wu tang

  1. Never Broke Again

    It's over for old head fans in hip hop

    No modern rappers in 2014 cater to you and your :flabbynsick: tastes The few 90's/early 2000's style rappers out there are irrelevant and/or making bad imitations of old music The legends of your era are :flabbynsick: and making pandering wack bullshyt like that KRS & Buckshot album, Wu-Block...
  2. BlackMagnus514

    Settle this debate for me. Was Cam'ron ever a superstar?

    Topic came up on Twitter. I got cats who weren't in NYC or from here telling me no. I argue yes. '01-'04 Cam was a superstar. Sales wise, he went plat on CHWM, plat on DI 1, and gold on PH, but his impact on the culture was undeniable.
  3. Uncle Phil 36

    WuTang-Affiliated Rapper, Christ Bearer Cuts Off His Own Penis, Jumps Off Balcony in Suicide Attempt

    The rapper who cut his penis off and jumped off his balcony is Christ Bearer -- aka Andre Johnson -- a member of the rap group Northstar. Members of the group who also live in the apartment building tell TMZ ... they were there early this morning when Christ Bearer suddenly -- without warning...
  4. IronFist

    New Raekwon Interview Thisis50.com { Speaks On Ghostface, Joe Budden, Wu Tang & RZA}

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  5. Disgustya Stallone

    Why did Redman get kicked out of Wu Tang?

    i heard the Gizzer and Rizzer had a de-knighting ceremony back in the earl 90's and kicked duke out,... but why do you suppose that is cuu?