1. Ahadi

    When looking for a new position, where would you rank the following items?

    Company name, diversity, proximity to home, location, office space, work load, leadership :jbhmm:
  2. B

    Is it forbidden in the wrestling industry to use the words "Real" & "Fake"?

    You hardly ever hear it. In podcasts, in YouTube interviews, a lot of wrestling dorks on the internet, & I take it it's like that backstage too. So let's say if Angelo Dawkins gets into it with somebody does he have to say "I'm a shoot nıgga fam, keep that work shıt from round me."? Or do...
  3. Ahadi

    Do you dress up during a Zoom/Skype/GoogleMeet meetings?

    We had a webinar and this old ass lady was talking about “Get out of the t-shirts guys!” :gucci: I’m home. I’m not wearing a suit to just sit at home I’ll rock a t-shirt with a wool cardigan sweater. :mjlol:
  4. Ahadi

    Brehs & Brehettes, do your co-workers know about your significant other?

    I’m a pretty private person. Even if I had someone, I wouldn’t say anything. :manny:
  5. President Sakora

    Graphic Designer Needed- Paid Work

    Must be from the diaspora and not a c00n. The work i'm commissioning will not sit well with c00ns. The work is a series of drawings/sketches made to look like charcoal sketches. The theme are drawn from the diasporas' history. I'll need to see a portfolio to get an idea of your art style to...
  6. Rell Lauren

    Straight out of a dystopian novel. Coronavirus tracking bracelets on the market for use at work.

  7. J.E.T.S

    Aaahhh... another day of living life like Bird Box..

    How y’all nikkas holding up?... i’m thinking about going to work. My job is an essential business so we won’t be getting shut down unless one of y’all aunties or uncles slide through with some confirmed Rona. hold my breath and look down skraight to the car in and out. :francis: This doesn’t...
  8. Ahadi

    Why do co-workers want to meet your significant other?

    So we're having a team lunch, its me another breh, and asian woman & 2 cacettes. The cacettes are asking about breh's girlfriend. "You should bring her to work" They're so eager to meet her. Why do you think this is? I have a little theory that maybe they want to see if they match up? or if...
  9. Ahadi

    Corporate brehs: How many black ppl are at your job?

    :jbhmm: I got 3. One is of course gay. The other is an older cool breh, y’all about Tribe & Naughty By Nature, regular ish.
  10. RennisDeynolds

    how much vacation time y'all get for Christmas and New Years?

    I only get Christmas day and New Years day off :mjcry:, I get half days on Christmas eve and New Years eve :mjcry: How many of y'all mfs got the whole 2 weeks off :sadcam:
  11. Ahadi

    Smashing women on work trips

    They say you're not suppose to shyt where you eat, but have y'all ever smashed a client and brought her back to your hotel during a work function? or heard about some shyt going down at a work convention or summit? I wana hear about all the fukkery :mjlol:
  12. Ahadi

    People at work treating you differently cause you grow your hair out

    Do people at work treat you differently when you decide to grow your hair out? (I have a burst fade / mohawk) I get the :merchant: from male & female cacs I don't give a fukk cause i'm gona still do what im gona do. But just an observation. Its like they wana keep you as :flabbynsick...
  13. Ahadi

    401K Question...

    Im currently about to enroll in my 401K and the first question is this Your employer offers a non-elective contribution! Your employer will match 100% on the first 1% of your salary contributed. The matching contribution will not exceed 1% of your salary. So the options are 8% Pre-tax, 10%...
  14. Ahadi

    I don't know how people can kiss ass to their supervisor/boss/ or clients at work?

    shyt is nasty :mjlol: I mean I understand you're trying to elevate or try to get to a higher position or new company, but all that kissing ass doing tooo much. Just do your job well, make conversation here & there, hit a happy hour once & a while & thats it. People can smell that shyt a mile away
  15. Ahadi

    For those of you who work 9-5.....

    If you make less than 100K do you leave work right at 5pm? Or do you stay later hoping it will make you look better in front of your supervisors / Directors If you make more than 100K do you leave work right at 5pm? Or do you stay a bit later? (Due to projects, title, or staying later might...
  16. Sex Luthor

    Any brehs work or worked at fedex or ups?

    I just got a job at fedex as a package handler (this is the coli so :dame:) for extra money to buy a house and I'm wondering if its a good job or not. It's only 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Good benefits and pay but how is the actual job? I see good things and bad things online so I don't know...
  17. Chris Cool

    Corny black guy at your job always tryna talk to you unappreciation thread

    What the title says. This dude, i will be minding my own business, on my phone probably on here tbh, and he'll come to my office and try to dap me up and shyt. I made the mistake if giving him my number, and he be sending me videos, be tryna invite me to shyt and it's like :whoa: we just work...
  18. SATAN

    Damn, so you literally can't apply for a job in person anymore

    :dahell: When I go to apply in person, they say "we don't do that anymore. You can go to our website and apply online. I put all this work into my resumé and when I submit it online, it gets fukked up when the website reformats it. My current job is gonna be a shytshow when I quit :banderas:
  19. Homey the clown

    It feels great to be off for the next 2 weeks

    RIght now I'm in my bedroom smoking a little bud, drinking a Four Loko, watching a little YouTube and browsing Thecoli. I really needed this vacation because my job was stressing me the fukk out, tomorrow I'm leaving to go to Seattle where I have never been and then I'm going to fly to...
  20. Crude Abolitionist

    How many hours you work today?

    15 for me just got home. :mjcry: Tired:mjcry: