If Lebron plays until 38 years old, he will break Kobes NBA record

Discussion in 'The Coliseum' started by Big L Was the Biggest W, Jun 5, 2018.

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    Coli Cash:

    Kobe: 14,481 misses

    Lebron 11,103 misses

    Difference of 3,378 total misses needed.

    Which averages out to:
    844.5 misses per season (over 4 yrs)
    675.6 misses per season (over 5 yrs)

    He missed 1400 shots the past two seasons, avg of 700 misses per season.

    At age 33, he averages 740 misses per season, for his career.

    Also he will need to start shooting more jumpers in the regular season, to preserve those knees. Which means less driving to his bread and butter, and more missed shots.

    Contratulations mfs, Im dropping this 5 years early for yall, which by then yall will be stanning KD.

    B b b but fg%
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