Y'all ever have a dream involving the Coli

The True HD

Oct 13, 2014
Ft. Loudy
Backstory: I rarely dream cause I smoke weed daily, however whenever I stop smoking for a day or two I start back dreaming again n be having crazy vivid ass dreams

I had a whole dream today about being at a Future concert n for whatever reason I was up close booing the nikka, to the point where he damn near pulled a Drake looking around for who was booing....

Fast forward to the next scene in my dream n I'm being told Future management is out to get me for the shyt I been talkin about Future, so I'm moving n grooving n finally these nikkas catch up to me....

So they like what's good you been talkin shyt about Future, slandering his name, yadayadada n I'm hittin em with the :whoa: like guy's there must be some misunderstanding

So a Coach K looking nikka who must've been his "manager" was like nah it's you, come here come look

So I go over by him, the group is still on 10 ready to pop off, I'm like I ain't got no strap n they ease up a bit...

So breh is showin me his phone n he pulls up the Coli :dead: I can't make this up the nikka had 63 notifications next to his username that was like ** >insert username here< ** :mjlol: (I had to check when I came on to make sure this wasn't an actual poster)

So he scrollin looking for the post n I'm like, breh you on the Coli? :ohhh: I prolly be dappin your posts all the time! :russ:
Forgot what happened after that but the shyt was weird, think I need a detox :patrice: