:dahell: Rapper from ATL who DON'T SOUND LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE???

Jul 13, 2015
This nikka must be crazy. Tryna come up outta ATL and dont sound like everybody else :heh:

nikka what u tryna be original for? :wtf:


I go ignorant onna beat, this a demonstration
Thought I just was playin renovate your information (get yo mind right)
Screwin bytches, new positions innovatin penetrations-
Im feelin myself- like Beyonce doin tha macarena
You nikkaz fake been renegadin since nikkaz played
Nintendo games like ninja gaiden been gettin paid
since Steve Harvey was temple fadin, you nikkas late
as bytches missin they menstruation when rent aint paidddd


"Finna stop up at tha store grab some jalapeno cheetos
nikkas askin 4 some change, me no feed no ninos
Im on top of my game- like I sleep on my P4
I want dat so run dat, I'm Deebo on Beastmode
and now they sayin me so frio,
long dreads gold grill nikka no hes not a Migo
Make a stop at tha redbox rent Kill Bill
I can recognize tha real I'ma red pill Neo"

Ridin Round f Kidsyc

Lex Nekst:
"Ok, Ridin round, Bumpin Kast feelin fresh n klean
2015 still saggin buts its skinny jeans
Lex Nekst in this thing & u now tha kid with me
Tank on E, but I gotta quarter tank of gasoline
Bright shirt gold grill i be louder than tha trees
preseason- aint no way they can be fresher than my team
left this edgewood thing, right on martin luther king
now im ridin round bumpin kast feelin fresh n clean"

"Aint nobody dope as me, doper with tha quotes than me
quotables combined like poetry in motion, hold it freeze:
peep how cold these yoji yamamotos be, p coat in tha cold degree
heatwave and i get my peter pan a couple happy thoughts
im floatin off to neverland, catch me if you can
never will if you a pessimist, dont dress to impress
Yet they say im tha freshest, they choose like they sneezin
I give em my blessings Im wit Lex and im just.."