1. AMcV'88

    Hell On Earth vs IronMan

    both recently turned 22. two classic follow ups to the genre defining albums that came before them. .VS.
  2. luckyse7enz

    Quoting hip-hop lyrics in your daily life...

    So, I work in education and am currently doing summer school. I've got about 60 students or so. I do a LOT of grading on the daily, but it's been pretty easy because these kids handle their business. Pretty often, I'll find myself with scores in the 90's.... I noticed today that every time I...
  3. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live Collection

  4. DJ J-Ronin

    Frank Knight feat. Killah Priest of Wu-Tang "Black in America II" - prod. by The Gonz

    Frank Knight feat. Killah Priest of Wu-Tang "Black in America II" - prod. by The Gonz Please listen and share. We appreciate the support.
  5. Billy Ocean

    Method Man and Ghostface on Stephen Colbert

  6. Morose Polymath

    20 Years Ago, Wu-Tang Low-Key Had The Greatest Run In Hip-Hop History.... Daps+Rep 4 All

    Riding off the success of Wu-Forever which dropped in 97, the Wu-Tang and its close affiliates were able to perform one of the most impressive feats in Hip-Hop by dropping nothing but consistent greatness within one calendar year :whew: Killah Priest - Heavy Mental - March 10, 1998 Heavy...
  7. Zero

    Cut Tical 2000 down to 17 songs and you've got a great album. Debatable classic even

    I keep coming back to this album and honestly? It's got some of Meth's best work on here. Trim the fat and it would've been better recieved...you can't tell me these tracks still don't go hard These 2 in particular have RIDICULOUS production with verses to match :dahell::wow...
  8. Jimmy the gent

    First time you heard the Wu?

    Thinking about it this morning, sometime in '94 friend of mine was telling me bout a group outta NYC. I was heavy on my Cube/ west coast shyt at the time. Yeah , so he let me borrow a tape. Ol' Dirty - Brooklyn Zoo was the first song i ever heard from them. After that it was a wrap. Was all...
  9. Billy Ocean

    Martin Shkreli will play Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin during listening event (Edit: Cancelled)

    An Evening With Martin Shkreli - NYC DESCRIPTION: An Evening With Martin Shkreli - Martin will discuss investing, healthcare and politics in a presentation/lecture format for one hour and will take questions. There will be a bar session after the Q&A where Shkreli will be available to chat and...
  10. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live - Vol. 4

    01. The 5 Deadly Venoms Side (A) 02. The Future Of 36 Chambers Side (B) Download Here... Da Mystery Of Chessbloggin @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @phonthought3000 @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino...
  11. S

    Let's Settle it Once and for All: The Best Double Disc Album of All-Time

    What's the best? You can vote based on the music itself, the impact it had, consistency, classic tracks or just a combination of different things. I don't want ya'll to just vote something because you like one artist a lot or because you dislike another artist. Give some good reasoning behind...
  12. Playaz Eyez

    *FLASHBACK* Listing All The Rap Albums In 2001

    I know a thread dedicated to The Blueprint was made, but just to put things in perspective in comparison to now, I'm just pulling all the rap albums released in 2001 according to wiki. :wow::wow::wow:true anticipation for music, everybody shinin' :mjcry:
  13. G-Eye

    Wu-Tang & Busta Rhymes - Wu-Hah (Mixtape)

  14. Deucage

    Favorite track off Wu-Tang Clan's- "Enter the Wu-Tang(36 Chambers)" (Poll & Discussion)

    A continuation of my "favorite track off Classic or Great albums". Yesterday I covered Part 2 of Biggie's "Life After Death" in which the majority of The Coli voted for "Long Kiss Goodnight". Today I will be covering arguably one of the Goat if not THE Goat album from the Goat rap group. The...
  15. G-Eye

    (Throwback Classic) Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live - Vol. 2

  16. M

    Wu Tang Producer of 2 Million Dollar Lp Previews His New Beats (30 Minutes)

    :ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh: He got that basement sound... on lock. :banderas::banderas::banderas: Trying to say this cat doesn't have skills......you'd be :takedat: if it said "Alchemist" did it. :rudy: Not bad for seven years away from producing.. :patrice: 14:00: :leostare:
  17. M

    Did Ghostface Just Show Us the Doom Vs Ghost lp Cover Art?

    :ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh: There is a lot of artwork from this awaited collaboration over the years from fans, it could be fan art, but it does say L.A. Is this at Stones Throw? :youngsabo:
  18. G-Eye

    (Throwback Classic) Wu-Tang - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live

    Classic Mixtape from the 90's... 01. Shaolin Side (A) 02. 36 Chambers Side (B) Download Here... Da Mystery Of Chessbloggin
  19. M

    Killah Priest & 4th Disciple Hint At Working on NEW Project? (Heavy Mental 2?)

    :ohhh: KP the Gawd and 4th, maybe a project is on the way. :banderas: Don't wait too long... its almost been 20 years since the last project. :mindblown: .