't believe this is life for the majority of us. Giving all our time and effort to these white companies, breaking my fukking back working 45 hours a week. It's not natural. I'm 31 in school trying desperately to wrap this...
  10. Hathaway

    These Cacs Keep Tryna Invite Me Over For Dinner

    :gucci: These beasts are so weird man. 3 of them, all men, have invited me and my fam over for dinner at their house. I'm the only black man here and I've only been here for 10 months. I don't go to white peoples house and I damn sure don't eat their food with all them pets and shyt all up in...
  11. Hathaway

    Going Back to Work After Vacation Unappreciation Thread

    This shyt is unbearable. Reality hit hard as fukk the moment I clocked in at 4:50am :snoop: Why tf is everybody always so talkative @ 5 in the morning. My nikka I ain't never got shyt to talk about with NOBODY at 5 in the morning. "Hey Coolest Negro, how was your vacation pal" :skip: "We sure...
  12. BornStar

    Bought a crib in a different state due to wfh now might have to back to work

    One of my co workers moved to Texas from NC now breh might have to go back to work if our job gives the word according to the rumors after our yearly raise. If most wfh jobs start this to boost the economy then this could lead to more houses being on the market in the next few years. All it...
  13. B

    ‘Just wear a mask and don’t tell anyone’: Workplaces are filling up with sick employees

    'Just wear a mask and don't tell anyone': Workplaces are filling up with sick employees A complaint filed by four workers at fast-food chain Jack in the Box alleges management at a location in Folsom dissuaded workers who reported feeling sick from quarantining and allowed them to work without...
  14. Luken

    Africans are the hardest working nikkas in the diaspora

    These nikkas specifically,Nigerians, be having like 2 degrees and working two menial jobs until they get their dream job or appropiate career while studying something completely complex like CCNA on their lunch break:gucci: Blows my mind.
  15. Ruck

    I quit my job 2 weeks ago. Got offered 2 positions but...

    Don't know what to do. Both are state jobs in completely different sectors. One job is straight up office desk in which I never had. Another is similar to what I use to do but I dont necessarily work directly with people - but definitely more responsibility (nice pay upgrade). Im leaning...
  16. JadeB

    Do you consider these dudes creepy or just shooting their shot?
  17. JadeB

    "I work two jobs and not for the money"

    tl;dw -She is a chiropractor and flight attendant and works 60 hours a week -Went to school for physical therapy and graduated but lost interest in chiropractor work over time -Under a lot of student debt and it affected her quality of living along with her credit score -Could have enough...
  18. JadeB

    Walmart México bushed its entire Larry Holmes and Larry Holmes-adjacent workforce

    Bagging groceries for extra cash, Mexican elderly told to pack up Walmart de Mexico, the country’s biggest retailer, told baggers over 60 that they need not come back to work following a ban on plastic bags and a post-pandemic shift in consumer habits. The coronavirus pandemic and changing...
  19. JadeB

    Egyptian pyramid builders staged the first recorded strike in 1170 BC

    We often hear about workers going on strike in the news. If the workforce want change then one way to influence it is by going on strike. Striking is a modern phenomenon, surely? Perhaps not – what if the Ancient Egyptians went on strike? Not all Ancient Egyptians were farmers. There were lots...
  20. Apprentice

    “New Friends”

    Is it easy for u guys to bond with people u recently met? When u were in college, joined the army or the workforce was it easy for you to befriend colleagues or are u the type person that can keep things business strictly all the time?