wu tang

  1. BiggWebb79

    Top 5 Wu Albums (Group and Solo)

    Here's my top 5 Wu Albums from a selection of group or solo... 1. Enter The 36 Chambers 2. Only Built For Cuban Linx 3. Supreme Clientele 4.Liquid Swordz 5. Wu Tang Forever
  2. T.H.E. Goat

    Ghostface Killah “Cobra Clutch” Appreciation Thread

    Classic Ghostface/Rza:whew: Edit: Mathematics on the boards:ohlawd:
  3. TEH

    Wu-Tang Biopic Series *Ahhhhhhhh*

  4. King Karim

    Pistol Pete tells story of saving Biggie from getting jumped by the Wu-Tang Clan

    at the 4:55 point
  5. Billy Ocean

    Wu-Tang Clan interview at City College in Harlem

    Really dope interview:
  6. Rhapture


    DAVE EAST SET TO PLAY METHOD MAN IN ‘WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA’ IME EKPO MARCH 5, 2019 Dave East is racking up his acting credits. According to Deadline, East is set as a series regular for Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga to portray the character Shotgun. Shotgun is known to be a popular...
  7. djfilthyrich

    Davina ft La The Darkman, Raekwon, ODB - So Good (Filthy Rich Wu ReFix)

    Here's my Wu-Tang ReFix of "So Good" by Davina. If you're not familiar, she was a dope neo-soul singer from the 90's who produced and wrote all of her own material. For this refix, I extracted the La The Darkman & ODB vocals from the remix (which had an inferior beat IMO), and combined them with...
  8. TEH

    Unpopular Opinion: ODB was arguably the best in the WU

    see title You telling me Shimmy Shimmy isn’t better than most Wu records and that’s just one The most traditional rapper in the Wu Utilized Pop music the best Ghetto Superstar, Fantasy, Baby I got your money Drunken flow most akin to a kung fu style Most unique and arguably hardest -...
  9. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live Collection

  10. L68

    Half Short And Twice Strong: ROH Supercard Of Honor XII Official Thread

    anyone been watching ROH lately? ive caught some the past few weeks and Cody is really way better now.. seems like a good card.. 4/7/18 Supercard of Honor XII - New Orleans, LA Weak shows is mad long Make it brief son Half short and twice strong :wow: Biggest Show In Ring Of Honor...

    5MICMIX- RAEKWON - BLOOD ON CHEF APRON (1998-2000 LOUD era / American CREAM Team)

    so I was tinkering with immobilarity to add some songs for my iphone and i ended up putting togetehr a 80 min best of raekwon from his initial solo run. These are pretty much all the dope features and overall material he dropped in that time by himself. So now I got a 9 track version of...
  12. tuckgod

    U-God's book promo run is a testament to the power of Wu Tang.

    Breh is probably one of the two or three least known members of Wu Tang, and was able to touch The Tonight Show AND The Breakfast Club chairs dolo to promote a book. :wow: This is what happens when you make art that truly touches the people instead of chasing trends or relevancy. :ehh:

    Verse for Verse: Wu-Tang Forever >>> * (Top 25 Verses)

    Can we talk bout actual music today in The Booth? No album can go bar for bar with this album. Every verse on this list is 5/5 and i had a hard time leaving some off Ghostface - impossible U-God - a better tomorrow Ol dirty b*stard - reunited Inspectah deck - triumph Gza\Genius- reunited The...
  14. Antwon Mitchell

    Sooooo.. Supreme Clientele 2 : Blue & Cream?

    Do y'all think it's ever gonna happen? It's been a while since Ghost spoke on it. BTW what's your opinion on the first one? I think it's his second best solo behind Ironman.

    WU Heads ENTER: MIRACLE w/ NO HOOK + Face The Problemz (8D cut) promoLESS version

    hey guys I made these mixes for those interested i hear so much hate for miracle because of the hook i made a version without it since i have the instrumental. its not perfect but if the hook bothered you as much as ive seen people say it did, this will fix the song back into the wu classic the...
  16. The Devil's Advocate

    Did Wu-Tang have the greatest/shortest run ever?

    Just thinking about that album that sold 2 million. Dude put it back up on Ebay and the bids are already past 1 million.. and trust, the word was out BEFORE the original sale, that this wasn't a real album. yet still sold.. but the real gem is how they did it. peep game: first album...
  17. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs New Wu Chronicles - Chapter One

    New Wu Chronicles - Chapter One 01. Intro 02. Tearz (Remix) 03. Fear Is The Only Darkness 04. Ruckus In B Minor (Remix) 05. Return Of The Masta Kill 06. The Mexican 07. Sword In The Darkness 08. The Oath 09. Not The End 10. Saturday Night Heat 11. A Poem Is A Hustle 12. The Chopping Block 13...
  18. B

    “Pharma Bro: An American Douchical" - a new Play Based On Wu-Tang Album fiasco

    Pharma Douche” Martin Shkreli Gets His Own Play Based On Wu-Tang Album According to reports, the life of Martin Shkreli is being turned into a play titled “Pharma Bro: An American Douchical.” The 85-minute play, which is billed as a spoof of Shrkeli’s entire life, also takes its title from his...
  19. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live - Vol. 4

    01. The 5 Deadly Venoms Side (A) 02. The Future Of 36 Chambers Side (B) Download Here... Da Mystery Of Chessbloggin @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @phonthought3000 @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino...
  20. G-Eye

    Method Man - Ticallion Rising Vol. II

    @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @phonthought3000 @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @2meo @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @JaneG33 @stomachlines @shopant @treezee @Yoda @Illeye...