Funk Flex challenges old NY rappers to step their music game up: UPDATE: Jadakiss and Swizz gets called out


A God Among Kings
May 1, 2012
Rochester Ny
Flex should have been removed from NY radio 10 years ago

in that post he's basically saying "fukk yall"

thats been the problem for damn near 2 decades in hiphop

he's admitting to having the power to break artists, or play whatever and saying that he doesnt fukk with you
so you have some loser ass nikka gatekeeping music who is garbage at it

even worse is he is calling out legitimate artists, not people looking for a break
he's shytting on established names and legends in rap saying "I dont fukk with your music" to millions of people

that is completely backwards to what his job is...
where you have SWAY on the westcoast, who lets artists dictate their path and supports whoever
that's what ive been typing on here for years.... NYC radio has been dead and the main reason the music fell off here
you shouldnt be subjective when you're in a position to distribute all types of music the coast wants to hear