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  1. FAH1223

    Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Task Forces Publish Proposals

    110 page document :whew: :smugbiden: WASHINGTON — A coalition of Democrats has presented Joe Biden with a roadmap for an ambitious, progressive agenda in the White House that would include proposals to immediately address ongoing crises, reflecting areas of consensus reached after weeks of...
  2. Rell Lauren

    Bernie Sanders ends Presidential campaign

    Another one bites the dust.
  3. loyola llothta

    Bernie Sanders Voted for Corporate Bailout Bill. “Hand Outs” to Big Money, Crumbs for Ordinary Ameri

    27 March 2020 Bernie Sanders Voted for Corporate Bailout Bill. “Hand Outs” to Big Money, Crumbs for Ordinary Americans Make no mistake. Legislation that should be called the GOP/Dem-Don’t-Care/CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act is a corporate bailout bill with crumbs...
  4. Rell Lauren

    Chuck D kicks Flavor Flav out of Public Enemy over Bernie Sanders rally disagreement

  5. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Bernie Sanders teaming up Public Enemy March 1st in LA

    We gotta fight the powers that BE!!! :damn:
  6. goatmane

    Official 2020 Nevada Caucus Thread: Bernie Sanders wins in blowout!

    About that anti Bernie union hit piece They ALWAYS reveal themselves
  7. It is a mystery

    Can we get a scattered Napoleon's Bernie thoughts thread?

    Ive been trying to get at nap over his bernie obsession but this is beyoooond me This is a breh that has posted for over 24 hours straight before when he was passionate enough He can and will outlast me :damn: If we did it to reggie (who talked about different things) and stringer bell can we...
  8. mc_brew

    2020 Democratic Primary Thread: Focus on House & Senate races

    already.....? can we have a year or two to drown our sorrows before we have to think about 2020.....? Who's In? Republicans: Donald Trump (Incumbent) | HL Donald Trump Thread | Official Campaign Thread Democrats: Bernie Sanders | HL Bernie Sanders Thread | Official Campaign Website...
  9. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Social Movements Gave Rise To The “Teachers’ Revolt,” Not Bernie

    With The 2020 Election Already On The Horizon We Republish This Commentary Responding To The Deeply Flawed Narrative That Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Played A Key Role In The Teacher Strike Wave Rather Than Social Movement Organizing With Much Deeper Roots. The Authors Are A West Virginia Teacher...
  10. mc_brew

    Rate Trump's Presidency....

    so it's been almost 3 years of this dude in office... you know what he is, no need to describe him... the question is, in your opinion, is he doing a good job or a bad job... would you vote to give this dude 4+ more years or do you think this experiment needs to end in january 2021..... spit...
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  12. Rhakim

    Fox News exposes Bernie on national televison

    And the people liked what they had to see. :yeshrug: Bernie Sanders Pierces the Fox News Bubble A town hall on the network was a risk for the self-described “democratic socialist.” It paid off. APR 16, 2019 Conor Friedersdorf Staff writer at The Atlantic On Monday night, Fox News aired a...
  13. mc_brew

    John Hickenlooper Officially Announces 2020 Presidential Bid

    I know he's low budget, but he still must be discussed. John Hickenlooper kicks off 2020 campaign in Denver - CNNPolitics Hickenlooper 2020
  14. Bernie


  15. GMoney

    ADOS Got Bernie Running

    :camby:it's a wrap Bernie Some of y'all thought this was a game, we coded up right now.
  16. mc_brew

    Joey B! --- Official Biden 2020 Presidential Campaign Thread

    really.... do we want another establishment dem to carry the mantle.....? some folks do..... so i present to you, the official joey b presidential watch thread... i don't think he throws his hat in the ring though.... where would biden be if he did...? according to the polls he would be...
  17. SirReginald

    Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign (Official Thread)

    shyt just got real :mjlit: :salute: @the cac mamba @JahFocus CS EDIT: WE BACK :blessed: NPR Choice page
  18. mc_brew

    Donald J. Trump 2020 Presidential Re-Election Bid / 2020 Republican Primary Thread it has been alleged that hl is just one big circle jerk that rejects anything that does not adhere to hl thinking... i don't agree, and to prove it i created the donald trump reelection thread... after all, trump was the first person to officially declare for 2020... here's a thread...
  19. Berniewood Hogan

    Official Bernie Sanders HQ: Not Me, Us!

    They say the number one most important thing is just winning the election. Okay. Bernie has the best shot at that.:yeshrug: It’s Bernie, bytch Bad-faith liberals still blindly downplay Sanders's chance THIS DANDY LITTLE BIT of self-plagiarism is from three years ago, when I attended a...