wu tang

  1. Whips-n-Chains

    Which version of "Ghost Deini" is better? Album Version vs. Alternate Version (Ruthless b*stards Piano Loop Beat)

    or Both are serious heat...but the Album version (US Album at least) is such an incredible beat, it has to get my vote. US album version might be my fav song off SC, and I don't think all the samples have even been discovered yet. Where tf did those chimes come from? :banderas: Just...
  2. Kool Ted

    Which Wu Tang Clan solo albums age real gracefully during this time?

    Thats Liquid Swords by GZA/Genuis age gracefully and im jammin it right this minute on Easter Weekend.
  3. A

    WestCoast Wu Sh*t Blaqe Diamond B.O.P. new single

    Dope Rhyme Sayer - Single by Blaqe Diamond
  4. Soymuscle Mike

    Albums Dom Pachino- ICON

    Available on all streamers and whatnot, support the breh on Bandcamp: I.C.O.N ALBUM (LIMITED EDITION CD). from Dom Pachino
  5. Barney Rubble

    My takeaways after finishing Raekwon's new book, From Staircase to Stage.

    I just finished Raekwon's book and here are some of my thoughts. This is from Rae's perspective, so of course there is bias, but he provides a lot of evidence to back up his claims. I'll put my thoughts in a spoiler.
  6. TheDarceKnight

    A few new details on this upcoming Method Man album produced by Havoc (it's called Dirty P)

    The main news is that it's a full album (Meth called it an LP and not an EP) and that its called Dirty P as an homage to ODB and Prodigy. If these pieces of info were known then my bad, but I've been trying to get details about this project and both these facts were new to me. And Meth still...
  7. TheDarceKnight

    Ghostface not being on a group joint on his own album appreciation thread

    :picard:I miss this type of creativity brehs. Putting a crew joint on your album and not even rapping on it is a boss move that I don’t think we’ll ever see again. :manny:Call my brothers sun cause they shine like one :wow:
  8. djfilthyrich

    GZA - Liquid Swords Original Samples, Remixes, Blends [MIXTAPE]

    Tribute mixtape celebrating 25 years of GZA's classic Liquid Swords ⚔ OG Samples Blends Remixes Artwork by Che Hinkson Raekwon - OB4CL Vol.2 Tribute coming soon.... YOUTUBE
  9. djfilthyrich

    Remastered '95 Raekwon & Ghostface freestyle

    I remastered this '95 Rae + Ghost freestyle from Joe Clair's radio show (Vocal extraction + re-sync over CDQ instrumental) I'll be adding this to Side A or B of the Raekwon OB4CL Tribute If you missed it, here's Side A of the Purple Mixtape celebrating 25 years of OB4CL 25 Years ago...
  10. TheDarceKnight

    Conway and Method Man - Lemon (prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha)

  11. Billy Ocean

    Y'all up on that U-God podcast?

    Just finished the third ep. It's been really entertaining: U-God Raw - Signal Co. No1 https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnVnb2Rwb2RjYXN0LmNvbS8/episode/MjY5MTJhNzgtZTU0ZS00YjE0LTk3MmUtZTBlYmQ1YTBmYjgz?hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjkubuMkdLqAhVbU80KHcQUAc4QjrkEegQIBRAG&ep=6...
  12. I'm Blackman

    Wu Tang VS Outkast Versus

    Who yall got? I love the Wu.. I'm a BIG fan. Legendary in every sense of the word. But Kast Goat group to me, so nothing else to be said. :yeshrug: Who yall got?
  13. Trav

    Brehs...Why Do Casting Directors Keep Hiring This Nicca For These Roles?!

    I don't buy it one bit! :mjlol: Somebody make it stop :mindblown:
  14. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    When Wu Tang first came on the scene were they seen as cool or weird ?

    I was young to experience Wu Tang when they were at their peak and during their rise. With the chinese influence and pro black content were they seen as dope or were they seen as weird and edgy ? I ask because I remember when Odd Future first came on the scene in 2010 some publications were...
  15. Carlton Banks

    Should Wu-Tang Clan change their name admist this Chinese Virus pandemic?

    And considering how Africans are being treated in China :jbhmm: Truthfully they should've never used that name to begin with.
  16. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Will second generation Wu-Tang Clan Dave hip-hop in 2020s?

    discuss I’m not familiar with their names or their music so you’ll have to bring your own links :manny:
  17. T.H.E. Goat

    The Beats That DOOM Gave To Ghostface For Fishscale

    Still some of DOOM’s best beats in my opinion:banderas:
  18. djfilthyrich

    Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele 20th Anniv Mixtape

    20th Anniversary Tribute mixtape of Ghostface's 'Supreme Clientele', featuring: OG Samples + Flips Blends Rarities + B-sides At the time, I didn't think Ghost would be able to top 'Ironman', especially during the year 2000 when a lot of the albums coming out were watered-down trash. Not...
  19. B

    Mixtapes & EPs B.Major megathread

    True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Co. Present B. Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol.2 (A Hip Hop Mix Tape) True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Present: B.Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol. 2 (A Hip Hip MixTape) *track list below If you like what you hear PLEASE take a quick minute and follow B.Major on his...
  20. BiggWebb79

    Top 5 Wu Albums (Group and Solo)

    Here's my top 5 Wu Albums from a selection of group or solo... 1. Enter The 36 Chambers 2. Only Built For Cuban Linx 3. Supreme Clientele 4.Liquid Swordz 5. Wu Tang Forever